Fortnightly Update #6

These last two weeks have involved a lot of reading but not a lot of writing. We have new reviews on the website with a couple more to come over the next few days.

We joined Patreon very recently and have listed a great number of perks for our supporters, including a mention in the ‘thanks’ section of future anthologies, a free book as a welcome, short stories, early copies of our anthologies, and much more. You can sign up from just £1 per month and any funds raised will go towards the cost of putting together future projects.  You can support us here


P.J. Blakey-Novis has been invited to contribute to a special anthology coming later in the year, with a historical theme and set locally. There will be more news on this nearer the time of release. The book is currently open for submissions.


Our June spotlight is on anthologies and short story collections so keep an eye on our blog next Monday for the full list – there are some great books mentioned.

If you’re an author with a new release coming then why not get in touch and have your book mentioned in our Press Room? It’s a free promotional service for press releases. We also offer a number of social media promotional packages through our website.


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