We’re excited to have teamed up with the excellent TBM Horror Digital Marketing. They offer a whole range of services, and you can get a discount on our proofreading and formatting with the voucher code below.

Helping indie authors, and other small publishers, is what we are about. Below you will find a list of the services we offer.

Advertise With Us

We offer advertising space on both our website and within our new quarterly magazine, Cauldron of Chaos, starting at just £5!

Book promotion

Get your book seen by letting us take care of the promotions. We offer a social media marketing package as well as a full ‘new release’ package which includes everything from formatting and cover design to interviews and promotion.

If you have any queries, or you require a tailor-made promotional programme, please email

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Book Cover Design

Red Cape Graphic Design offer a range of pre-made e-book covers available for purchase on this site. They also offer bespoke designs for both e-book and paperback covers. Email to discuss your requirements.


We are currently taking bookings for proofreading work. Email to discuss your requirements, and for a no-obligation quotation. Prices start at £0.005 per word (£5 per 1000 words). We accept manuscripts of any size, from short stories to full-length novels, subject to a minimum charge of £25.

“I don’t think it’s possible for me to be any happier with the editing services I’ve received from Peter Blakey-Novis and Red Cape Publishing.

As a writer himself, Peter understands that your book is your strange little baby and he treats it with care. He has an eye for detail and spotted errors that escaped me on numerous occasions! I’ll definitely be returning with my next book.

The prices are very reasonable and the service is superb. Thank you!” – Lou Yardley, Author of HellHound and The Dealmaker


Do you have a completed manuscript and need a little help formatting it, ready for self-publishing? Leave it to us to deal with the layout. Email to discuss your requirements, and for a no-obligation quotation.

Our services are listed in the fantastic Indieverse Resource Library, alongside a whole host of other service providers, including editors, book promoters, reviewers, and publishers. Check it out here