May Spotlight – Poetry

This month we are highlighting poetry books – from the dark to the inspirational. Have a look through the list below and find your next read, and maybe even your new favoutite poet!

E:/Ed Documents/Christophers Stories/Ad Undas/Ad Undas Front CovAd Undas by Christopher Law

Often brutal, always honest, Ad Undas is the record of a collapsing mind trying to fight against the darkness; trying to believe in hope, even when there is none. There are no holds barred in this collection of free verse, a must read for anyone interested in the darker sides of existence. Buy UK and US



theresaSpewed Thoughts by Theresa Jacobs

I have compiled a collection of what some people would call poetry, most of it is my creative brain spewing out the junk so I can write my book. Following is the results of that thought process. It began in 1991 and continues on today. Some are light and playful, and some are dark. Buy here


sasSmoke and Shadows by Joanne Van Leerdam

It’s a common thing. As we go through life, we discover that people and things are frequently not what they seem to be, and what we understand to be the truth of our own experience often turns out to be something quite different instead. Life is as full of illusions as it is of genuine experiences.

False friends abound. Trials hurt, but then deliver unexpected strength and blessings. People put up smokescreens to hide their true intentions or feelings; and only sometimes do we ever discover why. The world seems hateful until someone delivers light and love in a surprising way.

The poems in this new collection explore some of the illusions and deceptions people experience in their lives, the clarity and wisdom gained from hindsight, and the lessons we can learn from them.

“Smoke and shadows yield to glimpses of light—
Only then we begin to see:
When we learn to perceive things as they are,
We can have peace with whatever will be.” Buy UK and US

HeartsHearts of the Matter by Mark Anthony Smith

A collection of Haiku, some of which have been commended in National magazines, to celebrate Hull winning the ‘City of Culture’. Poems include the passing of time and the falling of leaves in Autumn. Buy here

LethalLethal as Love by Patrick Williams

From the heady springtime rush of first meeting to the hard tear-stained winter of goodbye, these poems explore the lifespan of a relationship. Published chronologically as written for her, and sent as text messages so she could read them over her morning coffee, these poems are a passionate and painfully truthful testimony to someone who, for a much too brief time, was the poet’s whole heart, and who will always hold a piece of it. Buy UK and US

CalmLittle Moments of Calm by Sarah Northwood

Mindfulness is a way of focusing on the moment and letting go of past worries or future cares. In this little book of calm, each page is brought to life with beautiful and themed images. Combined with original pieces of prose, and thoughts to help you discover a moment of tranquillity, just for you! Buy here



butterflyButterfly Dreams by Sarah Northwood

Poems that inspire a touch of magic, imagination and fantasy. Uplifting and light to read. Buy here




truthsThe Truths We Tell by Sarah Northwood

This collection of emotional poetry and prose from Author Sarah Northwood provides nourishment for the soul. Each one is honest and explores the daily battle with this thing we call life. The poet expresses themes of fear, contemplation and love in an honest way that will leave you feeling like someone knows your pain. A positive message of acceptance flows throughout the words. Buy here


unicorns are realUnicorns Are Real & Other Cool Poems by Sarah Northwood

This is a poem book especially for you, where Unicorns are real and dreams do come true. With goggle woggle spiders whizzing on skates and food that is rude when it is put on a plate. With bottoms that snore and a fun dinosaur, also mermaids and fairies, so it’s never a bore. So settle down cosy when it starts to gets late, fluff up your pillow, get your blankets straight. Each poem is magic, each poem is new and each one was made especially for you. Buy here

mermaidsUnicorns, Mermaids, and Magical Tales by Sarah Northwood and Julia E. Clements

Step into a world of enchanted forests and magical creatures, where every page takes the reader on a wondrous journey.

Incredible realms await, with unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and dragons, and so much more. Together with beautiful illustrations, this collection of short stories and poems will capture the hearts of children of all ages and transport them on a magical adventure.

A fairy stuck in a wishing well. A mermaid who can’t swim. A girl who doesn’t know she’s a witch. A mystical portal that leads to another land. These are just some of the enchanting tales that will spark every child’s imagination. Buy here

in verseIn Verse by E.M. Swift-Hook & Jane Jago

Poetry from E.M. Swift-Hook and Jane Jago. Buy here





qaqQuestions & Quirks by Jane Jago

Love, loss and leisure. An exploration of life in verse. Buy here

Find out more about Jane Jago here




PerversePerverse by Tim Walker

PERVERSE is an eclectic collection of short, snatched memories and random ideas.

‘Perversity’, is an obstinate urge or contrary behaviour; a wilful desire to not conform.
That made me think – Life can sometimes be perverse – full of contradictions, disappointments, grief and sheer bloody-mindedness. But though it all, our sense of what is right and our submission to the rule of law, provides a counter balance that somehow gets us through.
I hope you enjoy this collection of verse and prose – a pastiche of my life, a hope for better days, reflections on the good and bad times, a celebration of life and all its riches. Buy here

SedimentsSediments: The Selected Poems of Lyra Shanti

This unique book of poetry contains the selected poems of the prolific poet, playwright, songwriter and author, Lyra Shanti. Ranging from epic story-telling to romantic and lyrical, Sediments covers it all. Passionate and unrestricted, this collection of free-form poetry and prose is one of a kind. Buy UK and US


momentsMoments from a Lifetime by Margena Adams Holmes

In this collection of poems and short stories, author Margena Adams Holmes brings out life’s many emotional moments. Follow her path from an elementary school writing assignment to flash fiction, from the joys of marriage and having kids to the struggles with OCD and chronic pain. Buy UK and US


The Little Book Series by Claire Buss


Book One: Little Book of Verse

A collection of both humorous and sincerely heartfelt poems from award-winning author Claire Buss. Her poetry is simple yet beautiful as she touches the heart of family life and deals with difficult emotions. She offers insight into motherhood from being tired to having sore feet, having time fly and chasing those summer ghosts. Buy here

Book Two: Little Book of Spring

Inspired by NaPoWriMo, this collection of thirty poems will delight readers with playful and personal poems exploring the ups and downs of motherhood with plenty of humour mixed in. Claire Buss explores life as a mum from the lighter side of life living by the seaside right through to dealing with powerful personal emotions. Buy here

Book Three: Little Book of Summer

A scorching book of poetry from award winning author Claire Buss. Little Book of Summer, a collection of twenty-one poems, is the third poetry collection in the Little Book series. Frothy and light verses on the joys of summertime. These easy to read, easy to enjoy poems touch on fun in the summer holidays as well as more serious issues like being homeless at the seaside and picking up your rubbish. Buy here

Book Four: Spooky Little Book

Mum. Poet. Lover of cake. Claire Buss’s Spooky Little Book is a collection of Halloween-themed poetry celebrating everything spine-tingling and scary. Hide behind the sofa, watch out for the monsters under the bed and stock up on candy – you’re going to need it! Buy here

Book Five: Little Book of Winter

Twenty-five wintry poems to read at your leisure by the roaring fireplace, all tucked up under a blanket this winter. Award-winning author & poet Claire Buss shares poetry from the heart in this chilly addition to the Little Book series. Buy here

Book Six: Little Book of Love

Love isn’t just romance and flowers. Sometimes it’s tears and anguish. This collection of twenty-five poems from author and poet Claire Buss take you on a journey of love from delight to heartbreak, including pets, children and those we’ve lost. Love is everywhere and affects everyone but sometimes we can’t say what we feel. Hopefully, these poems will inspire you to spread a little love in your life. Buy here

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