Check back in early 2020 for our next open call.


We are currently calling for submissions for a series of horror anthologies. The series will be based on the theme of the Four Elements, and will consist of four books. We are looking for short horror stories, between 3000 and 5000 words, on each of the themes; Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. You may submit to more than one book, but we will only include a maximum of one story from each author, in each book. Being accepted into one book, does not guarantee acceptance into one of the others.

The story must be your own work, to which you hold the rights. The story must not be available elsewhere and, if accepted, we will hold the rights to it for twelve months from the date of publication. After that time, you may use the story however you wish.

Any sub-genre of horror is suitable, even extreme, so long as the story does not include anything which may unnecessarily cause offence (glorification of child abuse, rape, bestiality, etc.).

Payment for the story will be £5, to be paid by PayPal, as well as a contributors paperback of the finished book.

We are looking at putting the books out in quick succession, so the deadlines for each are listed below.

Elements of Horror - Earth

Elements of Horror Book One: Earth





Elements Of Horror-Air

Elements of Horror Book Two: Air





Fire cover

Elements of Horror Book Three: Fire





Elements Of Horror-Water

Elements of Horror Book Four: Water





Please send submissions in a Word document to with the title of the book you are submitting to in the subject line. If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch using the Contact page. We aim to respond to submissions within 28 days of the submission deadline. Good luck!