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While the Witch Whispered A Prayer by Alan L. Perkins


Having read the excellent Beware the Demons Betrayed some time ago, I was looking forward to seeing where Perkins would take the story next. While the Witch Whispered A Prayer is easily as good as the first book, possibly even better. With richly descriptive writing, Perkins brings the tale to life and throws the reader into every scene with fantastic characters and, at times, shocking events. A skilful blend of historical fiction and horror, While the Witch Whispered A Prayer is a unique tale of terror you won’t want to miss. Buy UK and US

Beware the Demons Betrayed by Alan L. Perkins



This is the first book I have read from the author, but it is one that had been on my radar for a while. The story builds quickly, with a number of seemingly unrelated events taking place in the first few chapters which set the tone for the book. The new owners of 412 Gregory Lane soon discover the house’s gruesome and demonic past and come face-to-face with the original owner, despite him having been dead for many years. Throw in demons, rituals, and a serial killer, and you have a story which is fast-paced, filled with twists, and a thoroughly entertaining tale with just the right amount of blood. I look forward to the sequel which is coming soon. Buy UK and US

The Burqa Cave by Dean Petersen



I first discovered Petersen’s writing through his story Anna Schutz, each chapter of which is available to listen to through his podcast. Anna Schutz is a fantastic story, and I was excited to learn that Petersen had a new book coming out – The Burqa Cave. This book tells the story of Tim, a teacher in Wyoming haunted by events in Iraq, and David, one of his students who claims to see ghosts. Petersen has crafted a story which had me gripped from the very beginning, skilfully blending a small-town murder mystery with a ghost story. The characters were thoroughly relatable, the flashbacks and nightmares related to Tim’s PTSD believable, and the plot completely engrossing. The Burqa Cave is an excellent read, both for fans of murder mysteries, as well as fans of horror and the supernatural. A solid 5 stars. Buy UK and US

Anna Schutz by Dean Petersen



I came across Keystrokes Amid the Cobwebs in a Facebook group a few months ago and was intrigued by the idea of the story. I almost entirely read books, rather than listen to them, and this is the first story I have listened to on a podcast (I chose YouTube, but it is available on Podbean and iTunes as well). Anna Schutz is a ghost story, and a beautiful one at that. The story revolves around a depressed and suicidal private in the US army, currently stationed in Germany. When out running in the woods, he sees, and later makes contact with, the ghost of Anna Schutz. The writing was superb, the story atmospheric and emotionally charged. If the story was available in paperback then I would have already bought a copy, as I’d love to read it through myself. The great thing for listeners is that you can check it out for free on YouTube and other sites.

Scenes from the Carnival Lounge by Michael J. Picco


carnival lounge

Scenes from the Carnival Lounge is a genuinely frightening collection of short stories, covering a range of horror sub-genres. This is one of those rare collections where I have enjoyed each and every story contained. The writing was flawless, the author dragging the reader into the atmospheric terror of each tale perfectly. My personal favourites were All Good Dogs and The Pass, but there are stories in this collection to satisfy every fan of horror tales. A really great read, and a definite 5 stars. Buy UK and US

The Undead King of New York City by Caractacus Plume



This is the first piece of work I have read by Caractacus Plume, and he didn’t let me down. This fast-paced book kept me glued to its pages. Fall into London 1894 where a gang of vampires have just arrived, intent on assassinating the well-known supernatural detective Mr Percival Percy. In this tale, Plume gives you everything, from bloody crime scenes, vampires, sorcerers, werewolves and even a werehyena! Never have I read a book with a werehyena in the mix! I highly recommend this book! Buy UK and US

The Amoeba from the Ash by Mercedes Prunty



Zombies! If you are the sort of person who enjoys The Walking Dead, I Am Legend, and World War Z, you are sure to enjoy this book. It captured me from the first chapter, as I recognised the local areas in Sussex, England. The characters are so real, going through (at first) everyday issues. A mother suffering with bipolar, a father working all hours as a paramedic, a hormonal teenage daughter, a young son still learning the ways of the world, and a doctor who wants to save mankind. This family go through Hell, killing friends and family to help this doctor find out why the ash was causing such chaos in the world? But is the doctor leading them on for her own benefit? Can they ever live a normal life again? Highly recommended. Buy UK and US

Angels with Bruises by Andrew Baguley & Janet Rawson



I was fortunate enough to have met the authors at two book events in 2018, and Angels with Bruises immediately caught my eye due to its fantastic cover. The book is made up of thirty-nine short stories, covering a whole range of genres. Some stories made me laugh out loud (Defective Girlfriend), some almost brought me to tears (The Journey of my Death), some were frightening (Time to Kill), and all of them, without exception, were wonderful to read. One of the best collections of short tales I have read, and highly recommended. Buy UK and US

The Crows by C.M. Rosens


The Crows Cover

I was blown away by this book, I just couldn’t put it down. There were so many twists and turns I didn’t see coming, I needed more. Carrie Rickards finds herself head over heels in love with a total wreck of a house (Fairwood, but the locals called it The Crows), not realising that her life would change drastically forever! The Crows is cursed, and Carrie needs to find out why.

Well written and gripping from the start, this book will keep you wanting more. I’m very excited for the sequel. Buy UK and US

Thirteenth by C.M. Rosens


I was so excited to read this book, seeing as the first book (The Crows) was absolutely amazing.

With this fast-paced read, it was great to catch up on familiar characters, and go through everything they went through. Packed with twists and turns that keep you guessing and wanting more, this was difficult to put down. I look forward to more from C.M Rosens. Buy UK or US