Summer Recap

School summer holidays have been rather hectic so our time has been quite limited but we do have a few things we’d like to share. We’ve managed to find time to work on some new projects and we’re gearing up for all the pre-Halloween releases now. 
We have finally been over the many submissions for K is for Kidnap (A-Z of Horror Book 11) and expect to release this around the end of September.

For those of you unfamiliar with this epic series of anthologies, Kidnap joins Aliens, Beasts, Cannibals, Demons, Exorcism, Fear, Genies, Hell, Internet, and Jack-O’-Lantern. All of which are included in Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback from Amazon. Books A-E are also available on Audible. (  
Submissions are currently open for L is for Lycans and guidelines are on our website.

We have two new releases onto Audible – Where Shadows Move is a supernatural thriller set in Australia from Caroline Angel and Spiffing is a cosmic horror novella from Tim Mendees. Review codes are available for both books, just use the Contact Form to request one. 

Upcoming Releases
Just to tease a little, these are our planned releases for the rest of 2021….

Appletown by Antoinette Corvo (an epic horror novel)

K is for Kidnap (horror anthology)

A Secret Charity Anthology

Monsters in the Dark (a single-author collection) from Donovan Smith

Sweet Little Chittering (an intertwined anthology following on from Castle Heights)

Origin of Evil Part 2 from Caroline Angel

A Splintered Soul (book one in a series of dark fantasy novellas) from Adrian Meredith

L is for Lycans (horror anthology)

Nails from K.J. Sargeant (a serial killer tale)

Very soon we will be opening pre-orders for a special signed and numbered hardback version of Demons Never Die, including new stories, new artwork and a new cover. This will be a very limited print run and will be exclusive to our website. There will be details to follow quite soon. 
You can read an interview about the book here (scroll down to find the relevant interview)

Finally… free books!
As a reward for reading all the way to the end of the blog post, here are some freebies from a whole host of authors. 
Click here to see what’s on offer

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