Featured Novellas – April 2019

This month sees us spotlighting notable novellas, for those of you who enjoy a book that can be read over a couple of evenings. Check out the variety listed below;

The House That Jack Built by Dale Robertson

house jack builtOld Man Jack is a myth, a legend that school kids use to scare one another. He was once a man who kept his life private, until events unfolded that didn’t go in his favour.

His house is seen as a challenge by the kids; a place of eeriness, menace and excitement, a chance to prove their courage to their peers – “Mess about in there and Old Man Jack will get you,” they say. Some children have explored the building and come back with elaborate stories of the supernatural to spread around the playground. Some haven’t come back at all, or so the tales go. No story is the same, so which one do you believe?

Sebastian, Tommy and Regan have heard all the talk, but are still eager to earn themselves legendary status.

They are about to find out exactly what happens in the house that Jack built. Buy UK and US

The Meyerstown Secret by Howard Carlyle

MeyerstownThe Meyerstown Psychiatric Hospital will now become notorious for the horrific events which took place there. For year, the hospital’s history has been shrouded in a cloak of secrecy, until now. For those who worked there, it was a case of ‘whatever happens in Meyerstown, stays in Meyerstown…or face the consequences!’

For the first time ever, from first-hand accounts, diary entries, and interviews, this book exposes the dark and disturbing events that occurred.

The Meyerstown Secret is finally revealed. Buy here.

Read our review of The Meyerstown Secret here.

Rottingdean Rhyme by Nils Nisse Visser

RRSussex, 1867. A broken heart drives Yard Pilkin from his native London to a small fishing village on the Sussex Coast. The locals are wary of strangers and initially keep their distance. After Yard makes some unlikely friends, he discovers that every man, woman, and child in the village conspire to conceal a secret. Buy here UK and US

Read our review of Rottingdean Rhyme here


Four by P.J. Blakey-Novis

fourFrom the author of Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels, and The Artist comes Four. Four friends spend a night away camping in the English countryside, each taking a turn to tell a horror story that will terrify the others. But the group soon discover that there is more to be afraid of than just some campfire tales, and that no one is as innocent as they seem. Buy here.

Read a review of Four here


Wolvz: Whispers of War by Toneye Eyenot

wolvzThe war on humanity has begun…

Wolfhaven – ground zero – none in this town will survive the wrath of the pack. The first slaughter sparks the beginning of the end for humanity as the Wolfhaven pack descends upon the unsuspecting townsfolk to exact revenge for the killing of one of our own – Pharo, the mother of the pack, once feared and respected by our kind throughout the region, is no more.

Claude’s plan is bold yet carefully thought out; to spread from Wolfhaven, town by town, village by village, city by city; to rid the world of the human plague and put an end to the desecration of this wondrous planet. It all begins here.

As the ranks swell, the surrounding packs forming alliances and consolidating, select humans spared annihilation to be turned and assimilated as the moon casts her influence. Will our beloved Alpha’s grand plan come to fruition? Or, will pettiness, arrogance, and territorial pissing end this war before it begins? Buy here
I am Shona, first daughter of Pharo, and here my story begins…

Read our review of Wolvz: Whispers of War here

Reddest by D.J. Doyle

ReddestA sequel to Red. When you’re pushed over the edge, revenge is a dish best served in cold blood. Buy here

Read our review of Reddest, and Red, here




The Cimmerians by Theresa Jacobs

res-ciomWhen Emersyn fled the big city for a quieter life in the Midwest, she left all her troubles behind – or so she thought. She quickly discovers her quaint new home has a past of its own. Ten years prior a young woman killed herself inside the front door. Since that fateful day, the locals avoided the house. Not one to believe in the supernatural, Emersyn, along with a new friend, take it upon themselves to conduct a seance for answers.

They get much more than they bargained for when they awaken an ancient evil. The same evil that haunted the past resident.
Now they must scramble with little time to stop it. When Emersyn’s past comes back to haunt her, and innocent people get hurt, she has nowhere to turn. Until a police officer inserts himself into her life, together they will do what they can to put an end to the deadly shadows forever.
Can evil this powerful ever truly die?
***Note special free short “The Followers” at the end of the book, approximately eight pages. This story can be read before as a prologue, or after for fun. Buy here

Screechers by Kevin J. Kennedy & Christina Bergling

screechersIn the apocalyptic fallout of the burned world, the screecher is a massive beast evolved to kill and built for survival. One screecher abandons its home among the crushed remnants of a city and moves to explore the wider world. Unbeknownst to it, one of its surviving nephews decides to tag along.

Far away, across the dusty sand dunes, three men flee the smoldering ashes of their community along with their regrets, looking for a new place to survive.

These two stories, of screechers and humans, alternate and dance around each other before the creatures and men intersect and weave into one story.

In the scorched remains, everything struggles to survive. The end of the world produced mutated monsters beyond imagination. When worlds collide, when man meets monster, who will survive in this new world? Buy UK and US

Read our review of Screechers here

Chalk Outline by Veronica Smith

Chalk OutlineJake and Darius are seasoned homicide detectives that have seen their share of murders. But even they can’t get used to children as victims. During one investigation the meet, and become intertwined with Jessica, the mother of one of the killer’s victims. She reveals a rare gift that may help them catch the killer. Jake is sceptical but Darius puts his faith in her. But when the latest child victim is close to one of their own, they go into overdrive to find the killer. Will Jessica’s gift be what helps them learn the identity of the killer? And for Jessica – is it really a gift or is it a curse? Buy here

Sparky the Spunk Robot by Dani Brown

sparkyDreams die in sheds in Suburban Hell, traded for garden decorations so the neighbours can see how well everyone conforms. Matthew was a popstar, once. His band went on and made it without him, so now every night he goes to the shed to jerk off over his keytar, the one Karen wants him to give up so that she can get higher-tier garden decorations. But too much semen could break his beloved instrument, so Matthew builds Sparky, a robot that takes his cum.

One night, Sparky comes to life, but soon discovers he has no voice. And why would he? Matthew built him to swallow spunk, not to speak. Left in the shed after he serves his purpose, Sparky sets out on a journey to find a voice. Along the way he meets Sandy, a robot like him, only Sandy is powered by a different man, an evil man. Together, Sparky and Sandy scour every inch of their neighbourhood, breaking into nearby garden sheds, exposing the neighbours, all in search of a voice for Sparky the Spunky Robot. Buy UK and US

Essence Asunder by Feind Gottes

Essence Asunder coverA gut-wrenching, stomach-churning journey into one man’s private hell – Essence Asunder is one brutal novella!

One man. Two fiends. A cold, dark basement. A table of torture devices. A garrotte chair. Jacob Falgoust has woken into his own private Hell where Pain and Misery greet him with open arms. A reason wrapped in riddles of beauty and pain may be his only chance to escape the suffering. Jacob must find the answer before is very essence is torn asunder. Buy here


An Angel Fallen by Andy Graham

andygraham2001_anangel_1bYou’re eighteen. Bored. Dad’s away a lot. Days it’s business, but you’ve seen the lipstick stains. Mum’s home. Too much. Keeping the world gin market afloat on her own. There’s Ariel, the family maid. She’s cool. The one piece of this messed up world that makes sense. And then there’s Raph.

Raph’s the leader of your gang of two. He gets off on doing those things to the animals you both catch; the slicing, crushing, and maiming. Buried a few alive, too. His relationship with that hammer of his is sick.

You run with Raph because, well, nothing else to do out here, right? Except if your folks found out what you’ve been up to, there’d be hell.

Then you find it. Whatever it is.

It can’t be what you think it is. Those things don’t exist. But it’s staring at you. Asking for help. Is it dying? Can these things die? You need to do something for it. Raph wants to do something to it.

Time to choose. Do you run with the human devil you know, or take a chance on the thing that fell from the heavens?

An Angel Fallen is a supernatural horror novella of divine retribution from British author Andy Graham. On a day when the world is struggling to stay sane, and is being ravaged by biblical plagues, what price will two teenagers pay for their past? Buy here

Nine till Five by Dale Robertson

9-5Bored at work?
Love to break the mould?

Damien feels the same way. When disturbing occurrences begin to take place however, he thinks he’s found the excitement he is craving. Is there a logical explanation or is something more sinister going on? Buy UK and US



Our spotlighted promotions for the coming months are listed below, so keep an eye out for those;

May – Poetry

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December – Children’s Books



March 99p e-books!

Check out the list of recommended books below, all at 99p/c for the whole of March! Grab a bargain, discover a new writer, and all for less than the price of a coffee!

Wife ‘n’ Death by Theresa Jacobs

wife n death_theresa jacobs_ebook coverAngelica committed murder/suicide to end her troubles. What came next was worse than her tortured life. In purgatory, she is stalked by the one she killed with no way out. Until one day, something beyond her control changes.

Crystal runs from her past to a new house, in a new town, in a nice neighborhood. She believes this will be the best new beginning for her little girl.  Not long after moving, her daughter begins to act out of character and Crystal blames herself for the change. Only Angelica knows the truth; that these women should not be in her house. Now she must find a way to stop what she started, to save the innocent and break her bonds.

Or is it already too late? Purchase here

Read our review of Wife ‘n’ Death here

Read an interview with the author here

Flash of Darkness by Toneye Eyenot

FlashFlash Fiction Collection

“Lurk within my mind(s) and see

The terrors which await thee…

Just keep in mind, once in my mind

You cannot flee…” Eyenot

Nightmare realities…Demonic anomalies. Unquenchable thirst for blood and rabid hunger for warm, quivering flesh…Descend into the foulest depths of Hell. Five flashes of terror to torment your mind…Allow Eyenot to drag you through the darkness. You may never find your way back to the light.  Purchase here. Read our review of Flash of Darkness here.

Read an interview with the author here

Death, Infection, the Devil…and Jed by Howard Carlyle

Death - HowardFour different stories of horror, all with deadly outcomes. How would you handle a bullying co-worker? Brian did it perfectly! What if a dealy virus left you as the last man standing…What would you do? Would you make a deal with the devil to get everything you wanted…Martin had the chance and took it with horrific consequences. How far would you go for your favourite dish of homemade soup? Jed went that one step further than normal. Purchase here.


The Broken Doll by P.J. Blakey-Novis

broken doll cover jpgIn a small town in southern England, a chance encounter triggers a catastrophic series of events from which no one will emerge unchanged. When Sebastian Briggs meets Ella, she needs his help. The type of help required, however, is far from what he had expected, dragging him down a path of lust and violence. As a married father of three, Sebastian must fight between his loyalty to his family and the desire he feels for another woman, a woman full of secrets and with sinister intentions. What begins as a simple conversation between two strangers soon escalates beyond any expectations, tearing apart Sebastian’s home life, and leaving death in its wake. Purchase here. You can find a review of The Broken Doll here

Read an interview with the author here

100 Word Horrors compiled by Kevin J. Kennedy

51SjwlyLuiLA drabble is a short form of fiction that is exactly 100 words long (not including the title).

Kevin J. Kennedy has once again served up the best of the horror world to bring you an anthology that is packed with creepy tales.

Between these pages you will find over one hundred drabbles, written by a wealth of talented authors. From the best indie horror authors to Bram Stoker award winners and Amazon top sellers. We have monsters, mayhem and madness. Come join us. Available from March 3rd. Purchase UK and US

Read an interview with Kevin J. Kennedy here

Affinity’s Window by Douglas L. Wilson

Affinity's windowAffinity Bell, a lonely child whose only companion is the threadbare doll she’s christened Mr Moppet, roams the empty halls of Bell Manor attempting to escape the evil that pursues her. The Others, the horrifying creatures only she can see, attack young Affinity at every opportunity. But Mr Moppet will protect her, he’s told her so, and Mr Moppet knows magic.

Tanner Dane, a world-weary writer searching for proof that ghosts actually do exist, is being called by an unknown force to Bell Manor. Will the two powerful psychics he’s hired help him to discover the proof for which he’s been searching, or will they too be dragged down into the noxious pit that is Bell Manor?

Evil flows through the heart of Bell Manor, pulsing and ebbing like some hideous tide. Will it drag Tanner and his friends down into its gaping maw, or will they battle back at Affinity’s Window? Purchase UK and US

Raising Hell: Gods of Chaos Book One by S. K. Gregory

ChaosEx-Goddess. Queen of the Underworld. About to raise Hell.

My name is Persephone, yes, that one. 2000 years ago, the Gods fell, but my husband, Hades, saved me by stripping me of my God powers. I fled while my family died and I have carried the guilt ever since. Tow week ago, my old frenemy, Eris showed up in the small town of Bedford where I live. She was searching for a way to raise a God. Her first choice – Ares. We fought and I defeated her, but not before she smashed the bottle containing the elixir needed to raise the dead. I managed to salvage some of it, but will it be enough? Now I am searching for the power source hidden in the town, a power that could reunite me with my husband or my mother, Demeter. I don’t want to choose, but that will come later. I need to find what I am looking for first. One thing is for sure, small town life is no longer boring. Time to raise a little hell. Purchase UK and US

Christ on a Bike by D. J. Doyle

Christ on a Bike - png for ebookFather Jack and his pontification of priests are on their travels to conduct an exorcism. Demons can lurk in every corner.

“Dark humor at its best!”

Purchase here

Read an interview with the author here


Delilah: A Frontier Romance by Kaye Lynne Booth

Delilah and Horse Web CoverIn 1882, Delilah, a tough and determined young woman, is released from prison after two years. Delilah and her sixteen-year-old friend, Sarah, head to San Luis to find out what’s left of her home. While on the trail, Sarah and Delilah get separated. Sarah is attacked and raped by two men, who take her captive. Delilah goes in search of Sarah, determined to save her and to make her captors pay. She trails them into the mining towns in the high country of the Colorado. Along the way, she has to battle wolves, bears and ruffians in pursuit of her friend. But it’s not all desperation; she also meets new and colorful characters, encounters Indians and learns to love again. Savor a sample of the true flavor of the Colorado frontier with Delilah. Purchase UK and US




Women in Horror Month

As you may be aware by now, February is Women in Horror Month. We have marked the occasion by compiling a list of some fantastic books from female authors. These include a variety of sub-genres, from ghosts to serial killers, zombies to werewolves. Check out the full list here

As the Women in Horror post has been so successful, we will be continuing to promote books each month which fall into the following categories; March will offer a selection of e-books at 99p/c, April will be for novellas, and May for poetry. If you are an author who has a book that fits into one of these categories then email with the cover image, blurb, and a link to secure your free spot.

Promo Calendar

These past few weeks have seen a couple of notable achievements at Red Cape HQ, with Leanne completing a Diploma in Graphic Design, receiving the highest mark possible – a distinction. Peter completed his Editing and Proofreading Diploma, also with distinction, and we are now able to offer these services at a competitive rate. Space are filling up already, so if you have a project which you need some help with, be that cover design, formatting, or editing work, get in touch to discuss it further.


We still have a limited number of audio books to give away for both Tunnels and Embrace the Darkness (both horror), as well as a lovely children’s book (Grace & Bobo). Drop us an email if you would like a free code, in exchange for an honest review. UK and US available for all books, currently.

This is also a reminder that you only have until February 25th to pre-order P.J. Blakey-Novis’ novella Four at the bargain price of 99p. This is available through Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Apple. The price will go up on the 26th. Pre-order here  for Amazon and other stores here.

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Women In Horror Month – February 2019

February is Women in Horror Month, and this is why we bring to you a fantastic selection of books from female authors, in a variety of sub-genres. Have a browse, pick up a few new books, and maybe even discover your new favourite author.

Digital 3D Illustration of a gothic FemaleStarblood by Carmilla Voiez

Star craves freedom, but her lover, Satori, refuses to let her go. He casts a spell to make her love him again, opening a gateway through which Lilith, mother of demons, enters their lives.
​Lilith serves no man. Instead she seduces Star, assuring her that there is no shame in love, only completion. Thus begins a strange and terrible love triangle that leads them to Scotland and the Cairngorm mountains. Purchase here

hellhoundHellhound by Lou Yardley

Read our review of Hellhound here

* 2018 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards Finalist *

The Hound & The Philosopher Inn looks like your average pub, with only its mouthful of a name to separate it from any other. But, secrets lurk just beyond the ales, wines, spirits and bar snacks. Deadly secrets.Kit pops into the pub following a dismal experience at a job interview. Christine visits the same pub whilst waiting for a cab. Both of their lives will be changed forever. Both will learn the pub’s secrets.Peter is one of these secrets. Peter Smedley is a businessman, ruthless and cunning and co-owner of The Hound & The Philosopher Inn. He is also a werewolf, hell-bent on changing the status quo. HELLHOUND will draw you into the supernatural underbelly of Greater London with the promise of blood, guts and the realisation that the monsters may be closer than you think. Purchase here

crashedCrashed by S.K. Gregory

When Crystal crashes into Jax, she is worried that she will go to jail for drunk driving, but she has bigger things to worry about. Jax may seem like a normal teen, but he is hiding a secret. Injured in the crash, his wolf side is unleashed. Crystal is in danger, will she survive the night? Purchase here


twb_barnesville_frontThe Witch’s Backbone by Pamela Morris

It’s 1980 and the dog days of summer have settled over the small farming community of Meyer’s Knob. Five friends have spent their time at the local creek swimming and gathering crayfish, riding bikes, and mostly just trying to avoid boredom. When tomboy Tara Fielding reports she’s spotted what she believes to be the witch of their local urban legend, and is now subject to that legend’s deadly curse, her friends rally ‘round and decide they’re going to prove there’s no such thing. After lying to their parents about where they’ll be, the friends head out to The Witch’s Backbone where, the legend claims, the witch waits for foolish travelers who dare pass that way at night. What the group witnesses during this late summer field trip and what they find out after they return to civilization, does little to put anyone’s mind at ease, least of all Tara’s. Not only do they now believe this long-dead 19th century witch is real, but that she has friends who are still practicing the Black Arts, friends that will see to it that the legend’s curse is carried out. Are there evil witches stalking the woods and sun-starved ravines between Meyer’s Knob and the neighboring town of Barnesville? Or have the kids just let boredom, the oppressive summer heat, and their own imaginations get the better of them? Purchase here

jennet - kindle coverJennet: Now She Wants the Children by Karen Perkins

Jennet will have your heart and your fear in equal measure. Through Jennet we see how cruelty can drive even the most ordinary people to hatred and, in Jennet’s case, evil. Yorkshire is in the grip of a heatwave, and Thruscross Reservoir has dried up to reveal the remains of the drowned village of Thores-Cross beneath. Playing in the mud which coats the valley floor, four-year-old Clare Wainwright finds an old inkpot, and can’t wait to show it to her best friend, Louise. But when Louise’s mother, Emma, sees it, her reaction is shocking, and both families are plunged into their worst nightmares. Emma knows what the inkpot portends: Jennet has woken. Now she wants the children. This is not a gore-ridden, jump-scare horror story. This is more real than that. Jennet is a story about the horrific things that people do to each other, and the way we react to that maltreatment – which does not always end with death. Jennet’s story is a horror story because it’s not necessarily fiction. It reflects the way women were treated in the time that Jennet lived. It reflects the psychology of the abuse cycle. And it reflects real life. All of it. If, as I believe, the spirit does not die when the physical body dies, then how many spirits are looking for vengeance today? What wrongs will you want to right when you pass through that veil? What will I? This is the conclusion of Jennet’s story, which began in The Haunting of Thores-Cross. I hope she finds peace. I really do. Purchase here

parallel abyssA Parallel Abyss by K. Wicks

After being in a terrible accident that tears a town
apart, James find himself thrown into a mysterious race against time, to solve the strange happenings and dreams threatening his sanity. With the help of the local sheriff he starts to discover the truth. Purchase here


caroline angelMadman Across the Water by Caroline Angel

Read our review of Madman Across the Water here

For generations one family has been haunted by something… something that stalks. It sees and listens, it watches and follows. In the shadows and mist it waits, to take you, to hurt you, perhaps to kill you. If it doesn’t kill you, you’ll wish it did. A creepy, suspenseful saga of family, horror, and mystery, this is one story sure to leave you frightened of the woods at night, fog, and all things tall and slender. Purchase here

death most wickedDeath Most Wicked by Suzi Albracht

Mikael was six years old when he learned his father was a murderer. His mother, Sofia, knew there was more to it. Her husband wasn’t just a murderer, no, he was fiendish. She tried to shield Mikael from his father’s savage deeds. But when she discovered her husband, Dimitry Ivanovitch, had demonic plans for their son, she made a decision that would prove deadly if she were caught. In the dead of night, she snatched her son from his bed and fled to the safety of America. There, no longer living in fear, Mikael grew up and became a decorated homicide detective. Sofia, however, kept a constant watch for signs that her husband had located them. One hot August day, Mikael is assigned a string of kidnapping/murders of young girls. Soon another body turns up, and then another. With no suspects and no clues, the pressure proves too great for Mikael’s partner who commits suicide. Just when Mikael thinks things cannot get any worse, his father tracks him down. And now Ivanovitch is deeply involved with the Devil. He attempts to lure Mikael into his cult by dangling the name of the murderer in front of him. But the name comes with a steep price tag. Can Mikael escape his father’s clutches again? Or will he choose a fate worse than death to save the next little girl? If you like sagas such as The Godfather and Goodfellas because of their heart-pounding action, and any of Stephen King’s books for thrilling terror, this book will have you turning pages all night long. Don’t miss out on Death Most Wicked. Come check it out! Death Most Wicked is Book 1 in the Devil’s Due Collection. Purchase here

st cover 02Softly and Tenderly by Lisa Binion

“Mom died in her sleep last night.” Those are terrifying words for a child to wake up to. The death of Lori’s mom is the beginning of one of the strangest and most frightening times in her life. Death is not a pretty thing, especially not when the funeral is to be at the Lights Out Chapel and Crematorium.

As if the death of her mother wasn’t enough, young Lori experiences terrifying visions after losing her. Were they real or imagined? Years later, after another death in the family, the visions return, more horrifying than before. This time, there is no doubt they are real. Purchase here

red -- final version -- with tag line - jpegRed by D.J. Doyle

Read our review of Red here

*****WARNING: Content may disturb and offend. There are scenes of a sexual nature*****

A depraved past has shaped a man into the twisted serial killer he is today. His obsession with the color Red, and his lust for blood, leads to inventive ways to kill his captives. Who is his next victim, and can she be his salvation? Purchase here

poisoned candyPoisoned Candy: Bite-Sized Horror by Pippa Bailey & Myk Pilgrim

Have you checked your Halloween sack for Poisoned Candy?
Take a twisted journey through 100 bite-sized Halloween horror stories.
Discover the disgusting, depraved, and downright diabolical things people get up to on Halloween.
In a world where the only thing scarier than the monster under your bed, is the person tucking you in. Where pumpkins bite back, and the thing that lives in the sink doesn’t eat just your leftovers. Come door to door with us and enjoy a deadly, delectable offering of short fiction with a vile sense of humour to make you moist in all the wrong places.
Please discard all decency before reading this book – we did whilst writing it. Purchase here

the haunting of cabin green cover by april a taylor 400x610The Haunting of Cabin Green by April A. Taylor

Going to Cabin Green alone after the death of his fiancée was Ben’s first mistake. His second mistake was tempting fate by saying, “There’s no such thing as an evil building.” Now he’s caught in a nightmare of his own making deep in the woods of Northern Michigan. Even worse, a family history of mental illness makes it impossible for him to know if the ghosts haunting the cabin are real or all in his head.
This modern Gothic horror story takes the reader directly into Ben’s hellish experience. Is he crazy? Is a ghost haunting him? The only way to find out is to make it to the end of this deep, dark thrill ride that’s filled with more twists than a roller coaster. Purchase here

lac du mort 6x9Lac Du Mort and Other Stories by Joanne Van Leerdam

From the macabre to the deeply disturbing, Lac Du Mort and Other Stories delivers eight chilling tales that will please lovers of horror and dark fiction.  Purchase here



wife n death_theresa jacobs_ebook coverWife ‘n’ Death by Theresa Jacobs

Angelica committed murder/suicide to end her troubles. What came next was worse than her tortured life. In purgatory, she is stalked by the one she killed with no way out. Until one day, something beyond her control changes. Crystal runs from her past to a new house, in a new town, in a nice neighborhood. She believes this will be the best new beginning for her little girl. Not long after moving, her daughter begins to act out of character and Crystal blames herself for the change. Only Angelica knows the truth; that these women should not be in her house. Now she must find a way to stop what she started, to save the innocent and break her own bonds. Or is it already too late? Purchase here

scavengers ebookScavengers by Yolanda Olson

The Priestess. Loyalty is a fickle thing, but I’ve found mine in two men. Nothing about them is the same, yet the similarities that only I can see, are enough to draw me to them. I want to protect one and destroy the other, but what happens when their true intentions are brought to light? They see me as someone to worship—or so I thought. Danger is on the horizon and I’ll face it head on because that’s just the kind of gal I am.

The Devil. Feelings are boring and emotions are useless, yet the one thing I want in this world seems to keep eluding me. A beautiful evil carefully disguised as someone who knows how to pull my strings and can stop me before it’s too late. For her? For me? For her friend? I don’t know. I see her for what she really is and she won’t be able to keep slipping out of reach. Why? Because eventually, even the devil gets his due.

The Burden. Life isn’t something that’s been easy for me, yet her presence alone makes it all seem worth it. I never expected to feel what I do for someone who I know should be out of reach, but it’s not just her anymore. It’s him too, and he knows it. They both do. They play me against each other. One testing my loyalty, the other testing my ability to feel, and I let them. I can’t live without one, but I know that I won’t be able to survive if I cross the other. Times are going to become more difficult and even though I know what side I should choose, I’m afraid that when faced with the choice, I’ll lead with my heart and not with my head. Purchase here

fantasy-2913953_1920 (1) resized book coverThe Awakening by A. Drew

A near-fatal incident stirs an awakening of an adolescent’s ability to connect with entities from the deep and dark hidden world, that which is beyond our natural awareness. A world of lost souls, both good and bad, all trying to reach out to the boy now that they are aware of his surreal capability.
Coming to terms with his psychic ability that he neither asked for nor knew how to wield, he is unwittingly drawn into solving a grisly mystery from beyond the grave. This will become the greatest test of his faith in himself.
Will he survive? Purchase here

river manThe Rise of the River Man by L. S. O’Dea

If you like short, disturbing stories similar to the Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt, then you’ll love this series.
Welcome to the Conguise’s Laboratory Level Five….In a world filled with human-animal hybrids, Guards are bred to serve the Almightys until they’re no longer wanted.
Mutter waits for his execution. It’s inevitable. He was a fighter and he lost. No one wants an ex-fighter. He’s too big, mean and ugly. Death will be the only way he gets out of this cell, but then the unthinkable happens. An Almighty visits in the dead of night and offers him a chance to leave. A chance to live. All he has to do is obey and Guards were bred to obey. When Mutter is taken to his new home, something isn’t right. There’s food and a bed but there are sounds and smells from the other cages. Things that move like nothing he’s ever encountered. For the first time in his life, he’s afraid. Afraid of the creatures that lurk nearby. Afraid of the shots his new master is giving him. He knows he’s supposed to obey, to always follow their rules but if he doesn’t escape, he’ll become food for one of those things in the other cages. Or worse… turn into one of them.
“A fascinating glimpse into the world of the Lake of Sins.” J. Urbanczyk  Purchase here

Trest will comehe Rest Will Come by Christina Bergling

Murder can be risky…and not just for the douchebags on the business end of Emma’s power saw. Men only let Emma down. They cheat, and they lie. They send unsolicited pictures of their genitals. Ready to give up hope, Emma decides to go on one last date. Then it finally happens—she finds the thing she loves most of all. Killing clueless jerks she finds on the internet. Lost in a happy haze of hunting her victims, devising increasingly-clever killings, and streamlining her dismemberment process, Emma gets careless. As her need for her murderous outlet grows, she runs an increasing risk of getting caught…or worse—falling for one of her victims. Purchase here

abandoned lives coverAbandoned Lives by Renee C. Leigh

There are rumors of a house in the mountains of Virginia. Its original inhabitants were anything but normal. It’s said that you can still see them on a dark night; hear them moaning their pain into the wind. The last residents moved in, a happy family of five, and was never heard from again. That was ten years ago. Their furnishings and accoutrements are still in exactly the same place as when they left, as if waiting for their owners to come home and dust them off for use. The house has stood empty all this time, keeping silent watch over the forest surrounding it.
It wasn’t supposed to be this way. This was supposed to be my new start. Instead, there are nightmares that seem all too real, weird things happening on a daily basis, and now I have no idea who I can trust. Can I even trust my own mind? Am I going crazy? Or do things like ghosts really exist? Purchase here

unfleshed coverThe Unfleshed: Tale of the Autopsic Bride by Lisa Vasquez

Young Morrigan, the daughter of a local aristocrat, is full of innocence and life. Angus Wulfe is an eccentric and devious doctor who stalks her while he cultivates a plan to win her affection. Their two worlds collide in a grisly twist of fate when the Plague arrives on the shores of their town. With no cure in sight, and bodies dropping incrementally every day, the doctor uses his influence, along with his reputation in medical advances – stemming from his clandestine and macabre experiments-to manipulate Morrigan’s father. In return for her hand in marriage, the doctor would save her life. Clinging to life, Morrigan begins to feel a change. Has the doctor cured her, or did her father make a deal with the Devil? Purchase here

the mesmerized redoThe Mesmerized by Rhiannon Frater

It is silence, not screams of terror, which proclaims the end of the world…

Minji Nordin is vacationing in Las Vegas with her small family when she witnesses the beginning of a terrifying apocalypse. When humanity is transformed into mindless drones by a horrific supernatural event only Minji appears to be immune.
Thousands die instantly, but the other affected people are drawn to the Nevada desert. Nothing stands in the way of the mesmerized. Not fire, not heights, not rubble. As the bodies pile in the streets and the relentless wave of the mesmerized plods into the deadly desert, Minji is trapped in a burning city attempting to rescue her affected family.
Can one woman save her family and the world? Purchase here

incubationIncubation by Adrienne Lecter

If the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow—how would you spend your last day?All Dr. Brianna Lewis wants is a cup of coffee.
Coffee, to make slaving away in her cell culture lab at Green Fields Biotech a little more bearable on a Friday afternoon when everyone is home already.
What she doesn’t count on is a group of terrorists blowing up all the entrances to the building and taking her and a select few others hostage. Bree soon finds herself conflicted. Not only does she know their charismatic leader. She also starts to suspect that there is a lot more to this than the hunt for an illegal bioweapon—a virus that could potentially kill millions in just a few days—particularly as there is currently a flu epidemic raging across the country, and reports about violent behavior among the afflicted are getting more and more alarming. Purchase here

the_kielder_strain_kindleThe Kielder Strain by Rebecca Fernfield

Re-assigned to an isolated district, disgraced Police Officer Javeen Latimer thinks her career is over. It is. Now all Javeen wants to do is lick her wounds, and get through each uneventful day. But when two residents in the sleepy village of Kielder disappear, and the finger of suspicion points at a secretive research facility hidden deep in the surrounding forest, Javeen has to find the courage to take action. Someone is hiding a secret, and something terrible lurks in the forest, but when she discovers what it is, it will be too late! Their disappearance was an accident, finding them will be a mistake. Purchase here

gen zGen Z by Baileigh Higgins

For birthday girl Chas, life just got a whole lot weirder…Chasity is celebrating her fourteenth birthday at the local fair when zombies crash the party, stranding her and her two best friends on the Ferris wheel. With a bird’s eye view of the carnage below, they have to use their wits to survive. Grab your cotton candy and run… Unarmed and outnumbered, they face a perilous journey through a once idyllic community in the hopes of reaching their loved ones. With only each other to rely on, Chas and her friends are pushed to their limits as the undead hordes close in. Can they make it to safety in time to avoid becoming another human happy meal? Refuge is just a few blocks away…Purchase here

htvortexchangemylife_pk_medHow the Vortex Changed My Life by Pamela K. Kinney

Cat Viggolone just can’t get a break. She’d gotten married, but that ended when the husband left her for his younger secretary. She’d wanted children. That flew out the window along with the cheating husband. There’s the career, but working a window at the Virginia DMV can’t really be classified as a great career choice. At thirty-three, her life had become positively dull.
Then the vortex opened.
Sucked up into a corridor just outside of Hell, she meets Connor, a werewolf, and Larry, a demon that looks like a blue-eyed eyeball. They escape back to earth, only to find that the vortex has opened up in downtown Richmond. The town is going to hell, literally. Besides a grayness seeping out and turning all living things into zombies, monsters and demons are invading Cat’s world.
Will Cat and her new friends (including an angel named George) be able to stop the vortex before it claims the entire planet?
Cat’s life is definitely no longer humdrum and ordinary. Purchase here

tbmAnd finally, for all things horror, The Bold Mom

For reviews, author interviews, and horror promotion, The Bold Mom is the place to be. Mar Garcia, The Bold Mom’s founder, has established herself as one of the leading names in horror promotion, sourcing the finest books, and bringing them the attention that they deserve. Mar is also an exceptionally talented illustrator. Take a look at The Bold Mom’s website here, and Mar’s artwork here.

Book Launches

It’s time for some breaking news!

We’ve been very busy working on a couple of new releases, as well as some upcoming audio books, so here is what you need to know!


Jboxi-iii kindle coveranuary 29th sees the launch of Short Horror Stories Collections I-III, which is a box set including all 18 of the short stories from Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels, and The Artist. It is currently available to pre-order for just £1.99 (regular price £4.99) so it really is a bargain! Click here to order. Also available in paperback.




fourFebruary 26th sees the launch of the first horror novella from P.J. Blakey-Novis. Four tells the story of four friends who take off on a camping trip, each telling stories intended to frighten the others. But sometimes stories are more than just fiction, and all four people have a secret to hide. It is currently available to pre-order for just 99p (regular price £1.99). Click here to order. Paperback due to be released at the same time.



So far on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, we have launched two very different books: Embrace the Darkness, and Grace & Bobo. Tunnels, The Artist, and The Broken Doll are all currently in production and will be released over the next few months.

We currently have free promo codes available for both books, on both the UK and US Audible sites. If you would like one then send over a request on the contact page, stating which book (or both) and which site you would like the code for. All we ask in exchange is that you leave an honest review when you have finished listening.

We’d like to share this fantastic review which we received for Embrace the Darkness on Audible, so have a read of this

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and we hope you find something here that you will enjoy reading, or having read to you.

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