Fortnightly Update #10

These past couple of weeks have been filled with Audio work. Elements of Horror Book Three: Fire is now complete on Audible and is pending approval. Book Four: Water is due for completion within two weeks, as is Madman Across The Water by Caroline Angel. Keep an eye out for those to become available.

On the subject of Madman Across The Water, the edits have now been completed for the sequel and we are currently aiming for a release date in late August. You can grab a copy of the first book here.


Today sees the release of The Place Between Worlds, the fifth collection of short horror stories from P.J. Blakey-Novis. You can read a review of the book on the blog post below this one and you can buy a copy here. We will be holding an online launch event via Facebook later today and all the detail are here. Come along and join in some games, chat about the book, and win some prizes.

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