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Often referred to as our little hatchlings, we have spawned a team of young book enthusiasts and have decided to bring you their thoughts on some of the Indie children’s books they have read so far. Currently at the ages of one, six, eleven, thirteen and seventeen, Little Reds are able to take on a wide range of children’s books. If you are a children’s book author and would like to have your book reviewed by the team, please use the contact form to get in touch.

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Peekaboo Pandas at the Seaside

Written and illustrated by Kathryn Short

Review by Little Red’s ~ Leanne

I was very excited to hear that Short was going to write her own book (I know right, I’m an adult). However, my Hatchlings absolutely adore Short’s illustrations, and I was more excited about this new release as Mathilda (2) could interact with this story.

We were kind enough to receive a review copy of Peekaboo Pandas, and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed!

(Spoilers) Mathilda and I read it once, and she learned quickly the Pandas’ names, and when to shout peekaboo.

Mathilda even asked her brother Abraham (8) to read it to her.

Quote ~ Mathilda “We get your tablet and bind Pip and Pop, and do Peekaboo!”

It’s clear this book has become a favourite (and is now on the Christmas list)

Link to follow…

Christmas in the Forgotten Jungle

By R.J. Furness and illustrated by Kathryn Short

Reviewed by Little Red’s ~ Leanne Blakey-Novis

Little Red’s were lucky enough to receive a review copy of this beautiful book.

One chilly evening before bed, I sat with Hatchling #5 (Mathilda – 2) and my tablet and began reading the sweet little story. Mathilda was totally mesmerised by the gorgeous illustrations and pointed at all the animals excitedly as she scrolled the pages and listened contentedly.

This wonderful story tells a lovely and meaningful tale of friendship.

Definitely one for your Christmas stocking.

Sun & Cloud

Written by R.J. Furness and Illustrated by Kathryn Short

Reviewed by Little Red’s

We at Little Red’s love all of R.J. Furness and Kathryn Short’s books and always look forward to new releases; they’re always so colourful.

Sun and Cloud is a beautiful rhyming story with super cute illustrations to match and recognisable animals and colours for young children.

Mathilda (2) really enjoyed this two in one journey of Sun and Cloud (its become the new favourite bedtime story, which previously was Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. Now that’s saying something!).

Get your copy here.

Eddie the Elephant and the Pirate Treasure

This was a fun read, with colourful illustrations. Our 1 year old enjoyed pointing out the pirate boat and the ice creams, but it would be better suited to someone a little older as the story was quite wordy. Overall a good book, ideal for parents to read or for young readers to try themselves. 

4 stars.

Eddie the Elephant and the Birthday Party

This is a lovely story about the strangest birthday party ever. But then if a baby elephant turned up to your party, you’d be pretty surprised too.

I would recommend this book to 4-8 year olds.
The illustrations are wonderful (my children laughed very much when they saw what had  happened to the birthday cake and Mummy). 4 stars.

A Little Miracle

I was so excited to hear that Rick and my Auntie Meow had made another book! I love auntie meows (Kathryn) pictures and Rick is a good writer man.

I really liked A little miracle, I want to find my own little miracles too!

My favourite picture is the one of Barnabys mum yawning.

I hope Rick and Auntie Meow make more books.

Abraham (7) – @LittleRedsReview

5 Stars

Review of The Great Space Race – Abraham’s Adventure

Abraham was very excited to receive this delightful, personalised book! The cover art is lovely and he couldn’t wait to get reading. He laughed a lot during the first chapter, noticing how his bedroom in real life is “a bit messy” and thoroughly enjoyed the trip to space and the excitement of the race. As a boy who is obsessed with space (he says he’s from Saturn!) and with racing cars, this was his ideal story. He gave it a solid 9 out of 10. 

Get your personalised copy here.

The Pawnbroker and the Boy by Sarah Jane Huntington

Review by Leland (13) @LittleRedsReviews

This book had so many gruesome and chilling parts in it. The deaths were horrid, even in the first few
seconds of reading the book! The more I read this book, the more I wanted it to become a film actually!
The chapters fit into different monsters Jimmy and the pawnbroker defeated, it was amazing! I loved
how Jimmy sometimes got long words messed up and his grandpa had to correct him. I am definitely
going to give this book a 5 out of 5!

The Hangry Hamster by Grace McCluskey

Review by Abraham (6) & Grace (11) @LittleRedsReviews

Wow! Just wow! We both really enjoyed this super colourful book! In fact our baby sister Mathilda (1) has picked the book up lots of times just to look at the pictures. We liked The Hangry Hamster a lot, especially when Moo ate the Queen! We all laughed so much. 5 Stars. Abraham – age 6 and Grace – age 11.

The Monster Club: The Vampire Substitute, written and illustrated by Gemma Paul

Review by Abraham (6)

I really liked this book. It was creepy and fun and I didn’t know what was going to happen next so I wanted to keep reading. I really liked the quiz at the end to see what character I would be. I hope there will be more Monster Club books soon. 5 stars. Abraham – age 6.

5 Stars from Hatchling 4

The Pomdig By R.J. Furness & Illustrated By Kathryn Short

Review by Abraham (6) @LittleRedsReviews

I was very happy to read this book, because my Auntie Meow did the drawings. I liked the story, it rhymed really good. My favourite bit was when bees got stuck in the gardeners hair, that made me laugh. This book is cool, it even has a challenge at the end. 5 Stars.

The Snowman’s Nose By Adam Searle & Illustrated By Emily Searle

Review by Abraham (6) @LittleRedsReviews

I was really excited when Mummy and Daddy told me my favourite author (and friend) Adam Searle had sent me his NEW book to read! The Snowman’s Nose is quite funny really. My best bit is knowing where the Snowman lives (near the North Pole!). 4 Stars.

The Twilight Princess

Written by Joe Duncombe & Illustrated by Cong Nguyen

This story was a bit girly so I read it to my baby sister. She liked the colourful pictures. I thought it was clever when the pages changed to brighter ones. The boy in the house is kind like me. 5 STARS. (Abraham aged 6)

Available from Amazon UK and US

Dog Tails: The Swashbuckling Adventure

Written by Joe Duncombe & Illustrated by Cong Nguyen

I really enjoyed the pictures, especially the treasure map. The story was really fun and I have read it three times now. My favourite part is when they find the golden bone because gold is the best. 5 STARS. (Abraham, aged 6).

Available from Amazon UK and US

The Mummy Walks At Midnight by Gemma Paul

Review by Abraham (6)

I really liked this story. Find the symbols which were hiding on the pages was fun and I really liked cracking the code with the Egyptian writing at the back of the book. I give this book 5 stars.

Coming October 21st 2020

The Little Bat That Could by Gemma Paul

Review by Abraham (6)

I loved this book! My favourite parts were finding the letters hidden on the pages and seeing the places on the map of the world. I give it 5 stars.

When Millypop & Her Mummy Visited Ice Cream Land

Written by Reka Hall

When Millypop & Her Mummy Visited Ice Cream Land is a lovely story which came about after the author’s daughter struggled to sleep following a bad dream. The child created an imaginary world, filled with tasty treats, from chocolate slides to marshmallow bouncy castles. Our son Abraham (6) thoroughly enjoyed it. 4 STARS. Buy here.

The Big and the Little Monster Visit the Seaside

Written by Adam D. Searle

Illustrated by Wendy Trinder

Reviewed by Abraham (6) @Little Reds Reviews

Adam S2

I really liked this book! My favourite bit was when they went to the Funfair with their new friends. I like making new friends too. 5 stars. Buy here

The Big and the Little Monster

Written by Adam D. Searle

Illustrated by Wendy Trinder

Adam S1

Reviewed by Abraham (6) @Little Reds Reviews

“I LOVE THE MONSTER BOOKS! And I told Adam how much I liked ‘The Big and The Little Monster go on a Picnic’ and he sent me more to read! Thank You Adam!
I really liked the story, it made me laugh when I read it with Daddy. Big Monster got stuck in a cave and Little Monster saved the day! 5 Stars. Buy here

Unicorns, Mermaids, and Magical Tales

Julia E. Clements & Sarah Northwood


This is the second book I have read from Sarah Northwood (I’ve read Legend of the Night Unicorn too). And I can say from a 10 year old’s point of view, this book written with Julia E. Clements was nice to read. The stories were good (the odd word was difficult to read) and poems give a nice break between stories.
I would recommend this book to extremely girly girls. 4 Stars. Buy here

The Big and The Little Monster Go On A Picnic

Written by Adam D. Searle

Illustrated by Wendy Trinder

Adam searle

This is a truly delightful book which our five-year-old, Abraham, enjoyed so much he read it twice. The colourful images are very eye-catching, and he said that he learned a few new words, and understood the important message about putting your rubbish in a bin. I’m sure this is a book he will want to revisit many times, and he has already asked for the other Big and Little Monster books. 5 Stars. Buy here

The Adventures of Poppy & Bobo

Written by John Evans

Illustrated by Nicola Anne


The Pink Elephant is a magically story, perfect for young children. The illustration are delightful, almost vintage looking in style, and the story flows nicely. There is an air of mystery to the story, and our youngest two children really enjoyed this book. 5 Stars. Buy UK and US

Mackerel & The Jolly Daisy: Scourge of the High Seas

Written by Teresa Harrison-Best 

Illustrated by Baz Mac


Our five-year-old bought a copy of Mackerel and the Jolly Daisy at a book event in April. He loves pirates, and the colourful illustrations and rhyming prose made this one of his new favourites. A lovely book. 5 Stars. Buy UK and US

Legend of the Night Unicorn

Written by Sarah Northwood


Legend of the Night Unicorn tells the enchanting tale of Martha, a young girl who travels up a mountain by steam train and discovers that unicorns are very much real. Our eight-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed this book. 5 Stars. Buy UK and US

Grace & Bobo: The Trip to the Future

Written by Peter Blakey-Novis

Illustrated by Leese Johnson


I just read with my daughter Grace & Bobo and she just adored it. I could see how she loved the colours of the pages. She asked me a lot of questions, made me read it three times and even wanted to make a drawing. My kid is four years old and she’s starting to read so finding books that she loves like this is a gift to me. Goodreads Review. 5 Stars Buy here