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A Reasonably Viable Marriage By Skip (Frank) Yetter


A Reasonably Viable Marriage reflects on human capacity to endure

cover-nowhiteEASTBOURNE – Local author Skip (Frank) Yetter has released his second novel, A Reasonably Viable Marriage, now available on
Inspired by Yetter’s friendship with Nguyen Thua Nghiep, an elderly Vietnamese man, the book is a fictional story based on Nghiep’s teachings and ideas about love and marriage. The story is about love, loss, redemption and the values that commit humans to one another. It is told from the perspective of an 83-year-old man as he struggles to remain close to his wife, who is in a care home suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
“I met Nghiep in a park in central Saigon in 2011,” Yetter said. “We quickly became fast friends, with many ideas and values in common, and we spoke and wrote extensively about our thoughts over the years. The idea for my novel came from his books’reflections on human values.”
Yetter and his wife, Gabrielle, frequently visited Nghiep and his family in Saigon on their trips to Vietnam while the couple were living in Cambodia.
“He was one of the most positive people I’ve known,” Yetter said about Nghiep, who died in 2016, “and his writing reflected his deep appreciation for the values in support of a structurally sound, healthy marriage, and in maintaining strong interpersonal relationships.”
The story follows Ben and Brenda Tremblay through their life growing up in a small Midwestern city in the US where Brenda’s father serves as mayor. Her father viewed Ben as an unworthy suitor for his daughter, and he proved an imposing obstacle to their budding love and eventual marriage. Confronted with his daughter’s unwavering commitment to her young suitor, the mayor relented, terming their imminent nuptials “a reasonably viable marriage.”
Ben and Brenda marry and begin a life together and they struggle to find their way through challenges and unthinkable loss. Yet the biggest challenge of their marriage occurs when Brenda is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
“A Reasonably Viable Marriage is about the human capacity for survival,” Yetter said. “It’s a story of hope against all odds, and the ability of the human spirit to survive.”
A Reasonably Viable Marriage is Yetter’s fourth book. His first novel, Rilertown, a murder mystery featuring investigative reporter and protagonist Jake Ketcher, was released in 2016. Just Go! Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure, co-written with his wife, Gabrielle, was released in 2015, as was KISS Kooking, his cookbook of family recipes and recipes he learned in a decade of world travel.
Yetter and his wife live in Eastbourne.

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Starstruck By Casey Smith and Bridget Spackman

OUT FRIDAY 22nd MAY 2020!


Casey and Bridget met, and became fast friends, on a college team-building trip at sixteen, when they were both too afraid to climb the rock wall. The two started their writing journey not long after, writing fan-fiction together, until they found their own characters and their own voice.
Over the years they found inspiration for their debut novel in all their common interests, mainly their similar taste in music and their love of frequenting gigs together, but also in their fondness for American TV shows, Disney and anything Superhero related. Specifically, Batman and Spiderman.
These days they try to enjoy these things as much as they can, Casey around raising her two small children and Bridget around planning her wedding and being a new parent. So… not at all.
Starstruck is their debut novel, which has been in the works for the majority of their friendship. Set in Boston, Massachusetts, it’s about a group of friends who have grown up together, with the shared secret of some of them having supernatural powers, inherited from their Fathers.

Everyone has their secrets.
Some are just bigger than others…
Jonathan Taylor is the name on everyone’s lips. Usually for the wrong reasons. With magical powers and a rock band he’s determined will make it big, he’s never far from the spotlight. He just never factored in falling for his sister’s best friend.
Brooke is harbouring her own crush, all the while fighting back a bitter high school rivalry and an overprotective Italian family.
For Rosie, she knows her biggest secret could prove deadly. But as boys and heartache cause her to sink deeper, it’s only a matter of time until she’s found out.
And Will knows all about secrets. His own powers have a darkness to them that few have glimpsed. If they knew, no one would look at him the same way again…
For most teenagers, high school is about survival.
For these teenagers – every day is.

Get your US copy here. Get your UK copy here

Follow Casey and Bridget on Instagram. And don’t forget to check out their interview with Red Cape Publishing.

The NEW Novelette ‘Nang Tani’ By Lee Franklin

Nang Tani KINDLE COVER 2Friday 15th of May sees the release of Nang Tani, a blood-soaked novelette from Lee Franklin, author of The Gilded Cage and Berserker – Green Hell. You can read our review of Nang Tani, as well as our review of The Gilded Cage, here.

Celebrating his twenty-first birthday in Thailand with his best mate Paul, Shane finds the perfect tattoo of a local deity, Nang Tani. He must have her at all costs.
When Nang Tani is unleashed, she comes with vengeance. Shane will learn that sins, like tattoos, cannot be washed away; not even with blood.

Pre Order Today: Nangtani

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