January Spotlight – Recent Releases

Starting the New Year with a new book? How about one of these recent releases?

Tales of New Albion Volume 2 by Daren Callow

New albion 2Welcome back to the furiously exciting, madcap world of New Albion. It’s much the same as when we left it, only this time the Martian’s have invaded. Yes, again. So, it’s up to the usual cast of crazy inventors, streetwise adventurers, rusting mercenaries, space cats and detective dogs to try and kick them back to where they came from. Mars presumably. All whilst trying to hide their annoyance that their lives have been so rudely interrupted. How do things turn out in Tales Of New Albion – Volume 2? You’ll just have to dive in and find out. Buy UK and US


The Lion’s Purpose by Billie Willow

LionIn one night, Lara’s life shifted…literally. In the space of a few hours, her parents are killed by a drunk driver, she is attacked and bitten by a wild animal and then left to bleed out. Instead, she transforms into a Panther. Thrown into a world she has no knowledge of, she is kidnapped and imprisoned by an underground anti-shifter organisation, in the cell next door to a handsome, charming Lion Shifter called Archer. Lara finds herself drawn to Archer, but when he announces they are ‘fated mates’, she immediately thinks the notion ridiculous…isn’t it?

Archer never believed in fated mates…but that was before he met her. Being a rogue shifter meant learning to be alone, something he’d known ever since he escaped his drunk and abusive father as a teenager. When Archer is drugged and locked in a cell next to an endearing woman, everything in his body screams mine, but when she claims the whole idea of fated mates is a farce, he is forced to let go of his instinct to be with her, even if it kills him.

As Archer and Lara risk their lives and face demons from their past, their chemistry builds to fever pitch but will a secret from Archer’s past destroy everything?

The Lion’s Purpose is the first book in the Crew of Rogues series. Buy UK and US

Jamaican Complexity by Hazel Foster

Jamaican ComplexityWhat happens when family secrets spill into the Cliff sisters every day life? Chaos, lust, family arrangements, and ghosts from the past all come forth to tear all families apart.

Erin’s all business and turns everything she touch into a successful brand. A crush turns into a blessing in disguise for Erin. Drake Clarke Jr. helped her more than he knows through her tough training. Can he help Erin overcome her fear of settling down?

Marisa is trained to be ready for any and everything except an unexpected love. She is a runner from anything that disrupts her peace. She plans for a vacation of peace without interruption but things turn for the worst causing her to lose all patience for fake family.

Eden is technology savvy, logical, and ready for any and everything thrown her way. She loves the freedom, perks, and adventures the right man brings her way. Jordan Monroe demands Eden “his little garden’s” attention by any means necessary. Will he have what it takes to win over her rebellious heart or walk away?

Will the bonds created be strong enough to overcome the hurtful betrayal of individuals who say they love you? Buy UK and US

The Adventures of Bentley Hippo by Argyro Graphy

bentleyA children’s book series focusing on acceptance, uniqueness and individuality.
Bentley the hippo sets out on an adventure to the moon. Through this journey, he meets unique characters that need to learn valuable lessons such as sharing and respect. Bentley’s goal is to have us feel a sense of belonging. That different is OK, and respecting each other, no matter of size, color, shape, gender or religion, will create unity, love and harmony.
Bentley’s bubbly personality inspires children to be curious as to what will happen next.
A must-read for children of all ages. Buy UK and US

Billionaire’s Pleasure by J.M. Ralley

BillionairesPlayboy billionaire, James Farmer, gets what he wants – when he wants it. Woman are at his beck and call, but he refuses to get to close. After all, his former criminal lifestyle makes it impossible to have anything more. But when he encounters the feisty shop owner., he knows he’s meet his match.

Alison Meadows will not be played by some high-rolling businessman. When her insurance premium is jacked up, she’s hellbent on fighting the ass who’s trying to take her down. Meeting the sexy and charming James in an elevator changes everything. When the lift plummets, Alison is more than free falling.

Suddenly, danger sets in as someone doesn’t want Alison and James together. The enemy will stop at nothing to destroy them. While James vows to protect the one woman who’s stolen his heart, Alison fights for answers. But the truth could ruin everything they’ve worked for. Can they confront their past for a chance at a future together?

Contains references to BDSM. 18+ Buy UK and US

Elements of Horror Book Four: Water – An Anthology

Elements Of Horror-WaterJPGElements of Horror Book Four: Water, is the fourth in a series of four horror anthologies based on the Elements. Within these pages you will find a variety of stories from some of the best independent horror writers on the scene today. Immerse yourself in tales of shipwrecks, evil spirits, terrifying aquatic creatures, and much more. Buy here



100 Word Horrors 4 compiled by Kevin J. Kennedy

100 word horrors 4100 Word Horrors: Book 4 brings you over one hundred new drabbles from a wealth of horror authors. Some new, some old, but all great. Each and every one of us hope you have a blast with the final instalment in the series. Buy UK and US




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