Adrian Meredith

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A Splintered Soul by Adrian Meredith

Many years ago, two lovers were so impassioned they could not bear to be apart, living every waking moment in each other’s arms. When the time came for them to pass on to the next life, they could not bear to separate for even a moment. Throwing themselves into a volcano, their bodies merged, and so did their souls. When they returned, their souls were splintered, with parts of their soul in each other’s bodies. Whenever they were apart they would be in agony, forcing them to find one another. Once in a generation, the splintered soul are born in pain and made to find their soulmate so that they can be complete.

Sarah and George are a splintered soul, and they must find each other in order for the pain in their lives to disappear. Sarah is trapped in her castle, in misery at her lack of freedom, while George is on the run from the law, each jealous of the other’s predicament. They dream of each other, seeing through each other’s eyes, and when they meet they find something much more than what they were expecting.

A Splintered Soul tells a story of magic and wonder, in a world where Faeries and Dragons are real and have significant religious meaning. In a time before history was recorded, we bring you to the world of The Children of the Crescent Moon.

A Splintered Soul is the first in an epic series of novellas, Children of the Crescent Moon, from Adrian Meredith.

Paperback of A Splintered Soul

Paperback copy of A Splintered Soul, including shipping.


Scavengers of the Sun by Adrian Meredith

After the catastrophic events that Sarah and George suffered, they now find themselves on a mission for vengeance. Still only beginning to understand the power they wield as the pair who share a splintered soul, they search for meaning as to why they are in this predicament and learn what it means to be the Children of the Crescent Moon… and the responsibility that brings.
The pair soon realise that the world is in peril as High King Herald’s dark forces bring death and destruction. Two innocent children are the only ones with any hope to stand in his way… but will the power they harness be enough?

Scavengers of the Sun is the second in an epic series of novellas, Children of the Crescent Moon, from Adrian Meredith.

Paperback of Scavengers of the Sun