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Find out a little more about the authors who have signed with us and their books below. You can also find links to their online platforms so you can keep up to date with any new releases.

Gemma Paul, author and illustrator of The Little Bat That Could & The Mummy Walks at Midnight

HeadshotGemma is fairly new to writing but it has been a long-held passion since she was a child. After several years of working in business, she left to pursue her long-held dreams of writing and making movies. After writing and directing her first short in 2018, she quickly gained the bug and hasn’t stopped since. That first short went on to win multiple awards in the USA and was quickly followed by a second short which went on to do even better than the first. Since then Gemma has been focusing on her writing and illustrating as she finds she prefers the quiet life at home with her dogs and her computer. As a monster and horror fan she is finding a way to bring her quirky imagination to all ages. Gemma lives in sunny Dorset near the sandy beaches with her two rescue dogs, Jimmy the ex racing greyhound and Harley a just out of puppydom whippet. When not writing, illustrating or walking the dogs, she’s usually found tending to her vegetable patch or sunbathing in her garden hammock.

Coming late 2020

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Mark Anthony Smith, author of Keep It Inside & Other Weird Tales

Mark HeadshotMark Anthony Smith was born in Hull. His writings have appeared in many of The Small Press including ‘The Horror Tree: Trembling with Fear’, ‘Fiction Kitchen Berlin’, ‘The Cabinet of Heed’ and ‘Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine’. Many of his Horrors have also surfaced in Anthologies. Hearts of the Matter and Something Said are available on Amazon. Read our interview with Mark here.

Keep It Inside eBookFrom Mark Anthony Smith, author of Something Said, comes Keep It Inside. A mix of short stories and flash fiction, Keep It Inside & Other Weird Tales features a variety of works to satisfy the tastes of any horror lover – from the gruesome to the sinister, the strange to the outright bizarre.

Coming October 2020 through Amazon

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David F. Gray, author of The Vegas Rift

David F. Gray Author PicResiding in Florida, David F. Gray is the author of the epic cosmic horror novel The Vegas Rift, coming July 2020. He is also the author of the superb Gamble’s Run, and has also had short stories included in the Elements of Horror series of anthologies. Read our interview with David here.


The Vegas Rift eBookThe Vegas Rift

From David F. Gray, author of Gamble’s Run, comes The Vegas Rift – An epic blend of science fiction, fantasy, and cosmic horror.
When Sam Carr becomes separated from his younger brother Doug during a trip to Las Vegas, he finds himself drawn into a world of unimaginable horrors. Through The Vegas Rift, Sam is taken to The Paradise, a sinister, Vegas-style hotel harboring dark secrets. Who is really running things behind the scenes? Will Sam reach Doug before it’s too late? Will they ever return to the world they left behind?


Kindle and paperback versions available from Amazon

Hardback available from Barnes & Noble

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Caroline Angel, author of Madman Across the Water

headshotCaroline lives alone on a small farm in rural Victoria, Australia, with her beloved Arabian horses, her dogs, and three rescue cats. She has always been passionate about writing, having written many short stories as a child and teenager, but found life got in the way and put her dreams of being an author aside for many decades. In her fifties, she finally found the courage to start putting her stories online, from fanfiction and flash fiction, she moved into her favorite genre and wrote horror. After winning several awards and competitions she finally started her first novel, and has not stopped writing since.

coverMadman Across the Water

For generations one family has been haunted by something… something that stalks. It sees and listens, it watches and follows. In the shadows and mist it waits, to take you, to hurt you, perhaps to kill you. If it doesn’t kill you, you’ll wish it did. A creepy, suspenseful saga of family, horror, and mystery, this is one story sure to leave you frightened of the woods at night, fog, and all things tall and slender. Second edition published by Red Cape Publishing 2020


Amazon Kindle & Paperback

Barnes & Noble Paperback

You can read an interview with Caroline here and find out more on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and through Caroline’s website.


Antoinette Corvo, author of Dirges in the Dark & The Ivory Tower

Antoinette Corvo is a writer from Brooklyn, New York. Dirges was first written in 1999, the first book I wrote. With time I grew it up and it became Dirges in the Dark that you see today. I was an opera singer and was taught at the Brooklyn Academy of music but my crippling shyness made me write about an opera singer instead of actually being one as I had hoped. I used to compete and perform till the anxieties kicked in as a teen. I suppose I’d never be a writer if that hadn’t happened. Silver linings.

DirgesInTheDarkDirges in the Dark

When actress Cassidy May lands the lead in the story of Hellen Grimaldi’s life, she believes it could be the boost her career needs. However, the more she looks into the past of Hellen and the shocking events which led to her death, the more fearful Cassidy becomes about taking the role. Did Hellen truly summon demons during that fateful performance? Was Cassidy about to unleash the same hell that Hellen had? What dark forces were really at play behind the curtain?


Amazon Kindle & Paperback

All other stores e-book

Barnes & Noble Paperback

The Ivory Tower ebookThe Ivory Tower

My name is Cynthia Montgomery and I am a fighter. Since the world fell apart, when the dead began to rise, I have searched for my lost love, Vera Lynn. The undead are everywhere, desperate to feed, but I soon learned that those humans who survived can be just as monstrous. I need to make it to safety, to The Ivory Tower, but will it be the paradise that I’m hoping for?



Amazon Kindle & Paperback

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Barnes & Noble Paperback

You can read an interview with Antoinette here and find out more on Twitter


P.J. Blakey-Novis

headshotPeter lives with his wife and five children in a small town in Sussex, England. As well as being a keen cook, Peter has been writing poetry and short stories for almost twenty years. It had always been an ambition to complete a novel and, after the success of his debut, The Broken Doll, it has been fantastic to have the opportunity to turn a hobby into a new career. Since the release of The Broken Doll in February 2017, Peter has released a follow-up novel, Shattered Pieces, a number of collections of short horror stories, and even a children’s book. His work has been included in a number of anthologies.


All books from P.J. Blakey-Novis can be found at the following links;

Amazon (Kindle & Paperbacks)

Barnes & Noble (Nook & Paperbacks)

Audible UK and US

You can read an interview with P.J. Blakey-Novis here and find out more on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Details of the anthologies which include P.J.’s work can be found here