June Spotlight – Anthologies & Collections

June sees us move the spotlight on to books filled with short stories – both single and multi-author. All the books featured this month fall into the horror genre, but cover a wide range of sub-genres. So, be brave, enjoy the terror, and perhaps discover some new talents.

Short Horror Stories: A Box Set by P.J. Blakey-Novis

BOXI-III Kindle cover18 short horror stories, 1 terrifying collection. A set including all of the short stories Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels, and The Artist in a single book.
Embrace the Darkness: Step into the mind of the unstable, where nightmares become reality and reality is not always what it seems. Embrace The Darkness is a collection of six terrifying tales, exploring the darker side of human nature and the blurred line between dreams and actuality.
Tunnels: From the author of Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels takes you on six terrifying journeys full of terror and suspense. Join a group of ghost-hunters, dare to visit the Monroe house on Halloween, peek inside the marble box, and feel the fear as you meet the creatures of the night.
The Artist: The nightmares continue in this third instalment of short horrors from P.J. Blakey-Novis. The Artist and Other Stories contains a terrifying mix of serial killers, sirens, ghosts, claustrophobia, supernatural powers, and revenge guaranteed to get your heart racing and set your nerves on edge. Buy here

Read an interview with P.J. Blakey-Novis here

Wakeful Children by S.P. Oldham

wcrgbWhen you open the pages of Wakeful Children, you peer into the mind of a depraved killer who started out small; the panic-stricken thoughts of a recovering alcoholic, just trying to get to a group meeting; the anguished, silent prayers of a man whose only wish is to get a peaceful night’s sleep. You get a glimpse into the greediness of a collector of old, even ancient artifacts – just don’t ask how he came upon them; the idle thoughts of a girl, playing innocently in the grounds of her grandparent’s house, oblivious to what she really is; the calculating machinations of an apparently frail, beautiful woman who is not all she appears to be.

The thoughts and actions of all these beings and more, including entities too old to truly age, spirits too nebulous to name, make up eleven short, intriguing, unsettling stories by S P Oldham, every story fresh and original. Beautifully descriptive prose, sometimes shockingly brutal passages coupled with vividly imagined and clearly depicted storylines make Wakeful Children: A Collection of Horror and Supernatural Tales an intriguing, inventive debut for this author. Buy here

Read an interview with S.P. Oldham here

Read our review of Wakeful Children here

Fangtastic Tales of Werewolf Savagery by Toneye Eyenot

fangtasticLa Lluna Plena – the Full Moon – that beautiful and mysterious celestial body which stirs within us all those deep, dark emotions we do our best to subdue and control. For some of us, her influence runs deeper, much deeper. We all walk beneath her maddening rays, yet, while most may shrug off the notion that inside us all resides a beast – a savage wolf – there are those of us who embrace the monster within and ride that lunatic wave with abandon each time she casts her gaze upon us.

Some see it as a blessing, others…a curse. To be bitten, and fall prey to murderous urges beyond our control, or to have the good fortune to be born into the pack, or perhaps even to whisper words of spell in order to evoke the lycanthropic gift, there are more than a few ways to cast aside the human skin and let loose the wolf within. Those ways are explored throughout this collection of werewolf terrors.

Suspend disbelief, dear reader, because whether you care to admit it, or continue to live in ignorant bliss, we walk among you. We smell the blood as it courses through your veins and taste your fear on the breeze. We long to see the life drain from your quivering flesh as we gorge. Beware the Full Moon, as you are about to enter the world of the Werewolf. Buy here

Read an interview with Toneye Eyenot here

Read our review of Fangtastic Tales of Werewolf Savagery here

Under Rotting Sky by Matthew V. Brockmeyer

Under“Riveting. Your worst nightmares realized.”
–Scream Hard Reviews

Twenty unforgettable tales of transgression and horror by the award-winning author of KIND NEPENTHE.

In “Mine” a child hangs precariously between the isthmus of innocence and evil, shedding his humanity for the altar of a wolf pup.

A horrifying and ancient legend reveals itself with a shocking new twist in “A Dirty Winter Moon.”

“Have a Heart” teaches us that nature always prevails over the follies of man, sometimes in an extremely gruesome manner.

In “Rumpelstiltskin” the troll under the bridge is very real, and wants your children for unspeakable deeds.

In “The Gym Teacher” a boy’s obsession with serial killers leads him to discover the true nature of a monster.

These twenty stories traverse the outskirts of society to reveal the brutality of humanity in all its gory glory. Buy UK and US

Read our review of Under Rotting Sky here

19 Gates of Hell: A Horror Anthology

19 GATES OF HELL coverFrom the darkest places imaginable, both outside and inside the mind, comes 19 tales that will drag you into places you never dreamed of seeing, not even in your worst nightmares.

Come along as these tales open up 19 gates into hell and experience the supernatural, the darkness of night, and the unimaginable like never before. Authors such as Byron Craft, Matthew V. Brockmeyer, Rich Restucci and many more have come together to show you in. . .and they won’t let you leave until you’re crying out for mercy, begging to live to see one last sunset.

What are you waiting for? The gates are opening. Buy UK and US

Chaos Tales: Hell TV: Volume 2

HellTV-KindleEternal damnation isn’t just about roasting over the flames. The damned live in Pandemonium, a sprawling metropolis of slums, skyscrapers and gated communities. The devious and evil forge new careers for themselves, rising through the ranks to positions of privilege and power—the misguided and unfortunate fight amongst themselves in the hope that tonight’s torment will be less than yesterday’s. Everyone works and, when they aren’t slaving, they watch television—thousands of channels covering every perversion and insanity. Fokst is the chief of the daytime schedule, one of the powerful. On the cusp of gaining access to the inner sanctums of depravity he must prove his worth, convince his boss that he is the best man for the job, prove that his shows are the best. Only thing is, he hates them all, never watches them if he can avoid it. With an audit in eight hours and a thousand shows to watch, Fokst knows today is going to be a long day in Hell. Chaos Tales II: Hell TV is another gut churning collection from Christopher Law. It really isn’t for children or the squeamish. Buy UK and US

Death, Infection, the Devil…and Jed by Howard Carlyle

Death jedFour different stories of horror, all with deadly outcomes. How would you handle a bullying co-worker? Brian did it perfectly!
What if a deadly virus left you as the last man standing… What would you do?
Would you make a deal with the devil to get everything you wanted… Martin had the chance and took it with horrific consequences.
How far would you go for your favorite dish of homemade soup… Jed went that one step further than normal. Buy here


100 Word Horrors Volume 2 compiled by Kevin J. Kennedy

51SjwlyLuiLA drabble is a short form of fiction that is exactly 100 words long (not including the title).

Kevin J. Kennedy has once again served up the best of the horror world to bring you an anthology that is packed with creepy tales.

Between these pages you will find over one hundred drabbles, written by a wealth of talented authors. From the best indie horror authors to Bram Stoker award winners and Amazon top sellers. We have monsters, mayhem and madness. Come join us. Buy UK and US

Read an interview with Kevin J. Kennedy here

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July – Audio Books

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September – Short Stories (under 10k words)

October – 31 Days of Horror

November – Fantasy Books

December – Children’s Books

Featured Poetry Books – May 2019

May sees us spotlighting a fantastic selection of poetry, in a range of different styles, covering a variety of topics. Check out the list below for full details;

Life According to Poetry by Sarah Northwood

sarah nPoetry flows effortlessly from my thoughts to the journey of my soul. In reality, the world is seldom as simple and things are harder to bear in darkness.
As you, too, take this journey, remember those whom we choose to share our path will light our way. It leaves us ready to face the world afresh once again.
I will never be the person I was, instead I will be something better.
I will let the gift of today help me reach the heights of tomorrow,
and the scars of my past will be the jewels glinting on the top of the mountain.
Buy here

Smoke and Shadows by Joanne Van Leerdam

Smoke and Shadows 6x9 Low ResIt’s a common thing. As we go through life, we discover that people and things are frequently not what they seem to be, and what we understand to be the truth of our own experience often turns out to be something quite different instead. Life is as full of illusions as it is of genuine experiences.

False friends abound. Trials hurt, but then deliver unexpected strength and blessings. People put up smokescreens to hide their true intentions or feelings; and only sometimes do we ever discover why. The world seems hateful until someone delivers light and love in a surprising way.

The poems in this new collection explore some of the illusions and deceptions people experience in their lives, the clarity and wisdom gained from hindsight, and the lessons we can learn from them.

“Smoke and shadows yield to glimpses of light—
Only then we begin to see:
When we learn to perceive things as they are,
We can have peace with whatever will be.”

Buy here

My Crazy World: Collected Poems by John Evans

my crazy world cover v2This is a collection of 16 poems covering a variety of subjects. These are personal musings and philosophies of my own, at times slightly comical at others a little dark and brooding. Ultimately these represent some of my experiences in the world to date. Buy UK and US




Eyes Wide Open: Poems From a Fractured Mind by Matthew Earl

Eyes Wide OpenA collection of poems. Serious subjects are covered in this collection.Through the darkness of depression comes the words that I write.Take a journey with me and maybe some of the words inside will strike a chord with you. Buy UK and US




Scars and Stars, the Collection: Poems From a Fractured Mind by Matthew Earl

Stars & ScarsA Poetry collection based on our fight with various mental health issues. Hard hitting and raw this collection tries to show what it’s like living with an unseen illness. Suicide, abuse and self harm are touched upon in this book. Buy UK and US




In My Words by Yasir Suilaiman

In my wordsThis book is a small collection of poems I wrote on various topics. Some may be on romance, some on women, while others on philosophy. I request the readers to consider that these are a few poems I have saved over the years. There are hundreds more that remain unpublished.

Also, many of these poems have already been listed on one platform or the other. Poetry or being an author is not my profession. I have been writing poetry since the age of eight and it continues to remain a hobby. These poems simply highlight the ways I view different things in the world. These are voices of my heart.

There are stories behind each poem in this book that I would love to share on special request. Some of them are from my books. I have tried to cover different subjects through my poetry. Readers of my books and poems are requested to observe that my writing is as varied as the number of people across the globe. Buy UK and US

Solitary Confinement by Kat Lehmkuhl

Screenshot_20190123-200617Come on a journey with me and let the pages of life turn softly before you. Rest a bit from life’s hardness and cozy under a hand-knitted blanket with me. Keep the tea hot, keep the fires stoked, and listen. Hear the lullaby of a soft piano soothe you into a calm you have forgotten existed. Add some chocolates and I will be there, if only as the voice in your mind, telling you my tales. You see, we all have challenges. We all have stories. This is mine. Buy UK and US


Atha by Sally-Shakti Willow (Available from May 6th)

AthaSally-Shakti Willow’s bold new collection Atha utilises collage technique to espouse a Utopian Poetics described as ‘a relationship of non-alienation between reader and writer’ in which one encounters one’s embodied and intersubjective self. In combining fragments from a rich array of sources such as yoga manuals with the 24 hour news cycle, Willow ensures that this enquiry fully integrates inner and outer worlds in lines like ‘hormone secretions stimulate freedom of movement.’ In her series of rituals for Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, this utopian tension is memorably chased by a ‘ghostword’ that ‘sembles’ and ‘dissembles’ as it ‘search [es] the words / for the root.’ The final section ‘Movement & Meditation’ opens with the question ‘how to metabolise this’, when ‘this’ feels like all the evils of the world rising to engulf us. That the answer must be ‘my voice’ puts Willow’s courageous and generous work firmly in the company of writers like Maggie O’Sullivan – to whom she pays tribute here – making Atha an accomplished and inspiring act of ‘edgewordering.’

–Scott Thurston

Buy here

Seasoned Eyes are Beaming by Jovannah Bar

SEASONEDJovannah Bar is a regular visitor to Brighton. Like many, she feels at home in our vibrant seaside community. This talented young poet has had more than her share of life experiences. She has used poetry to put things into perspective, resulting in a unique collection of observations and recollections in verse. Invisible Voices editors have been moved by these poems, and their relatable subject matter. We hope that you too, will find joy in this work, and be as inspired by Miss Bar’s poems as we have been. This collection is being published as part of the Written Word programme offered by Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove as part of Brighton Fringe Festival 2018. Buy UK and US

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Featured Novellas – April 2019

This month sees us spotlighting notable novellas, for those of you who enjoy a book that can be read over a couple of evenings. Check out the variety listed below;

The House That Jack Built by Dale Robertson

house jack builtOld Man Jack is a myth, a legend that school kids use to scare one another. He was once a man who kept his life private, until events unfolded that didn’t go in his favour.

His house is seen as a challenge by the kids; a place of eeriness, menace and excitement, a chance to prove their courage to their peers – “Mess about in there and Old Man Jack will get you,” they say. Some children have explored the building and come back with elaborate stories of the supernatural to spread around the playground. Some haven’t come back at all, or so the tales go. No story is the same, so which one do you believe?

Sebastian, Tommy and Regan have heard all the talk, but are still eager to earn themselves legendary status.

They are about to find out exactly what happens in the house that Jack built. Buy UK and US

The Meyerstown Secret by Howard Carlyle

MeyerstownThe Meyerstown Psychiatric Hospital will now become notorious for the horrific events which took place there. For year, the hospital’s history has been shrouded in a cloak of secrecy, until now. For those who worked there, it was a case of ‘whatever happens in Meyerstown, stays in Meyerstown…or face the consequences!’

For the first time ever, from first-hand accounts, diary entries, and interviews, this book exposes the dark and disturbing events that occurred.

The Meyerstown Secret is finally revealed. Buy here.

Read our review of The Meyerstown Secret here.

Rottingdean Rhyme by Nils Nisse Visser

RRSussex, 1867. A broken heart drives Yard Pilkin from his native London to a small fishing village on the Sussex Coast. The locals are wary of strangers and initially keep their distance. After Yard makes some unlikely friends, he discovers that every man, woman, and child in the village conspire to conceal a secret. Buy here UK and US

Read our review of Rottingdean Rhyme here


Four by P.J. Blakey-Novis

fourFrom the author of Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels, and The Artist comes Four. Four friends spend a night away camping in the English countryside, each taking a turn to tell a horror story that will terrify the others. But the group soon discover that there is more to be afraid of than just some campfire tales, and that no one is as innocent as they seem. Buy here.

Read a review of Four here


Wolvz: Whispers of War by Toneye Eyenot

wolvzThe war on humanity has begun…

Wolfhaven – ground zero – none in this town will survive the wrath of the pack. The first slaughter sparks the beginning of the end for humanity as the Wolfhaven pack descends upon the unsuspecting townsfolk to exact revenge for the killing of one of our own – Pharo, the mother of the pack, once feared and respected by our kind throughout the region, is no more.

Claude’s plan is bold yet carefully thought out; to spread from Wolfhaven, town by town, village by village, city by city; to rid the world of the human plague and put an end to the desecration of this wondrous planet. It all begins here.

As the ranks swell, the surrounding packs forming alliances and consolidating, select humans spared annihilation to be turned and assimilated as the moon casts her influence. Will our beloved Alpha’s grand plan come to fruition? Or, will pettiness, arrogance, and territorial pissing end this war before it begins? Buy here
I am Shona, first daughter of Pharo, and here my story begins…

Read our review of Wolvz: Whispers of War here

Reddest by D.J. Doyle

ReddestA sequel to Red. When you’re pushed over the edge, revenge is a dish best served in cold blood. Buy here

Read our review of Reddest, and Red, here




The Cimmerians by Theresa Jacobs

res-ciomWhen Emersyn fled the big city for a quieter life in the Midwest, she left all her troubles behind – or so she thought. She quickly discovers her quaint new home has a past of its own. Ten years prior a young woman killed herself inside the front door. Since that fateful day, the locals avoided the house. Not one to believe in the supernatural, Emersyn, along with a new friend, take it upon themselves to conduct a seance for answers.

They get much more than they bargained for when they awaken an ancient evil. The same evil that haunted the past resident.
Now they must scramble with little time to stop it. When Emersyn’s past comes back to haunt her, and innocent people get hurt, she has nowhere to turn. Until a police officer inserts himself into her life, together they will do what they can to put an end to the deadly shadows forever.
Can evil this powerful ever truly die?
***Note special free short “The Followers” at the end of the book, approximately eight pages. This story can be read before as a prologue, or after for fun. Buy here

Screechers by Kevin J. Kennedy & Christina Bergling

screechersIn the apocalyptic fallout of the burned world, the screecher is a massive beast evolved to kill and built for survival. One screecher abandons its home among the crushed remnants of a city and moves to explore the wider world. Unbeknownst to it, one of its surviving nephews decides to tag along.

Far away, across the dusty sand dunes, three men flee the smoldering ashes of their community along with their regrets, looking for a new place to survive.

These two stories, of screechers and humans, alternate and dance around each other before the creatures and men intersect and weave into one story.

In the scorched remains, everything struggles to survive. The end of the world produced mutated monsters beyond imagination. When worlds collide, when man meets monster, who will survive in this new world? Buy UK and US

Read our review of Screechers here

Chalk Outline by Veronica Smith

Chalk OutlineJake and Darius are seasoned homicide detectives that have seen their share of murders. But even they can’t get used to children as victims. During one investigation the meet, and become intertwined with Jessica, the mother of one of the killer’s victims. She reveals a rare gift that may help them catch the killer. Jake is sceptical but Darius puts his faith in her. But when the latest child victim is close to one of their own, they go into overdrive to find the killer. Will Jessica’s gift be what helps them learn the identity of the killer? And for Jessica – is it really a gift or is it a curse? Buy here

Sparky the Spunk Robot by Dani Brown

sparkyDreams die in sheds in Suburban Hell, traded for garden decorations so the neighbours can see how well everyone conforms. Matthew was a popstar, once. His band went on and made it without him, so now every night he goes to the shed to jerk off over his keytar, the one Karen wants him to give up so that she can get higher-tier garden decorations. But too much semen could break his beloved instrument, so Matthew builds Sparky, a robot that takes his cum.

One night, Sparky comes to life, but soon discovers he has no voice. And why would he? Matthew built him to swallow spunk, not to speak. Left in the shed after he serves his purpose, Sparky sets out on a journey to find a voice. Along the way he meets Sandy, a robot like him, only Sandy is powered by a different man, an evil man. Together, Sparky and Sandy scour every inch of their neighbourhood, breaking into nearby garden sheds, exposing the neighbours, all in search of a voice for Sparky the Spunky Robot. Buy UK and US

Essence Asunder by Feind Gottes

Essence Asunder coverA gut-wrenching, stomach-churning journey into one man’s private hell – Essence Asunder is one brutal novella!

One man. Two fiends. A cold, dark basement. A table of torture devices. A garrotte chair. Jacob Falgoust has woken into his own private Hell where Pain and Misery greet him with open arms. A reason wrapped in riddles of beauty and pain may be his only chance to escape the suffering. Jacob must find the answer before is very essence is torn asunder. Buy here


An Angel Fallen by Andy Graham

andygraham2001_anangel_1bYou’re eighteen. Bored. Dad’s away a lot. Days it’s business, but you’ve seen the lipstick stains. Mum’s home. Too much. Keeping the world gin market afloat on her own. There’s Ariel, the family maid. She’s cool. The one piece of this messed up world that makes sense. And then there’s Raph.

Raph’s the leader of your gang of two. He gets off on doing those things to the animals you both catch; the slicing, crushing, and maiming. Buried a few alive, too. His relationship with that hammer of his is sick.

You run with Raph because, well, nothing else to do out here, right? Except if your folks found out what you’ve been up to, there’d be hell.

Then you find it. Whatever it is.

It can’t be what you think it is. Those things don’t exist. But it’s staring at you. Asking for help. Is it dying? Can these things die? You need to do something for it. Raph wants to do something to it.

Time to choose. Do you run with the human devil you know, or take a chance on the thing that fell from the heavens?

An Angel Fallen is a supernatural horror novella of divine retribution from British author Andy Graham. On a day when the world is struggling to stay sane, and is being ravaged by biblical plagues, what price will two teenagers pay for their past? Buy here

Nine till Five by Dale Robertson

9-5Bored at work?
Love to break the mould?

Damien feels the same way. When disturbing occurrences begin to take place however, he thinks he’s found the excitement he is craving. Is there a logical explanation or is something more sinister going on? Buy UK and US



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March 99p e-books!

Check out the list of recommended books below, all at 99p/c for the whole of March! Grab a bargain, discover a new writer, and all for less than the price of a coffee!

Wife ‘n’ Death by Theresa Jacobs

wife n death_theresa jacobs_ebook coverAngelica committed murder/suicide to end her troubles. What came next was worse than her tortured life. In purgatory, she is stalked by the one she killed with no way out. Until one day, something beyond her control changes.

Crystal runs from her past to a new house, in a new town, in a nice neighborhood. She believes this will be the best new beginning for her little girl.  Not long after moving, her daughter begins to act out of character and Crystal blames herself for the change. Only Angelica knows the truth; that these women should not be in her house. Now she must find a way to stop what she started, to save the innocent and break her bonds.

Or is it already too late? Purchase here

Read our review of Wife ‘n’ Death here

Read an interview with the author here

Flash of Darkness by Toneye Eyenot

FlashFlash Fiction Collection

“Lurk within my mind(s) and see

The terrors which await thee…

Just keep in mind, once in my mind

You cannot flee…” Eyenot

Nightmare realities…Demonic anomalies. Unquenchable thirst for blood and rabid hunger for warm, quivering flesh…Descend into the foulest depths of Hell. Five flashes of terror to torment your mind…Allow Eyenot to drag you through the darkness. You may never find your way back to the light.  Purchase here. Read our review of Flash of Darkness here.

Read an interview with the author here

Death, Infection, the Devil…and Jed by Howard Carlyle

Death - HowardFour different stories of horror, all with deadly outcomes. How would you handle a bullying co-worker? Brian did it perfectly! What if a dealy virus left you as the last man standing…What would you do? Would you make a deal with the devil to get everything you wanted…Martin had the chance and took it with horrific consequences. How far would you go for your favourite dish of homemade soup? Jed went that one step further than normal. Purchase here.


The Broken Doll by P.J. Blakey-Novis

broken doll cover jpgIn a small town in southern England, a chance encounter triggers a catastrophic series of events from which no one will emerge unchanged. When Sebastian Briggs meets Ella, she needs his help. The type of help required, however, is far from what he had expected, dragging him down a path of lust and violence. As a married father of three, Sebastian must fight between his loyalty to his family and the desire he feels for another woman, a woman full of secrets and with sinister intentions. What begins as a simple conversation between two strangers soon escalates beyond any expectations, tearing apart Sebastian’s home life, and leaving death in its wake. Purchase here. You can find a review of The Broken Doll here

Read an interview with the author here

100 Word Horrors compiled by Kevin J. Kennedy

51SjwlyLuiLA drabble is a short form of fiction that is exactly 100 words long (not including the title).

Kevin J. Kennedy has once again served up the best of the horror world to bring you an anthology that is packed with creepy tales.

Between these pages you will find over one hundred drabbles, written by a wealth of talented authors. From the best indie horror authors to Bram Stoker award winners and Amazon top sellers. We have monsters, mayhem and madness. Come join us. Available from March 3rd. Purchase UK and US

Read an interview with Kevin J. Kennedy here

Affinity’s Window by Douglas L. Wilson

Affinity's windowAffinity Bell, a lonely child whose only companion is the threadbare doll she’s christened Mr Moppet, roams the empty halls of Bell Manor attempting to escape the evil that pursues her. The Others, the horrifying creatures only she can see, attack young Affinity at every opportunity. But Mr Moppet will protect her, he’s told her so, and Mr Moppet knows magic.

Tanner Dane, a world-weary writer searching for proof that ghosts actually do exist, is being called by an unknown force to Bell Manor. Will the two powerful psychics he’s hired help him to discover the proof for which he’s been searching, or will they too be dragged down into the noxious pit that is Bell Manor?

Evil flows through the heart of Bell Manor, pulsing and ebbing like some hideous tide. Will it drag Tanner and his friends down into its gaping maw, or will they battle back at Affinity’s Window? Purchase UK and US

Raising Hell: Gods of Chaos Book One by S. K. Gregory

ChaosEx-Goddess. Queen of the Underworld. About to raise Hell.

My name is Persephone, yes, that one. 2000 years ago, the Gods fell, but my husband, Hades, saved me by stripping me of my God powers. I fled while my family died and I have carried the guilt ever since. Tow week ago, my old frenemy, Eris showed up in the small town of Bedford where I live. She was searching for a way to raise a God. Her first choice – Ares. We fought and I defeated her, but not before she smashed the bottle containing the elixir needed to raise the dead. I managed to salvage some of it, but will it be enough? Now I am searching for the power source hidden in the town, a power that could reunite me with my husband or my mother, Demeter. I don’t want to choose, but that will come later. I need to find what I am looking for first. One thing is for sure, small town life is no longer boring. Time to raise a little hell. Purchase UK and US

Christ on a Bike by D. J. Doyle

Christ on a Bike - png for ebookFather Jack and his pontification of priests are on their travels to conduct an exorcism. Demons can lurk in every corner.

“Dark humor at its best!”

Purchase here

Read an interview with the author here


Delilah: A Frontier Romance by Kaye Lynne Booth

Delilah and Horse Web CoverIn 1882, Delilah, a tough and determined young woman, is released from prison after two years. Delilah and her sixteen-year-old friend, Sarah, head to San Luis to find out what’s left of her home. While on the trail, Sarah and Delilah get separated. Sarah is attacked and raped by two men, who take her captive. Delilah goes in search of Sarah, determined to save her and to make her captors pay. She trails them into the mining towns in the high country of the Colorado. Along the way, she has to battle wolves, bears and ruffians in pursuit of her friend. But it’s not all desperation; she also meets new and colorful characters, encounters Indians and learns to love again. Savor a sample of the true flavor of the Colorado frontier with Delilah. Purchase UK and US




Women in Horror Month

As you may be aware by now, February is Women in Horror Month. We have marked the occasion by compiling a list of some fantastic books from female authors. These include a variety of sub-genres, from ghosts to serial killers, zombies to werewolves. Check out the full list here

As the Women in Horror post has been so successful, we will be continuing to promote books each month which fall into the following categories; March will offer a selection of e-books at 99p/c, April will be for novellas, and May for poetry. If you are an author who has a book that fits into one of these categories then email redcapepublishing@outlook.com with the cover image, blurb, and a link to secure your free spot.

Promo Calendar

These past few weeks have seen a couple of notable achievements at Red Cape HQ, with Leanne completing a Diploma in Graphic Design, receiving the highest mark possible – a distinction. Peter completed his Editing and Proofreading Diploma, also with distinction, and we are now able to offer these services at a competitive rate. Space are filling up already, so if you have a project which you need some help with, be that cover design, formatting, or editing work, get in touch to discuss it further.


We still have a limited number of audio books to give away for both Tunnels and Embrace the Darkness (both horror), as well as a lovely children’s book (Grace & Bobo). Drop us an email if you would like a free code, in exchange for an honest review. UK and US available for all books, currently.

This is also a reminder that you only have until February 25th to pre-order P.J. Blakey-Novis’ novella Four at the bargain price of 99p. This is available through Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Apple. The price will go up on the 26th. Pre-order here  for Amazon and other stores here.

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