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Coming March 10th and available to pre-order now for Kindle!

The action-packed novella Bow-Legged Buccaneers from Outer Space has been receiving excellent reviews already! Available now for Kindle and in paperback here, and coming very soon to Audible! Keep an eye on our audio books page for details of when it’s available.

This is a cracking, crazy, up and at ’em offering from the ever inventive Owain Hughes. Set sixty years in the future, our protaganist Paul ‘Frank Castle’ Hoskins wanders the dark and dangerous wastelands of Chinatown- a sort of nerds version of Escape from New York. Frank tries his best to protect the inhabitants of Chinatown from the gun-toting bandits who infest it, and when an armada of robot pirates descend, all hell is let loose. Along with an eclectic mix of cosplay characters, Frank has to save the woman he loves and save Chinatown too.
What Owain Hughes excels at is writing no-nonsense, sit up and beg, edge of your seat fiction. Like his fantastic creation Samson Valentine, Paul is a man you do not want to mess with, but who you always want on your side-the hard man with a heart of gold.
Will he win the day and win the heart of his true love? I’d advise you to grab a copy of this to find out.
An excellent story, full of heart-pounding action and brilliantly bizarre characters. Great stuff!
Goodreads Review

Audio Update

We have a lot of audio books already available, with review codes available for almost all of them. You can find the full list on our audio page and use the contact form to request a review copy. Our latest release is B is for Beasts, with C is for Cannibals due to go live any day now. Currently in production are D is for Demons, Bow-Legged Buccaneers from Outer Space, The Curse Awakens, and The Broken Doll: Shattered Pieces.


Submissions for book nine in the A-Z of Horror Series, I is for Internet, close on March 31st, with J is for Jack-o’-Lantern opening the following day. Full submission details can be found here.

Free Books

As well as free review copies of our audio books, we’re also offering a number of free titles when you subscribe to our mailing list. The full list is available on our homepage. From full anthologies to short stories to opening chapters, there is plenty there to keep you busy!

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