Our next two titles…

Hello! This is just a quick post to let you know about two titles we currently have available to pre-order.

Coming April 28th – I is for Internet: A-Z of Horror Book 9 – Click here for Kindle

Coming May 12th – Six! by Mark Cassell – Click here for Kindle

And for something completely different… we’ve recently release 2 children’s books written for our own hatchlings. Ideal for kids aged 2-7, available from Amazon or through this website.

My Sister’s from the Moon by Peter Blakey-Novis & Illustrated by Leanne Blakey-Novis

Peter and I had a lot of fun bringing this cute tale about two of our Hatchlings to life! ~ Leanne

When Abraham, a boy convinced he was born on Saturn, gets a baby sister, he’s the only one who can translate the strange noises Mathilda makes. Excited to discover that she is from the moon, the siblings quickly learn just how much they have in common, and how little their parents really know!

Get your copy here.

Everything’s Annoying – Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow sees the launch of Everything’s Annoying: A Collection of Dark Fiction & Horror from J.C. Michael. You can pre-order here to get it delivered to your Kindle in the morning! We’ve had two early reviews in from Erica Robyn Reads and Uncomfortably Dark;

I had so much fun reading these chilling and horrific tales! I will definitely be retuning to this collection time and time again to revisit them.

If you enjoy horror short stories, make sure to pick this one up! J.C. Michael has a fantastic writing style that sucks you into each story before delivering the blows of terror.” – Read Erica Robyn’s full review here