Author Interviews

To offer as much exposure as possible to other writers, we provide the opportunity for interviews to be featured on our site. The authors featured write in a variety of genres, and range from those who have recently published their first book, to more seasoned writers. The interviews can offer a fascinating insight, as well as giving a few tips to aspiring writers. Click on the names below to be taken to their questions and answers.

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Andy Graham

C.M. Saunders

Caroline Angel

Dale Robertson

Diny van Kleeff

DJ Doyle

JC Michael

Kathy Dinisi

Kevin J. Kennedy

Marc Johnson

Martin Link

Mercedes Prunty

P.J. Blakey-Novis

Richard-Steven Williams

Sarah Northwood

Scott Donnelly

Sue Oldham

Theresa Jacobs

Toneye Eyenot

Tony Nesca