Little Red’s Authors

Keith Price, author of The Smile that Saved the World

Keith Price is an author, creative, charity patron and most importantly, a married father of two. He takes inspiration for his children’s books from his own little rascals. 

Cortney Palm, author of The Adventures of Aya & Friends – Garden of Patience

Cortney Palm has been interacting and inspiring children since she was fourteen: as a nanny, camp counselor and gymnastics coach. Cortney Palm graduated with honors from California Lutheran University with a degree in theatre and a minor in English literature. She furthered her studies and obtained a Master degree in psychology. In 2018 Palm traveled to Peru and spent time in the Amazon Jungle alongside nature’s brilliance and native shamans. In the jungle she learned the importance of self-love, reconnected with her inner child and experienced profound healing. There, she was inspired by the sacred plant medicine, Ayahuasca, to write a children’s book highlighting the importance of cultivating magic from adolescence – holding onto the inner child’s fire and the purity of innocence – into adulthood. Cortney Palm is known in the indie film world as a “scream queen” and won Best Supporting Actress at the Nice International Film Festival for HERRINGBONE, which makes partnering with Red Cape Publishing a perfect fit! Palm knows that walls are meant for homes, and not human creations. She aspires to be a role model for all and hopes that The Adventures of Aya and Friends will enchant everyone’s life, to break down barriers and allow uniqueness and light to shine through. Remember there is a pure light within each and every one of us, some lights are dimmer than others, it’s up to us to see that light and fan the flame to help it shine brighter. Remember, if you’re worthy of light and love, then so is everyone else.  

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Nat Whiston, author of the Niko’s Nightmare Portal Pet series

Nat Whiston has been published in books by Black Ink Publishing, Red Cape Publishing and D&T Publishing. She published her first short story on Godless – What’s Eating You? – and recently collaborated with Ash Ericmore on Your Move. Niko’s Nightmare Portal Pet is Nat’s debut children’s book.

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Tony Sands, author of Grandad, Where’s Your Hair?

Tony Sands is a writer, actor and hat wearer. As a story lover he enjoys creating new worlds and adventures to amuse and entertain, which comes in handy as he is also a father.


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Leanne Blakey-Novis – Illustrator of Grandad, Where’s Your Hair?, My Sister’s from the Moon, Elvis the Elephant, and The Boy from Saturn

Leanne is a graphic designer, illustrator, and co-founder of Red Cape Publishing. As a mother of many hatchlings, Leanne has read more than her fair share of children’s books and is always excited to discover new voices and stories.

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Gemma Paul, author and illustrator of The Little Bat That Could, The Mummy Walks at Midnight, and A Very Zombie Christmas

Gemma is fairly new to writing but it has been a long-held passion since she was a child. After several years of working in business, she left to pursue her long-held dreams of writing and making movies. After writing and directing her first short in 2018, she quickly gained the bug and hasn’t stopped since. That first short went on to win multiple awards in the USA and was quickly followed by a second short which went on to do even better than the first. Since then Gemma has been focusing on her writing and illustrating as she finds she prefers the quiet life at home with her dogs and her computer. As a monster and horror fan she is finding a way to bring her quirky imagination to all ages. Gemma lives in sunny Dorset near the sandy beaches with her two rescue dogs, Jimmy the ex racing greyhound and Harley a just out of puppydom whippet. When not writing, illustrating or walking the dogs, she’s usually found tending to her vegetable patch or sunbathing in her garden hammock. Read our interview with Gemma here.

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Peter Blakey-Novis – author of Grace & Bobo: The Trip to the Future, My Sister’s from the Moon, Elvis the Elephant, and The Boy from Saturn

Peter lives with his wife and five children in a small town in Sussex, England. As well as being a keen cook, Peter has been writing poetry and short stories for almost twenty years. Writing in a number of genres, his children’s books are all based on his own youngsters.

You can read an interview with P.J. Blakey-Novis here and find out more on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.