Short Story Collections Special

At Red Cape Publishing we’re big fans of short stories, whether that be in multi-author anthologies, standalone quick reads, or single-author collections. We currently have a huge range of collections, with more coming this year starting with the excellent Old Tales Reborn by JC Michael on Friday!

Early reviews have been coming in and this is what they have to say…

So many great stories in here, with some interesting new takes and tellings and details. Definitely worth a read! 5 STARS

I love reading about legends and folklore! This book was just that! I didn’t want to put it down and read it in one sitting! Can’t wait to read more from JC Michael! 5 STARS

I enjoyed reading this collection of short stories. Can you imagine driving to your death after riding with a hitchhiker? A child goes out to play and is never seen again. Spirits who torment the living and spirits who are enticing. Each story is well written and gives graphic descriptions of haunted places and the wraiths. 5 STARS

From J.C. Michael, author of Pandemonium and Everything’s Annoying, comes a new collection of horror fiction.
Inspired by tales passed down from generation to generation, these eleven monster and ghost filled nightmares skilfully weave legend and lore into modern settings. From vengeful spirits to creatures that wander the moors, ghost hunts gone wrong to a father’s worst nightmare, Old Tales Reborn is a collection fans of supernatural fiction and folk horror will cherish.
Available on Amazon and other eBook stores.


From J.C. Michael, author of Pandemonium, comes Everything’s Annoying, a collection of dark fiction and horror. Covering a variety of themes, Everything’s Annoying provides an array of unsettling tales that will stay with you long after reading. Available on Amazon in paperback, digital, and audio formats.

From Astrid Addams, author of The Haunting of Hacket House and the Zombie Santa Claus series, comes Love & Other Dead Things: A Collection.
Within these pages you will find eleven tales of terror, from the chilling to the outright horrifying. Nothing is ever as it seems as each story takes unexpected turns – vengeance is sought, blood is spilled, and death is the only certainty. Available on Amazon in paperback, digital and audio formats.

From David F. Gray, author of Gamble’s Run and The Vegas Rift, comes Barriers.
Barriers is a collection of fourteen mind-bending tales, each treading the line between reality as we know it and the abominations that lie behind the veil of our perception. Experience the horror of ancient beings and cosmic nightmares as you are transported beyond this narrow existence, beyond the known laws of time and space, beyond sanity, even. For no mortal mind can cross these Barriers and return unscathed. Available from Amazon in digital, paperback, and audio formats.

Death comes on little cat feet, by touch of the Reaper’s scythe. It can claim hundreds in a fell swoop
or one woman offering a ride to two strange little boys.
In the best tradition of dark fiction, Red Cape Publishing presents Shadows of Death, a collection of
uncanny tales illustrated by David Paul Harris (Demons Never Die). Written by Dee Caples (The Changed) in genres as diverse as comedy and tragedy, western and erotica, poetry and horror, they demonstrate that death is far more certain than taxes…
Contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing. Available in digital and paperback formats from Amazon. Audiobook coming soon!

Step into a world of nightmares with Monsters in the Dark, the debut collection of short stories from Donovan ‘Monster’ Smith. Including thirteen disturbing tales featuring a host of horrific creatures – from aliens to sea monsters, hellish abominations to demonic pumpkins – Monsters in the Dark is the perfect read for fans of creature-features and horror. Available in digital, paperback and audio formats from Amazon.

Step into a world of the bizarre, journeying from London’s Victorian streets to futuristic nightmares, from horrifying twists on old favourites to unique tales of terror. Bone Carver is a collection of sixteen varied and compelling stories from author Gemma Paul. Available in digital, paperback, and audio formats from Amazon.

From Mark Anthony Smith, author of Something Said, comes Keep It Inside. A mix of short stories and flash fiction, Keep It Inside & Other Weird Tales features a variety of works to satisfy the tastes of any horror lover – from the gruesome to the sinister, the strange to the outright bizarre. Available in digital, paperback, and audio formats from Amazon.

From Mark Cassell, author of the Shadow Fabric mythos, comes SIX!

A unique collection of dark tales, featuring:

  • SKIN

Hypodermic needles, a tattoo machine, and screams… there are many secrets in this married couple’s basement.


Grandmothers should be generous, share unconditional love and bake cookies, right? Not this one.


Lightning strikes twice. Once during the mischief of an eleven-year-old boy, and the second as an adult when least expected.


A gothic account of the peculiar events leading up to Edgar Allan Poe’s untimely death.


When an actor invites his driving instructor on set they soon question the special effects.


Two siblings clear out their family home only to disturb more than memories.

Available in digital, paperback, and audio formats from Amazon.

18 short horror stories, 1 terrifying collection. A set including all of the short stories Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels, and The Artist in a single book.
Embrace the Darkness: Step into the mind of the unstable, where nightmares become reality and reality is not always what it seems. Embrace The Darkness is a collection of six terrifying tales, exploring the darker side of human nature and the blurred line between dreams and actuality.
Tunnels: From the author of Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels takes you on six terrifying journeys full of terror and suspense. Join a group of ghost-hunters, dare to visit the Monroe house on Halloween, peek inside the marble box, and feel the fear as you meet the creatures of the night.
The Artist: The nightmares continue in this third instalment of short horrors from P.J. Blakey-Novis. The Artist and Other Stories contains a terrifying mix of serial killers, sirens, ghosts, claustrophobia, supernatural powers, and revenge guaranteed to get your heart racing and set your nerves on edge. Available in digital, paperback, and audio formats from Amazon.

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