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Often referred to as our little hatchlings, we have spawned a team of young book enthusiasts and have decided to bring you their thoughts on some of the Indie children’s books they have read so far. Currently at the ages of 5 months, six, eleven, twelve and sixteen, Little Reds are able to take on a wide range of children’s books. If you are a children’s book author and would like to have your book reviewed by the team, please use the contact form to get in touch.

The Big and the Little Monster Visit the Seaside

Written by Adam D. Searle

Illustrated by Wendy Trinder

Reviewed by Abraham (6) @Little Reds Reviews

Adam S2I really liked this book! My favourite bit was when they went to the Funfair with their new friends. I like making new friends too. 5 stars. Buy here





The Big and the Little Monster

Written by Adam D. Searle

Illustrated by Wendy Trinder

Adam S1Reviewed by Abraham (6) @Little Reds Reviews

“I LOVE THE MONSTER BOOKS! And I told Adam how much I liked ‘The Big and The Little Monster go on a Picnic’ and he sent me more to read! Thank You Adam!
I really liked the story, it made me laugh when I read it with Daddy. Big Monster got stuck in a cave and Little Monster saved the day! 5 Stars. Buy here



Unicorns, Mermaids, and Magical Tales

Julia E. Clements & Sarah Northwood

unicornsThis is the second book I have read from Sarah Northwood (I’ve read Legend of the Night Unicorn too). And I can say from a 10 year old’s point of view, this book written with Julia E. Clements was nice to read. The stories were good (the odd word was difficult to read) and poems give a nice break between stories.
I would recommend this book to extremely girly girls. 4 Stars. Buy here


The Big and The Little Monster Go On A Picnic

Written by Adam D. Searle

Illustrated by Wendy Trinder

Adam searleThis is a truly delightful book which our five-year-old, Abraham, enjoyed so much he read it twice. The colourful images are very eye-catching, and he said that he learned a few new words, and understood the important message about putting your rubbish in a bin. I’m sure this is a book he will want to revisit many times, and he has already asked for the other Big and Little Monster books. 5 Stars. Buy here

The Adventures of Poppy & Bobo

Written by John Evans

Illustrated by Nicola Anne

poppyThe Pink Elephant is a magically story, perfect for young children. The illustration are delightful, almost vintage looking in style, and the story flows nicely. There is an air of mystery to the story, and our youngest two children really enjoyed this book. 5 Stars. Buy UK and US


Mackerel & The Jolly Daisy: Scourge of the High Seas

Written by Teresa Harrison-Best 

Illustrated by Baz Mac

mackerelOur five-year-old bought a copy of Mackerel and the Jolly Daisy at a book event in April. He loves pirates, and the colourful illustrations and rhyming prose made this one of his new favourites. A lovely book. 5 Stars. Buy UK and US



Legend of the Night Unicorn

Written by Sarah Northwood

unicornLegend of the Night Unicorn tells the enchanting tale of Martha, a young girl who travels up a mountain by steam train and discovers that unicorns are very much real. Our eight-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed this book. 5 Stars. Buy UK and US




Grace & Bobo: The Trip to the Future

Written by Peter Blakey-Novis

Illustrated by Leese Johnson

2400G&BI just read with my daughter Grace & Bobo and she just adored it. I could see how she loved the colours of the pages. She asked me a lot of questions, made me read it three times and even wanted to make a drawing. My kid is four years old and she’s starting to read so finding books that she loves like this is a gift to me. Goodreads Review. 5 Stars Buy here

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