Caroline Angel

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Madman Across the Water by Caroline Angel

For generations one family has been haunted by something… something that stalks. It sees and listens, it watches and follows. In the shadows and mist it waits, to take you, to hurt you, perhaps to kill you. If it doesn’t kill you, you’ll wish it did. A creepy, suspenseful saga of family, horror, and mystery, this is one story sure to leave you frightened of the woods at night, fog, and all things tall and slender.
Second Edition – Republished by Red Cape Publishing

Paperback of Madman Across the Water

Paperback copy of Madman Across the Water, including shipping.


Madman Across the Water ePub


The Curse Awakens by Caroline Angel

Five years after the Wallis family put an end to the curse, destroying the creature which had plagued Campbelltown for generations, the townsfolk have adapted to a quieter way of life. Despite the perceived safety, most residents are still wary of venturing into the woods which had been the scene of so much bloodshed in the past. When a developer sets their sights on this area of unused land, it triggers a blood-soaked chain of events and the Wallis family soon realise that the creature had merely been dormant. Who will survive as The Curse Awakens in this terrifying sequel to Madman Across The Water?

Paperback of The Curse Awakens

Paperback copy of The Curse Awakens, including shipping.


The Curse Awakens ePub


Less by Caroline Angel

From Caroline Angel, author of Madman Across The Water and Origin of Evil, comes the dystopian horror novel Less. When Sam and the staff of the Blue Dawn Diner arrive at work one morning, it only takes a moment to see that something is very wrong. The streets of the usually-bustling town are eerily quiet – even the birds are silent. Sam and his friends soon discover that the world has changed beyond all comprehension, throwing them into a battle for survival as they try to create a new life and a new community. Coming up against other survivors and horrifying creatures, the group are forced to adapt quickly. Will the group survive long enough to find answers? Will they do what is needed to protect their community? Will humanity thrive again, even when there are Less?

Paperback of Less

Paperback copy of Less, including shipping.


Where Shadows Move by Caroline Angel

From Caroline Angel, author of Madman Across the Water, Origin of Evil, and Less, comes Where Shadows Move, a supernatural thriller set in Australia.
When Sarah brings home a box of assorted items from a market stall, she has no idea what she is about to unleash. Stored within an ornate box, Sarah finds a set of fortune-telling cards, each beautifully and intricately illustrated. Sarah’s dreams become more vivid and start to spill out into the real world – with deadly consequences. It doesn’t take long for Sarah to realise the danger that she, and everyone she knows, is now in.
As the body count rises and blood begins to flow, Sarah is forced to seek help to break the curse of the cards and free herself from their hold. How many people will need to die before she rids herself of their evil power? Will she be strong enough to resist their pull? How can she keep her loved ones safe in the places Where Shadows Move?

Paperback of Where Shadows Move

Paperback copy of Where Shadows Move, including shipping.


Origin of Evil: Book One by Caroline Angel

From Caroline Angel, author of Madman Across the Water, Less, and Where Shadows Move, comes Origin of Evil.
When a commercial passenger flight comes down, killing all on board, footage from the scene displays the shocking cause of the disaster. A small-town sheriff and two big city detectives soon find themselves tangled in an intergalactic battle to protect The Destroyer of Worlds. With monsters around every corner and an alien menace closing in, Origin of Evil is an action-packed blend of science fiction and horror unlike anything you’ve read before.

Paperback of Origin of Evil

Paperback copy of Origin of Evil, including shipping.


Origin of Evil ePub


Origin of Evil: Beginnings (Book Two) by Caroline Angel

With the Destroyer of Worlds still missing and evil lurking around every corner, the Guardians and their human helpers find themselves in a brutal fight to save The Dahn. With creature attacks on the rise and a shocking betrayal within their own ranks, time is running out.
The past and the present collide in Origin of Evil: Beginnings as the true nature of The Dahn is revealed and the consequences of the past return to haunt her. Will the truth be her undoing in this action-packed sequel to Origin of Evil?

Paperback of Origin of Evil: Beginnings

Paperback copy of Origin of Evil: Beginnings, including shipping.