Antoinette Corvo

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Dirges in the Dark: A Horror Novella by Antoinette Corvo

When actress Cassidy May lands the lead in the story of Hellen Grimaldi’s life, she believes it could be the boost her career needs. However, the more she looks into the past of Hellen and the shocking events which led to her death, the more fearful Cassidy becomes about taking the role. Did Hellen truly summon demons during that fateful performance? Was Cassidy about to unleash the same hell that Hellen had? What dark forces were really at play behind the curtain?

Paperback of Dirges in the Dark

Paperback copy of Dirges in the Dark, including shipping.


Dirges in the Dark ePub


The Ivory Tower: A Novelette by Antoinette Corvo

My name is Cynthia Montgomery and I am a fighter. Since the world fell apart, when the dead began to rise, I have searched for my lost love, Vera Lynn. The undead are everywhere, desperate to feed, but I soon learned that those humans who survived can be just as monstrous. I need to make it to safety, to The Ivory Tower, but will it be the paradise that I’m hoping for?

Paperback of The Ivory Tower

Paperback copy of The Ivory Tower, including shipping.


The Ivory Tower ePub


The Cat That Caught The Canary by Antoinette Corvo

From Antoinette Corvo, author of Dirges in the Dark and The Ivory Tower, comes The Cat That Caught The Canary – a hard-hitting drama. When an unloved child loses her only friend, she finds the courage to leave home and reinvent herself as Pearl Lancaster. Innocent and naïve, Pearl’s quest to become a theatre star puts her at the mercy of abusive teachers and predatory cult members. This is the story of one girl’s rise to fame and the desperate lengths she will go to in order to stay in the spotlight. Blood will be shed, tears will fall, but the show must go on.

Paperback of The Cat That Caught The Canary

Paperback copy of The Cat That Caught The Canary, including shipping.


The Cat that Caught the Canary ePub


Appletown by Antoinette Corvo

Melanie Magoo has a condition, a form of amnesia coupled with horrific nightmares, which has controlled her entire life. When a gruesome double murder takes place on Mel’s campus, she realises that things are not as they seem. Her only hope for answers is to return to her childhood home in Appletown and confront her estranged mother. She soon discovers that the town hides a secret much darker than anyone could imagine, and Mel finds herself hunted by creatures of indescribable horror. Appletown is an epic tale of dark fantasy and horror, filled with shocking twists and unlike anything you’ve read before.

Paperback of Appletown

Paperback copy of Appletown, including shipping.


Appletown ePub