Women in Horror Month

This year’s Women in Horror blog is a little different than previous years. This time we’ll be giving you a list of recommended books by female authors, as well as mentioning some of the wonderful people we’ve had the opportunity to work with. Have a read, discover new authors, and find some new favourite books this February.

Our favourite horror books from female authors

Red by D.J. Doyle

*****WARNING: Content may disturb and offend. There are scenes of a sexual nature*****

A depraved past has shaped a man into the twisted serial killer he is today. His obsession with the color Red, and his lust for blood, leads to inventive ways to kill his captives. Who is his next victim, and can she be his salvation?

The sequel has just been released. Grab yourself a copy of Reddest and enjoy the gore!! Amazon

Madman Across the Water by Caroline Angel

For generations one family has been haunted by something… something that stalks. It sees and listens, it watches and follows. In the shadows and mist it waits, to take you, to hurt you, perhaps to kill you. If it doesn’t kill you, you’ll wish it did. A creepy, suspenseful saga of family, horror, and mystery, this is one story sure to leave you frightened of the woods at night, fog, and all things tall and slender. Amazon

Berserker: Green Hell by Lee Franklin

A terrifying debut novel set during the Vietnam War. Australian Lance Corporal Terence ‘Pinny’ Pinfold and his squad find themselves in the midst of the living hell of the Vietnam War. Known as Reapers, their job is to go in after the firefights, collect dog tags and any evidence of war crimes. As each soldier tries to make some sense out of a senseless war, there are more questions than answers as mutilated, butchered bodies are discovered the further to the North they venture. Pinny soon finds himself at the very core of the real war – in a secret underground facility amongst hybrid creatures which belong only in the very worse nightmares. With Pinny’s aboriginal bloodline, the enigmatic Doctor Jacinta Harding believes she has found the perfect specimen…Pinny might survive the war, but he might not save himself. Amazon

Banished by Lou Yardley

Welcome to the monstrous world of Venari. Try not to get eaten.

Elkbury is an idyllic village, hidden away in a rural area of pseudo-medieval Venari. It’s a place free of death and disease due to a mysterious ceremony called the Banishment. It’s a secret system that has worked well for decades. But, secrets rarely stay secret forever. When Hedwin’s grandmother is about to undertake her own Banishment, he and his best friend Laura Beth decide to find out what their beloved Anastasia is about to experience. Just like disease, murder has no place in Elkbury, but it has wormed its way in. Wren Goodwort takes it upon herself to find the mysterious killer and clear her name in the process. Soon Wren, Hedwin, Laura Beth, and the rest of the villagers are thrown together to fight for their lives as deadly, monstrous, and hungry secrets are uncovered and Elkbury’s delicate balance is destroyed.

“Banished” will introduce you to your new favourite monsters; some human, some not. Amazon

The Haunting of Hacket House by Astrid Addams

“Here in the red walls of Hacket House, listening to the constant murmurs of the clocks and Mr Smithson’s screams, reason not only felt dead, but extinct.” Some places don’t let go….

Offered a lucrative job at the mysterious Hacket House, Jane agrees to travel across country to live at the mansion. After all, a fresh start is just what she needs. Besides, the remote house is a long way from the past she is still running from. Arriving at her new home, she finds a strange red house set in a wood of red, gnarled trees. The same trees used to build the house and the grandfather clocks that haunt every room and dark corridor. Jane quickly realises that there is something very wrong at Hacket House and the village of Bramley.

Why is there a graveyard in the garden of Hacket House? Who are the people in hoods who haunt the house at night? What are they doing with the old man in the bed? Why is somebody moving the grandfather clocks? Who is the strange woman no one will admit exists? What are the shadows that scoot across the walls like cockroaches? Who is Erazmus Nark whose grave nothing will touch? As the sinister behaviour of the village escalates and her own past closes in around her, Jane learns that just because something is dead, doesn’t mean that it’s gone. Amazon

Dirges in the Dark by Antoinette Corvo

When actress Cassidy May lands the lead in the story of Hellen Grimaldi’s life, she believes it could be the boost her career needs. However, the more she looks into the past of Hellen and the shocking events which led to her death, the more fearful Cassidy becomes about taking the role. Did Hellen truly summon demons during that fateful performance? Was Cassidy about to unleash the same hell that Hellen had? What dark forces were really at play behind the curtain? Amazon

Wife ‘n’ Death by Theresa Jacobs

Angelica committed murder/suicide to end her troubles. What came next was worse than her tortured life. In purgatory, she is stalked by the one she killed with no way out. Until one day, something beyond her control changes.

Crystal runs from her past to a new house, in a new town, in a nice neighborhood. She believes this will be the best new beginning for her little girl. Not long after moving, her daughter begins to act out of character and Crystal blames herself for the change. Only Angelica knows the truth; that these women should not be in her house. Now she must find a way to stop what she started, to save the innocent and break her own bonds.

Or is it already too late? Amazon

Wakeful Children by S.P. Oldham

Wakeful Children is a collection of highly imaginative and inventive short stories. The oak sways gently, a shiver shimmers its way from roots to tip. A branch creaks as if in resistance. A small, fresh leaf strains to curl into life, shows promise for an instant, then withers and dies. A sigh, just beyond human hearing, vibrates the night. All else is still. You will be unwittingly taken on a journey to witness the twisted brutality of Joe Gallows, the weird dream-scape of The Sandman, the ice-cold grasp of The Face of the Gale, the elemental horror of an ancient, evil entity in Devil’s Drop. You will visit some of the residents down a darkly troubled street in Absorption; watched over by a beautiful, malignant presence all the while. These and other tales make Wakeful Children an extremely unusual, compelling and refreshingly different read in this genre. One that will leave you thinking of it long after you have turned the last page… Amazon

Church by Renee Miller

Ray is a Christian, but he loves a woman who follows a god called Zabir. Determined to save her from eternal damnation, he joins her church. Ray doesn’t realize that indoctrination into the Zabian way is a process that not only breaks a man physically, it strips his identity and shatters his mind. He holds onto his faith at first, but as his prayers for mercy go unanswered, and the pain inflicted on him becomes too much to bear, the void of nothingness promises relief, and tempts Ray to do the unthinkable, even if leaves his soul as damned as the one he tried to save. Amazon

We’d also like to give mention to some of the women in the horror industry who are wonderfully supportive and talented people. Check them out below, subscribe to their channels, buy their work, and show them some love.

Mar Garcia – Owner of TBM Horror Experts – Mar is one of the most supportive and generous people in the horror industry, offering top-notch book promotion services, incredible artwork, and reviews. You can find her website here

Janine Pipe – Janine is a wonderful reviewer and interviewer, YouTuber, podcaster, and excellent writer. She is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the horror community. You can find more details on Janine’s website here

Jennifer Sullivan – Jennifer has been super supportive of our books since the beginning, offering excellent reviews. She really knows her stuff when it comes to horror fiction and runs a great blog which you can find here

Macabre Ladies Publishing – The Macabre Ladies (Eleanor Merry & Cassie Angler) put out some fantastic anthologies and I’ve been lucky enough to have stories included in each of them. Macabre Ladies are definitely a small publisher worth checking out for quality horror. More details on the website

And finally, we’d like to give mention to all the female writers who have made it into our own anthologies. Every one of them is highly talented and we strongly recommend you seek out their other works. In no particular order….

Anna Schoenbach, Antoinette Corvo, Theresa Jacobs, Carmilla Voiez, Jaq D. Hawkins, Verona Jones, Astrid Addams, Dona Fox, Lesley Drane, Megan Neumann, Nancy Kilpatrick, Holley Cornetto, P.L. McMillan, R.E. McAuliffe, Aisling Campbell, J.L. Hoy, Lou Yardley, Jessica Clem, Molly Thynes, Kristina R. Mosley, Maxine Kollar, S.P. Oldham, Ariel Dodson, Renee Miller, Donna Cuttress, C.M. Rosens, Kim M. Munsamy, Lee Franklin, Max Carrey, Lynette S. Hoag, Gemma Paul, Mo Donovan, N.M. Brown, Sarah J. Huntington.

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