Review copies!

It’s almost (finally!) the end of January and we’re offering out a limited number of digital review copies of some exciting new releases! If you’d like to read any or all of the books below, just email to request one. All we ask is that a brief review, or even just a star rating, be left on at least one site or blog (Goodreads/Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Kobo) around release day.

By His Hand by William R. Perry Release Date February 17th – 38 Pages

It began when Bill’s hands began to cramp in odd and painful grips each morning. Soon he finds himself helpless as his body grows progressively more numb each day. His illness is a medical mystery. Although his mind is sharp and active, he can only watch as he inexplicably withers and decays into complete paralysis.

Awaking on his 40th day in the hospital, his family and friends from church find that he is miraculously cured. Bill’s hands and limbs have begun to move and feel, but they do so with a life all of their own. Bill is still trapped, defenseless within his own body. Whatever is controlling his actions has a dark and terrifying intent, yet no one sees beyond his miraculous healing.

P is for Poltergeist: A-Z of Horror Book Sixteen – Release Date February 24th – 241 Pages

P is for Poltergeist is the sixteenth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. In this book you will find a collection of thirteen haunting tales from some of the most gifted independent horror authors writing today. From twists on haunted houses to shocking family revelations, bizarre beings to tragic tales, P is for Poltergeist brings a varied selection of ghostly horror tales that will have you jumping at every noise.

Lead Me to the Dark by James Twyman – Release Date March 17th – 277 Pages

An ancient race lurks in the darkness, steering humanity for centuries in a direction which suits their desires. All the while, the Earth’s population remain largely oblivious to their existence.
When an archaeological discovery is made, these creatures are forced to respond, setting off a bloody chain of events which could result in their downfall.
Journalist Amy finds herself embroiled in a career-changing story but soon discovers that reality is far different to what she had previously believed. With Lily, her terminally ill daughter, to care for, Amy is forced to make horrific decisions as she faces monsters that should be confined to nightmares. What would Amy sacrifice to save her child? Can a path of darkness ever bring light to the world? Will humanity survive the impending storm of brutality?

Lead Me to the Dark is the gritty, blood-spattered debut novel from James Twyman.

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