Adrian Meredith

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A Splintered Soul by Adrian Meredith

Sarah dreams of a life outside of the castle that has become her prison. George dreams of a life outside of the hell he finds himself in. When they finally meet, they soon discover they can harness the greatest power in the world, but it comes at a price – someone else has the same powers, and they need to kill him in order to save the world.

What if Faeries and Dragons were angels for opposing Gods, using humans as proxies? What if humanity’s sole purpose was to act as a weapon in a war on a celestial level? This is that story.

This story can be interpreted in many ways. Some say it is fantasy, others that it is science fiction, horror, historical fiction, religious, a metaphorical allegory, and many other types besides. They are all right, yet they are all wrong, and as the reader you will need to decide for yourself.

A Splintered Soul is the first in an epic series of novellas, Children of the Crescent Moon, from Adrian Meredith.


Paperback of A Splintered Soul

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