Art Autopsy


Art Autopsy is the collective name for illustration, photography & design by Kat. A freelance artist from Brighton in the UK with a love of tattoos. Kat has worked in the Art & Photographic industry for the last twenty years after studying at Art College and holds a BA (Hons) in Communication Media.

Art Autopsy are now available to offer all aspects of design work, from children’s books to book covers, tattoo design to personalised prints.

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Dive into the wilderness with this remarkable rhyming tale about the mysterious creature who plants weeds and wildflowers everywhere.

Perfect for children aged 3-6 to share with their families.

Have you ever wondered where weeds and wildflowers come from? They pop up all over the place. Gardens, driveways, pavements, roads and walls are often littered with them at different times of the year. But nobody plants them there. Weeds somehow appear wherever they like. Or do they? Maybe they have some help.

“But where do weeds come from?” you ask in distress.
“They show up everywhere, and they look a mess.”
The answer is a secret you just can’t share.
It’s the Pomdig who plants your weeds over there.

Join the Pomdig in this magical story with beautiful rhymes and stunning illustrations—from the writer of ‘Oscar The Orgo’.