The A-Z of Horror Book Thirteen: M is for Medical

Red Cape Publishing are proud to announce the release of M is for Medical on March 25th 2022.

M is for Medical, celebrate the halfway point in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. In this book you will find a selection of fourteen horrifying tales from some of the finest independent horror authors writing today. From obsessions with cosmetic surgery to the pregnancy from hell, from futuristic experiments to psychotic Nazi surgeons, M is for Medical brings a diverse range of body horror tales that will have you reaching for the morphine.

Includes stories by J. Benjamin Sanders Jr., Carlton Herzog, Tim Mendees, Rosalind Goldsmith, P.S. Traum, Sarah Jane Huntington, Bob Johnston, Cormack Baldwin, Gina Easton, Kay Hanifen, Jack Seymour, Jarrett Mazza, James Miles, Karan Surya and Shreedhar Shekhar.

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Paperback and digital version, available from Amazon at

The previous books in the series are all available for Kindle and in paperback from Amazon, as well as through Red Cape Publishing’s website.

A is for Aliens, B is for Beasts, C is for Cannibals, D is for Demons, E is for Exorcism, F is for Fear, and G is for Genies, H is for Hell, I is for Internet, J is for Jack-o’-Lantern, K is for Kidnap, and L is for Lycans.

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Series link UK –

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