Oh, Matron! Look at the tentacles on that!

Red Cape Publishing are excited to bring you the comedy-horror anthology The Nookienomicon on June 10th 2022

“Cor, look at the tentacles on that!”
Two golden ages collide in this celebration of cosmic horror and classic British comedy.
Before the Karma Sutra there was The Nookienomicon, a book so insidious that it brought more than mere titillation… it brought terror!
Follow the path of madness wrought by this dreadful tome from the Hyborian Age to the present day as it spreads its influence, and its tentacles, throughout history. Join Kolon the Barbarian, Annie Mater, the insufferable Professor Feeley and a host of other bungling characters as they strive to halt the influence of the book and the abominations it summons.
From the gambrel roofed streets of Arkham and the decaying wharves of Innsmouth to Paris, Spain and the dusty halls of hallowed British institutions, one thing can be certain, wherever the Nookienomicon is found, it will bring insanity and hilarity.

Eight side-splitting and sanity-shredding tales of the expanded Cthulhu Mythos by:
Ella Ann, David Green, S.O Green, Chris Hewitt, Tim Mendees, Beth W. Patterson,
Callum Pearce & Robert Poyton 

Digital version available to pre-order for Kindle from Amazon and other stores at https://books2read.com/u/3RLPPx

Paperback and hardback available from Amazon from June 10th, with audio to follow.

N is for Nautical – A-Z of Horror Book 14

Red Cape Publishing are excited to announce the release of N is for Nautical on May 27th 2022.


N is for Nautical is the fourteenth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. In this book you will find a selection of thirteen terrifying tales from some of the most talented independent horror authors writing today. From sirens to sea monsters, ghostly occurrences to mysterious islands, N is for Nautical brings a variety of ocean-themed horror tales that will have you desperate to get back on dry land.

Includes stories by Tim Mendees, Kaitlin Tremblay, Michael Anthony Dioguardi, Paul Chown, Donna Cuttress, Joseph S. Walker, O.D. Smith, Alexander C. Bailey, Jason L. Kawa, Malina Douglas, Rachel L. Tilley, Richard Beauchamp, and Stephen A. Roddewig.

Find out more at http://www.redcapepublishing.com

Paperback and digital version, available from Amazon at https://mybook.to/Nautical

The previous books in the series are all available for Kindle and in paperback from Amazon, as well as through Red Cape Publishing’s website.

A is for Aliens, B is for Beasts, C is for Cannibals, D is for Demons, E is for Exorcism, F is for Fear, and G is for Genies, H is for Hell, I is for Internet, J is for Jack-o’-Lantern, K is for Kidnap, L is for Lycans, and M is for Medical.

Series link US – https://mybook.to/AtoZSeries

Series link UK – https://mybook.to/AtoZSeriesUK

Children’s books special!

Next week sees the release of a trio of titles from author and illustrator Gemma Paul! On May 20th we will be bringing your little monsters a selection of books – The Monster Club Book One: The Vampire Substitute is a chapter book ideal for readers aged 8-12 and launches alongside an accompanying colouring book! Click here for details.

And for younger readers (3-6), Gemma is also releasing Monsters A-Z, a picture book featuring a range of fun creatures. Click here for details.

And finally, June will see the launch of the debut children’s book from actress Cortney Palm! Here is a sneak peek at the cover of this lovely story which teaches mindfulness and care for the planet.

Six Days of Violence

This Friday the 13th sees the launch of Six Days of Violence, the second collaboration between David Paul Harris and P.J. Blakey-Novis. Where Demons Never Die was a collection of artwork first, with flash fiction added, this new release has been created the other way around. Six Days of Violence includes 50 pieces of fully illustrated flash fiction!

Available to pre-order for Kindle here. Paperback coming Friday. Below you’ll find some samples as a teaser…

Demons Never Die is also available, for Kindle and in paperback from Amazon here. There is also a signed and numbered hardback version exclusively sold through this website, details on the homepage.

2 Very Different Releases!

This past weekend saw a surprise release – one we’ve been hiding until just the right time. A while ago we had a story ready about one of our children, who happens to believe he is from Saturn! As it was his birthday on Saturday (Saturn-day!) it seemed like the best time to bring it out. The Boy from Saturn is a fun adventure story for children aged 4-8 and is now available for Kindle and in paperback here!

And following on from the success of interconnected horror anthologies Castle Heights and Sweet Little Chittering, Red Cape Publishing, Tony Sands, and MJ Dixon bring you Unceremonious.

On the night of the Film Flair Awards, thirteen nominees are set for a night they will never forget. Experience the glitz and glamour as a range of authors take you down the blood-red carpet and discover just how far some people are willing to go to win.

Available to pre-order for Kindle now, ahead of release on April 29th!