Industry Interview: David Sweeney-Bear (Audiobook Narrator)

Swords & Spectres

For those of you interested in what goes into the making of an audiobook from start to finish, my guest on today’s Q&A answers that wonderfully. He also offers some excellent tips for people who are looking at getting into the narration industry.

I, like many, truly hadn’t the slightest idea just how much work goes in to an audiobook from start to finish. I’ve come out of this Q&A with an even larger appreciation of narrators and all those tech-minded folk behind the scenes of audio creation.

From my interactions with David, and from what I’ve learned from his answers, he seems like a total class act and I wish him all the best in his future narration works.

For more information on David (including rates for audio narration) check out his website: DSB Audio

With that said, on to the interview:

Before we get started with the questions…

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