Gemma Paul

The Little Bat That Could

The Little Bat yearns to explore the world he reads about in his books, but there is one small thing holding him back. Delve into this tale and see if he can make his dreams come true.


Paperback of The Little Bat That Could

Paperback copy of The Little Bat That Could, including shipping.


The Mummy Walks At Midnight

The Mummy walks at midnight, that’s what the stories say. Are you brave enough to follow him and see where he goes? Join him on his adventure in the first of the Kreepy Kids Collection.


Paperback of The Mummy Walks At Midnight

Paperback copy of The Mummy Walks At Midnight, including shipping.


A Very Zombie Christmas

This Christmas there is another one coming, one who won’t wear red. He has an army of zombies who are on the hunt for bodies. Spooky Christmas reading for ages 4-8.


Paperback of A Very Zombie Christmas

Paperback copy of A Very Zombie Christmas, including shipping.