September Shocks #14 – Radar DeBoard

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Leaf Piles

Radar DeBoard

Adam finished raking the last of the leaves onto the enormous pile he had created in the back corner of his yard. The only thing that could piss him off right now was someone ruining the work he had done. Suddenly, a soccer ball came over his fence and landed in the pile and sent leaves flying up in the air. The ball rolled off the pile and came to a stop along the fence. Adam took a quick glance to see how much damage had been done and gasped when he noticed that a pale hand was slightly visible. He quickly raked a couple of leaves to cover it just as Peter poked his head over the fence.

“Sorry about that Mr. Stinson,” Peter said shyly.

“That’s okay kiddo,” Adam said with a fake laugh, “It’s bound to happen when you’re having fun.” Adam retrieved the ball and held it in his hand. He took in a deep breath and said, “You know…if you want…I have another soccer ball you can have too.”

“Really!” Peter exclaimed.

“Of course,” Adam nodded, “It’s in my garage somewhere. If you wanna come over, we can go find it for ya.”

“Okay,” Peter smiled as he hopped down on his side of the fence.

The fake kindness on Adam’s face quickly turned into a look of annoyance. “I guess Peter will make four now,” he muttered to himself, “This damn pile keeps growing thanks to these stupid kids.” He sighed, “I’m never gonna finish raking these leaves.”

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