Women in Horror – The Empties by Kristen Gorlitz

The Empties: A Horror Graphic Novel from Kristen Gorlitz


The Empties is a new graphic novel coming February 18th. You can check out the details on Kickstarter.

Synopsis: A chef has a simple desire – he wants to be happy and he wants his wife to be happy too. But just because his wife has a roof over her head, it doesn’t mean that she’s happy or fulfilled. There’s something missing in her life, and even she can’t put a finger on what it is. That is, until she develops an insatiable hunger for flesh!

You can access a PDF of the first issue for FREE here

Women in Horror Month

February is Women in Horror Month and here is a list of some of the best independent and small press horror books from female writers. Covering a range of sub-genres, there is sure to be something here for any horror fan. Take a look through the list, grab a few books, and maybe discover your new favourite author.


The Ivory Tower: A Novelette

The Ivory Tower ebook (1)My name is Cynthia Montgomery and I am a fighter. Since the world fell apart, when the dead began to rise, I have searched for my lost love, Vera Lynn. The undead are everywhere, desperate to feed, but I soon learned that those humans who survived can be just as monstrous. I need to make it to safety, to the Ivory Tower, but will it be the paradise that I am looking for? Buy UK and US



Dirges in the Dark: A Novella

DirgesInTheDarkRCPCOVERWhen actress Cassidy May lands the lead in the story of Hellen Grimaldi’s life, she believes it could be the boost her career needs. However, the more she looks into the past of Hellen and the shocking events which led to her death, the more fearful Cassidy becomes about taking the role. Did Hellen truly summon demons during that fateful performance? Was Cassidy about to unleash the same hell that Hellen had? What dark forces were really at play behind the curtain? Buy here



No Rest For The Wicked

no rest ftwTheirs was a hatred that lived beyond the grave. A powerless domestic who searches for escape. Naked and screaming, the ghost of Sadie Price wants nothing more than to strike terror into all who dare enter Greenbrier Plantation. A murderous wife who seeks justice. Lucy thought shooting her philandering husband and his mistress would bring her peace, but her subsequent suicide only creates a more hellish existence for her in the afterlife. A sadistic doctor who refuses to relinquish control. Dr. Addams stalks the house and grounds of Greenbrier Plantation using his dark powers to control his Earth-bound spirits and anyone living who dares get in his way. Can peace ever come to these tortured souls or are they eternally damned to walk the earth as proof that there really is no rest for the wicked? Buy here

Dark Hollow Road

DarkHollowRoad-FrontOnlyA past filled with terror.
On Dark Hollow Road, Mary Alice Brown and her siblings know little more than poverty and abuse at the hands of their father. Getting rid of their tormentor seemed the answer to bringing joy back into their lives. But when that doesn’t work, Mary takes it upon herself to see that justice is served.
A present full of dread.
After an unusual visit from an elderly woman looking to borrow sugar, the theft of his coloring book, and complaints about other kids bothering him in the middle of the night, six-year-old Brandon Evenson, who lives within sight of the house on Dark Hollow Road, goes missing.
A future obsessed with revenge.
Desperate, Brandon’s parents seek answers from Lee Yagar, a local who’s warned people time and again of the dangers lurking at the old Brown place. But, Lee’s suggestion that Mary is involved in Brandon’s abduction makes little sense. Mary is presumed dead, as she’s not been seen in decades, but is she? And is the house truly as empty and abandoned as it appears to be?
A psychological horror driven by hate, fear, and every parent’s worst nightmare. Buy here

Visit the author’s website

Theresa Jacobs

The Zombie Effect

Zombie effectThe game they never should have played.

Caleb adores his friends even though he spends most of his time as a mediator to their bickering.
The one thing they all have in common is their love of zombies.
The choice to begin a zombie boy’s club is unanimous.
However, his friends take a simple game of scaring people too far.

When the fun changes to hurting innocent people, Caleb wants it to stop.
But they won’t listen, and the games grow darker still.
Caleb is afraid to tell anyone, and afraid to continue down the same path.

Will he be able to get out of the club and stop his friends ​before they go too far? Buy here

Joanne Van Leerdam

Lac Du Mort & Other Stories

lac du mort 6x9From the macabre to the deeply disturbing, Lac Du Mort and Other Stories delivers eight chilling tales that will please lovers of horror and dark fiction. Buy here




The Silver Feather

tsf with badgeA graveyard.
A talisman.
A confrontation with evil personified.

When Phil loses the girl he loves, life as he knows it comes to a screeching halt.
Little does he realise that there is so much more yet to be lost.

This haunting, macabre tale will please all lovers of horror and dark fiction. Buy here

S. K. Gregory

Hotel Hell: The Penthouse Book One

Hotel Hell (1)When you check into the Harrington-Smyth Hotel, you might not check out…

Georgina Fray is flat broke, living in her car and desperate for a job. When her friend, Arielle, tells her about an opening as a maid in the hotel she works at, Georgina jumps at the chance. It’s not the kind of job she is used to, but it beats starving to death.
It isn’t long before she learns the rules – the customer is always right, no arguing with the guests and stay out of the Penthouse. Georgina thinks Arielle is overreacting, but strange things are happening at the hotel – accidents, people turning violent – and it seems to have something to do with the guest in the Penthouse.
With no money, Georgina can’t exactly leave, but soon she finds herself dreaming about the Penthouse, of someone calling her name, drawing her in. Can she resist? Or will she discover the secrets hidden within?

18+ only. Contains mature content – violence, sexual situations and scenes of self harm. Buy UK and US

Pippa Bailey & Myk Pilgrim

Rancid Eggs: Bite-Sized Horror for Easter

rancid eggsWe brought you Poisoned Candy for Halloween, Bloody Stockings for Christmas, and now we’re back with Rancid Eggs for Easter. Delve into our orgy of chocolate and bunnies, celebrating what Easter is really about… copious amounts of gore, excess, and humping, glorious, glorious humping.
We promise you won’t be disappointed.
So stick on a smile, smear that chocolate on your genitals, and prepare to have your mind blown and pants destroyed.
Welcome to Rancid Eggs: Bite-sized Horror for Easter. Buy UK and US

Devil’s Night: Bite-Sized Horror for Halloween

devil's nightWelcome back, boils and ghouls, monsters and misfits, preternaturals and perverts, to the undisputed most wonderful time of the year!

Join us for a horror short fiction goody bag brimming with poisoned candy, ravenous haunted houses, water-born internal organs, casual necrophilia, yummy scrummy cat faeces, three boys in a tent, teleplasm, and of course an angry skeleton called Bob.

“Pippa Bailey and Myk Pilgrim return to form with the all-new Devil’s Night collection.
Simply put, the two authors deliver hard with tight sharp wit, humour and horror hand in hand.
As it should be.”

Nelson W. Pyles – author, Creator and executive producer of The Wicked Library

So slip into something a lot more creepy (we suggest your Nan’s nightie) crack open a cold cider and dip into Devil’s Night: Bite-sized Horror for Halloween!

And again, this book is very much NOT FOR CHILDREN.

Seriously check it out, you won’t be sorry, unless you are, but if you are the sort that would be sorry about a choosing recreational necrophilia fiction, well, then this was never going to end well for you anyway. Buy UK and US

Find out more on the authors’ website and Facebook page

Lee Franklin

Berserker: Green Hell

BERSERKER FRONT COVER_5x8_Cream_180 copyA terrifying debut novel set during the Vietnam War. Australian Lance Corporal Terence ‘Pinny’ Pinfold and his squad find themselves in the midst of the living hell of the Vietnam War. Known as Reapers, their job is to go in after the firefights, collect dog tags and any evidence of war crimes. As each soldier tries to make some sense out of a senseless war, there are more questions than answers as mutilated, butchered bodies are discovered the further to the North they venture. Pinny soon finds himself at the very core of the real war – in a secret underground facility amongst hybrid creatures which belong only in the very worse nightmares. With Pinny’s aboriginal bloodline, the enigmatic Doctor Jacinta Harding believes she has found the perfect specimen…Pinny might survive the war, but he might not save himself. Buy UK and US

S. P. Oldham

Hag’s Breath

HB2‘She goes barefoot, preferring to feel how the grasses and rushes bend at her touch, the small creatures writhe and struggle at her weight. She relishes how the cool, damp earth gives way to her…

Sibilanta stands on a rock at the river’s edge. At her closeness the water line retreats, leaving a border of wet mud. She stares out across the night, the deep blue sky mirroring the shade of her cloak; except the sky is scattered with stars, glittering cold and silver. It is dimly lit by a low and wary moon, while Sibilanta’s cloak is unadorned and simple.’

Chilling; sinister; eerie; this work of fiction presents you with five compelling stories. If you thought a witch was a character from your childhood, something to scare children with, then think again. ..

Witches come in all shapes and sizes; all manner of bearing; grace of stature; deviance of thought. Wickedness of deed. In these imaginative, beautifully crafted stories you will indeed encounter witches of all kinds; be they protectors or hunters, ancient or modern, evil or cursed. Some are born to their calling, others need some persuading. In a variety of settings ranging from the snow covered forests of Norway to a medieval peasant village, you will be taken across time to bear witness as their stories unfold.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a richly imaginative collection of tales that will remind you just why you were once so scared of witches… and why you should still be so. Buy UK and US

Visit the author’s website

Suzi Albracht

Death Most Wicked

Albracht Death Most WickedDetective Mikael Ruskoff is on the hunt to catch the brutal killer of little girls. He doesn’t know that his own father’s satanic cult is involved until he approaches Mikael with a deal that has a steep, personal price tag… allow himself to become groomed to be his father’s successor in the cult and the name of the killer will be provided.

The pressure intensifies after the killer strikes again, grabbing two young sisters right from under their father’s eyes. Mikael knows the killer will dump one girl’s body in hours if he is not stopped. Will Mikael forfeit his own life for theirs?

This book contains vivid characters with intense personal relationships. Characters who are involved in life-threatening situations and must-have thrilling scenes that scare you to the core with psychological fear. Death Most Wicked is a stay-up-all-night-reading novel sure to jumpstart your heart.

Death Most Wicked is Book 1 in The Devil’s Due Collection. Buy here

The Devil’s Lieutenant

Albracht The Devils LieutenantRookie Homicide Detective Jake Holyfield has an expectant wife and a precocious, young daughter at home. Jake’s also working his first assignment… a murder case without a body that turns into a series of similar murders. There are murmurings about the occult being involved, but Jake doesn’t believe it… not yet.

Just as Jake gets close to uncovering the source of the murders, someone breaks into his home and assaults his pregnant wife, sending him a warning. And then out of the blue, a mysterious caller suggests he can help Jake solve the murders and protect his family. But can this unexpected savior help him in time?

This is a novel with characters who have intense, personal relationships that intertwine in unexpected ways. It has exciting, heart-stopping scenes in a strong storyline that will keep you guessing… a stay-up-all-night-reading novel for horror fans.

The Devil’s Lieutenant is Book 2 in The Devil’s Due Collection. Buy here

Carmilla Voiez

Broken Mirror and Other Morbid Tales

BrokenMirrorSmallThirteen tales of the macabre from horror author Carmilla Voiez. Meet a confused ghost, a vampire, searching for love, and a woman bent on revenge; visit a gateway to hell, a hotel in faery and an abandoned asylum, in this unique collection of stories. Includes the novella Basement Beauty plus the following short stories –
Salon of Lost Souls
Impatient for Death, a Love Story
Jagged Jaws
Broken Mirror
Dead aHead
The Changeling
Pumpkin Lanterns
Dance The Ghost With Me
Cellar Door
The Violinist
This collection includes some stories which contain descriptions of violence, mental illness, sexual assault, self-harm, body dysmorphia and bullying. Trigger warnings for each relevant tale will be as accurate and comprehensive as possible. Buy here

Ribbons (Book 4 in the Starblood Series)

3d illustration of woman in beauty and the dark sideThe rum bar seems a cosy setting to wait out the apocalypse. When the rain stops falling those who are still breathing are forced to re-evaluate their lives. Edensun, The Bringer of Chaos, and Freya’s paths are destined to cross, but when they come face to face who will be the hero and who the villain? The Morrigu gather; they are told their fate is to save the world from Chaos, but they worship a goddess of war whose intentions are dubious. Only the witch in the tower block seems to know the truth and she is unwilling to share.
Ribbons is the fourth book in the Starblood series and an LGBT love story full of horror and dark fantasy. Buy here

Lisa Vasquez

The Voices Within

51IwfjFnaOL.SR160,240_BG243,243,243Stitched Smile Publications presents: The Voices Within anthology.

They start as whispers, or static, beckoning you to listen and to be heard. They are the voices that creep into your psyche and coil around your own thoughts until one day you can’t tell the difference between which ones are yours and which ones aren’t. What happens when the voices become too much? What happens when the voices become too real? Come explore what happens when the voices are unleashed. Buy here

Unfleshed: Tale of the Autopsic Bride

91reQxUuF5L.SR160,240_BG243,243,243Young Morrigan, the daughter of a local aristocrat, is full of innocence and life. Angus Wulfe is an eccentric and devious doctor who stalks her while he cultivates a plan to win her affection. Their two worlds collide in a grisly twist of fate when the Plague arrives on the shores of their town. With no cure in sight, and bodies dropping incrementally every day, the doctor uses his influence, along with his reputation in medical advances – stemming from his clandestine and macabre experiments-to manipulate Morrigan’s father. In return for her hand in marriage, the doctor would save her life. Clinging to life, Morrigan begins to feel a change. Has the doctor cured her, or did her father make a deal with the Devil? Buy here

Learn more about the author here

Dani Brown 

Ketamine Addicted Pandas

kap2Ketamine fuelled revenge.
Pandas have been locked up too long. Away from the stable diet of baboon brains and techno they need. Pursued by Nazis and aided by demons, they leave Northern Europe in carnage. Buy UK and US




56 Seconds

56secondsSo much can happen in 56 seconds, 4 seconds shy of a minute…
…a life of lingering lust, and love lost in the night.
Everything and nothing, all in such a short amount of time.

A neon-drenched fever dream that explores the noisy underbelly of EBM clubs, flesh obsessions, excessive alcohol consumption, and the perversions that fire off like exploding synapses. Warehouses soaked in a collective sweaty wetness slowly churn thick into a honey that sticks forever to the tongue. Flies consume the sweet stenches in search of their own love to turn bitter. Two members of the opposite sex wander through a haze of artificial fog to tango with lost pleasures – weaving a tapestry of footwork that twists time around the hands on the clock: 56 seconds. Repeated, like too many revolutions in a twirl. And the most important of all: love/lust lost in technology – cellphones with cameras, romance left to rewind and highlight the isolated pleasures of pain, then snapshot the few seconds lost – to remember for 56 seconds, and a lifetime.

Deleted. Blocked. Rejected.

Dani Brown concocts a tale that is the literary equivalent of Gaspar Noe’s work in cinema. A true l’enfant terribles in pique-form, as she controls her prose with a true purpose: exploring the seedy side of human nature, Brown shows us a world with bright strobing lights, loud music, sex-fueled aggressions, and the disturbances that come with living in a technological world. Never has so much happened in less than a minute than the steamy madness of 56 Seconds. Enter through the dilapidated door and witness this eerily erotic, darkly comedic, and excessively strange story that would satiate the palettes of Andy Warhol and Bosch alike.

Prepare to get WET. Don’t put your tongue on the STICKY stuff. Buy UK and US

Coming Soon – Becoming


Find more books from Dani Brown on Amazon UK and US

Lou Yardley


* 2018 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards Finalist *

hellhoundThe Hound & The Philosopher Inn looks like your average pub, with only its mouthful of a name to separate it from any other. But, secrets lurk just beyond the ales, wines, spirits and bar snacks. Deadly secrets.

Kit pops into the pub following a dismal experience at a job interview. Christine visits the same pub whilst waiting for a cab. Both of their lives will be changed forever. Both will learn the pub’s secrets.

Peter is one of these secrets. Peter Smedley is a businessman, ruthless and cunning and co-owner of The Hound & The Philosopher Inn. He is also a werewolf, hellbent on changing the status quo.

HELLHOUND will draw you into the supernatural underbelly of Greater London with the promise of blood, guts and the realisation that the monsters may be closer than you think. Buy here

The Deal Maker

*** Finalist in the 2019 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards ***

the deal makerEveryone has a price. What’s yours?

“The Deal Maker” is the new demonic tale from the mind that brought you “Hellhound”, “When the Sun Sets” and “We All Scream for Ice Cream”.

Ted’s girlfriend has vanished from the face of the earth and conventional methods of finding her have failed miserably. So when a devilish entity that calls itself Jack appears and offers him a solution, Ted finds himself agreeing to its terms, no matter how bloody and painful they may be. How far will he go to find her?

Kelly lives for one thing and one thing only: Vengeance. The trouble is those who should be feeling her wrath are remarkably good at hiding. Is she prepared to lose everything to find them?

“The Deal Maker” looks at how far people are willing to go to chase their goals. How much are we prepared to lose until we cease to be human? What are we willing to give up?

If demons, gore and hellish creatures are your thing, dive right in! Buy here

D.J. Doyle

Twisted Tales

twisted tales pic finalA collection of tales with a twist, from sci-fi to folklore, there’s something for everyone.
Also a number of 100 word horrors to tease the horror taste buds.
Featuring The Devil’s Tree by the talented Lee Franklin. Buy here




Red & Reddest – Two Stories in One Book!


*****WARNING: Content may disturb and offend. There are scenes of a sexual nature*****

Red: A depraved past has shaped a man into the twisted serial killer he is today. His obsession with the color Red, and his lust for blood, leads to inventive ways to kill his captives. Who is his next victim, and can she be his salvation?

Reddest: When you’re pushed over the edge, revenge is a dish best served in cold blood. Buy here

Dona Fox

A Perfect Memory

tbm horror experts - dona fox - a perfect memoryI am going to die here. My name is Mindy Mason; I’m a student from the University. I volunteered for one experiment; it was to be for one day only. I want to go home now. I know Wendy has a knife, and she will kill again. How can I stop her? Buy here




Crystal Bones and Gossamer Wings

tbm horror experts - dona fox -crystal bones and gossamer wingsA box full of newspaper clippings, photographs, and tiny bones found under a dying woman’s bed leads to the discovery of the existence of an unusual group of children. Kept apart, these children grew up believing their fathers were the wealthy mortal men who had wed their pregnant mothers. One of these children was named Crystal, she was raised by a scientist who was obsessed with the secret of winged flight; her mother died during one of his tests and Crystal was sent to a foster home. As an adult, she’s searching for her father, while strange furies rise within her that become harder to control. Can she find her mortal stepfather? Will he have the answers? Can he tell her who she is, what she is, and what’s wrong with her? Will she find the others like her before it’s too late? Buy here

The Girl With Atypical Eyes

tbm horror experts - dona fox - THE GIRL WITH ATYPICAL EYESLife played its horrible games with the girl. As she grew up she devised clever places to hide—inside and outside of her mind. She was tricked by her own illusions; she was caught in traps of her own creation. It began with a kidnapping, a locked room, and the broken doll that was more than a plaything … and always, in the shadows, the dangerous painting from her past waited, threatening to expose her. Buy here



Christina Bergling

The Rest Will Come

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00006]Murder can be risky…and not just for the douchebags on the business end of Emma’s power saw.

Men only let Emma down. They cheat, and they lie. They send unsolicited pictures of their genitals. Ready to give up hope, Emma decides to go on one last date. Then it finally happens—she finds the thing she loves most of all.

Killing clueless jerks she finds on the internet.

Lost in a happy haze of hunting her victims, devising increasingly-clever killings, and streamlining her dismemberment process, Emma gets careless.

As her need for her murderous outlet grows, she runs an increasing risk of getting caught…or worse—falling for one of her victims. Buy UK and US


savagesAn incredibly touching, yet unapologetically brutal trek through a post-apocalyptic wasteland of a civilization that once was.

Two strangers, reliant upon each other for survival face impossible odds, driven by little more than the primitive desire to live, are hunted by vicious hordes of those who were once human – savages…

Mindless murdering savages. Are they zombies? Are they still human? Whatever the other survivors have become, they no longer speak; they only kill and live like animals.

Parker and Marcus navigate through the ruins and battle through these lingering savages with no answers, searching for the last strain of humanity. Until one discovery changes everything…

The infant’s cry shatters their already destroyed world. For Parker, the babe invokes the ghosts of her dead husband and sons. For Iraq war veteran Marcus, the child embodies his hope and gives him innocence to protect. For both, they struggle to determine if faded notions like romance can even still exist in this bleak, dying world.

In this grim post-apocalyptic portrait, the survivors face the horror of not knowing what happened to the world around them as they question whether humanity was ever human at all. Buy UK and US

F B Hogan

The Nightmare

paperbacknightmareSeven cleverly crafted tales of gothic and contemporary horror to keep you awake at night. Ghosts and devils fight for a corner in this creepy collection of dark fiction, from the imagination of the author who brought you Death Comes Calling. Do you dare? Buy here




Death Comes Calling: A Collection of Dark Tales

death comes calling picDeath comes calling and decides to stay. A selection of dark fiction for lovers of gothic horror. Pull the shutters and bolt the door. Keep the fire burning and the candles lit. Something is coming. Listen for the knock at the door but whatever you do, don’t let it in. Buy here




Allisha McAdoo

Your Dirty Secret: An Extreme Horror Tale

dirty*Warning * This story contains graphic materials. Life has a funny way of turning out. Meegan grows up poor and realizes at a very young age that she is going to have to do anything to survive. As she gets older her mother sells her to a circus hoping she will have a better life. However, being a part of the circus is not the best situation. Once more she is going to have to do anything to survive. Meegan’s world is turned upside down when she finds out her mom’s secret. Meegan meets Mr. Rumple, an unusual Ali, and all bets are off as she decides to wreck havoc on behalf of the secret. No longer is she going to have to do anything just to survive. Buy UK and US

Mr. Nice Guy: An Extreme Horror Tale

41pysWrdX6L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_*Warning* This story contains graphic material, it may bring on nightmares, irrational fears, loss of appetite and finishing this story without getting a wink of sleep. :pLuke grew up in an abusive home to where his mom and stepdad hurt him in every way possible. Finally once all grown up he decides he isn’t going to take it anymore. As he lives his life the best that he can he runs into a bad situation after a bad situation, to the point where being abused when he was younger seemed like a vacation. Will he survive or end up in the electric chair? This story will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat. This is nothing like you have ever experienced. Buy UK and US

 Caroline Angel

Coming Soon – Origin of Evil

OriginNew from J Ellington Ashton Press comes Origin of Evil. Somewhere in the dark, something moves, something creeps, something stalks. Vampires, werewolves, and all those monsters from folklore are real, and have been put hereby alien invaders!
The Destroyer of Worlds has crashed onto our Earth, pursued by monsters, aliens, and our own armed forces. Can a couple of big city detectives protect this creature as they race to save themselves? And  are the mysterious Guardians friends or foes? Can they take out the monsters as well as battle the aliens? An epic twist of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy by award winning author Caroline Angel  combine on this journey that will leave you breathless and begging for more.


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January Spotlight – Recent Releases

Starting the New Year with a new book? How about one of these recent releases?

Tales of New Albion Volume 2 by Daren Callow

New albion 2Welcome back to the furiously exciting, madcap world of New Albion. It’s much the same as when we left it, only this time the Martian’s have invaded. Yes, again. So, it’s up to the usual cast of crazy inventors, streetwise adventurers, rusting mercenaries, space cats and detective dogs to try and kick them back to where they came from. Mars presumably. All whilst trying to hide their annoyance that their lives have been so rudely interrupted. How do things turn out in Tales Of New Albion – Volume 2? You’ll just have to dive in and find out. Buy UK and US


The Lion’s Purpose by Billie Willow

LionIn one night, Lara’s life shifted…literally. In the space of a few hours, her parents are killed by a drunk driver, she is attacked and bitten by a wild animal and then left to bleed out. Instead, she transforms into a Panther. Thrown into a world she has no knowledge of, she is kidnapped and imprisoned by an underground anti-shifter organisation, in the cell next door to a handsome, charming Lion Shifter called Archer. Lara finds herself drawn to Archer, but when he announces they are ‘fated mates’, she immediately thinks the notion ridiculous…isn’t it?

Archer never believed in fated mates…but that was before he met her. Being a rogue shifter meant learning to be alone, something he’d known ever since he escaped his drunk and abusive father as a teenager. When Archer is drugged and locked in a cell next to an endearing woman, everything in his body screams mine, but when she claims the whole idea of fated mates is a farce, he is forced to let go of his instinct to be with her, even if it kills him.

As Archer and Lara risk their lives and face demons from their past, their chemistry builds to fever pitch but will a secret from Archer’s past destroy everything?

The Lion’s Purpose is the first book in the Crew of Rogues series. Buy UK and US

Jamaican Complexity by Hazel Foster

Jamaican ComplexityWhat happens when family secrets spill into the Cliff sisters every day life? Chaos, lust, family arrangements, and ghosts from the past all come forth to tear all families apart.

Erin’s all business and turns everything she touch into a successful brand. A crush turns into a blessing in disguise for Erin. Drake Clarke Jr. helped her more than he knows through her tough training. Can he help Erin overcome her fear of settling down?

Marisa is trained to be ready for any and everything except an unexpected love. She is a runner from anything that disrupts her peace. She plans for a vacation of peace without interruption but things turn for the worst causing her to lose all patience for fake family.

Eden is technology savvy, logical, and ready for any and everything thrown her way. She loves the freedom, perks, and adventures the right man brings her way. Jordan Monroe demands Eden “his little garden’s” attention by any means necessary. Will he have what it takes to win over her rebellious heart or walk away?

Will the bonds created be strong enough to overcome the hurtful betrayal of individuals who say they love you? Buy UK and US

The Adventures of Bentley Hippo by Argyro Graphy

bentleyA children’s book series focusing on acceptance, uniqueness and individuality.
Bentley the hippo sets out on an adventure to the moon. Through this journey, he meets unique characters that need to learn valuable lessons such as sharing and respect. Bentley’s goal is to have us feel a sense of belonging. That different is OK, and respecting each other, no matter of size, color, shape, gender or religion, will create unity, love and harmony.
Bentley’s bubbly personality inspires children to be curious as to what will happen next.
A must-read for children of all ages. Buy UK and US

Billionaire’s Pleasure by J.M. Ralley

BillionairesPlayboy billionaire, James Farmer, gets what he wants – when he wants it. Woman are at his beck and call, but he refuses to get to close. After all, his former criminal lifestyle makes it impossible to have anything more. But when he encounters the feisty shop owner., he knows he’s meet his match.

Alison Meadows will not be played by some high-rolling businessman. When her insurance premium is jacked up, she’s hellbent on fighting the ass who’s trying to take her down. Meeting the sexy and charming James in an elevator changes everything. When the lift plummets, Alison is more than free falling.

Suddenly, danger sets in as someone doesn’t want Alison and James together. The enemy will stop at nothing to destroy them. While James vows to protect the one woman who’s stolen his heart, Alison fights for answers. But the truth could ruin everything they’ve worked for. Can they confront their past for a chance at a future together?

Contains references to BDSM. 18+ Buy UK and US

Elements of Horror Book Four: Water – An Anthology

Elements Of Horror-WaterJPGElements of Horror Book Four: Water, is the fourth in a series of four horror anthologies based on the Elements. Within these pages you will find a variety of stories from some of the best independent horror writers on the scene today. Immerse yourself in tales of shipwrecks, evil spirits, terrifying aquatic creatures, and much more. Buy here



100 Word Horrors 4 compiled by Kevin J. Kennedy

100 word horrors 4100 Word Horrors: Book 4 brings you over one hundred new drabbles from a wealth of horror authors. Some new, some old, but all great. Each and every one of us hope you have a blast with the final instalment in the series. Buy UK and US




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December – Children’s Books

December spotlight – Children’s Books

December sees us move our spotlight to Children’s Books – ideal purchases as Christmas presents. The books listed below cover a range of sub-genres and age ranges, so you’ll easily find that perfect gift.

Grace & Bobo: The Trip to the Future by P.J. Blakey-Novis

GraceBobo_Future_eBOOK-COVER[487]When Grace’s teacher asks her to write about the future, it’s the perfect opportunity to build her own time machine! Join Grace and her pet monkey Bobo as they set off on a thrilling adventure to a strange land and learn a valuable lesson from the creatures they meet. Buy here 



Legend of the Night Unicorn by Sarah Northwood

Legend of the Night Unicorn with badgeMartha is excited about her trip on the steam train up Mystic Mountain. She finds out from a kind old man how the train got its name. Legend has it there’s a night unicorn who lives on the mountain.

After Martha arrives at the top of the mountain peak, she has one burning question. All she wants to do is find out if the legend is true.

Are unicorns real? Buy here

The Old One and the Sea by Lex H. Jones

Old OneHoward is a lonely, isolated boy who lives in the run-down seaside town of Innsmouth. Most of the town’s men left to fight the Great War and didn’t come back, and those that did, like Howard’s neighbour Mr Derleth, brought their own scars and strange stories with them. None quite so strange as what is about to happen to Howard, however.

An undersea earthquake brings a strange black reef to the surface just off the coast of Innsmouth, and with it something else.  Something old, and forgotten, and every bit as lonely as the young boy who discovers it. What follows is a unique and secret friendship that will change the life of both Howard and his bizarre new friend forever. Buy UK and US

The Bee’s Avenue: Beeware of Stings by Soumya Balamurugan

beesThe fragranced flowers, aromatic air, glistening grass, the silent stream, colorful creatures, nourishing climate, endless stretching field, grabbed the eyes of the queen bee towards the field.

Its hive was built over a tall and supreme tree. The six eggs which hatched first were lively and curious to look over the field. They stepped out of the hive, and their restless eyes started admiring the whole field with passion. They found it more pleasing when they joined their seventh friend and nipped out of the hive.

The bees lost hope and came to know the real issue their hive was to face. All their struggles to save their hive have failed. An unexpected turn of events changed their lives forever. Buy UK and US

Emo the Emotional Elf by Faye Farmer

Test Cover for EmoEmo the Emotional Elf is a unique book primarily aimed at children and written by a parent who wanted to help her children and other families going through similar problems we all encounter in our everyday lives. Elves, which are sure to appeal to children worldwide, are used to bring the fun into reading and learning at the same time. There is an underlying message which is to help children to accept loss, to teach them to be kind and compassionate and above all to encourage a sense of self-worth and self respect. A must read for all parents. Buy UK and US

The Lonely Leaf by Theresa Jacobs

The Lonely LeafLouis is a small leaf that is bullied and feels his life is worthless. When he meets a new friend and turns out to be stronger than he ever could have imagined. .The little leaf has a big adventure and ends up saving a life, proving that small is good too. Buy UK and US



Queen Vernita Conquers the Volcanic Islands by Dr Dawn Menge 

Queen V newThe Queen of the Land of Quails is preparing to travel to the mysterious Volcanic Islands to meet twelve of her wonderful new friends. After she leaves her loyal subjects in charge of keeping her castle safe from harm for the next year, Queen Vermita boards a boat and heads out on her latest adventure.

The Queen’s first stop is to visit her friend Nicole at the black sand beach at the bottom of a beautiful valley where she learns all about the hawksbill sea turtles and hawaiian monk seal. Her journey takes her to a new place every month, where she explores volcanoes, pink and orange sand beaches, walks along the hot lava, scuba dives under the sea, and learns about all the flora and fauna that call the islands their home. Along the way, the Queen meets many amazing new friends who are each special in their own way.

In this continuing tale, an adventuresome queen travels outside her castle to the Volcanic Islands, where she learns how important it is to respect the natural wonders of her kingdom. Buy here

Mousey Mousey and the Witches’ Spells by Heather Flood

MM Witches Spells NEW ED coverFour great stories about an adorable lady mouse. This new edition contains an extra chapter telling how Mousey Mousey and her friends go on a day trip to the seaside which almost ends in disaster. It results in a thrilling cliff-top drama. There are three other wonderful stories as the delightful little mouse has her world turned upside down by naughty witch Agatha. Mousey Mousey has all her lovely pink possessions in her cottage changed to black. Things get far worse when the little mouse is kidnapped by a huge parrot and flown to the Land of the Hook Nosed Giants, but she hopes that friendly witch Bernice will rescue her. Agatha can’t stop interfering, and her mischievous spells cause chaos at the village fete. But will Mousey Mousey’s kindness win through in the end? Children are finding Mousey Mousey as cute as the mouse in Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo. No wonder Heather Flood’s books are being acclaimed as the best for youngsters since Enid Blyton’s Noddy and Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Buy UK and US

Captain Jim’s Canal by Rob Morgan

JimCaptain Jim’s Canal who is the owner of a quaint Canal Canoe Club also known as the C.C.C. This first book delivers the plot and short story of Captain Jim and his adventures along the Canal. Two customers loan out a canoe and are issued instructions not to venture past the Second Bridge, would they and do they? Who knows? Buy UK and US


Jody Richards and the Secret Potion by Tony Flood

SECRET POTION cover J Whitfield HIGH RESJody is a bubbly 10-year-old girl with the unfortunate habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Desperate to find her missing brother James, Jody’s vivid dreams take her to Tamila, a mysterious land inhabited by magical wizards, mischievous pixies, nasty witches and helpful fairies. There, Jody falls foul of Hugo Toby, an evil wizard who – along with his vile brother Augustine the Awful – makes the quest to find her brother even more tricky. Thankfully, not everyone in Tamila is bad, and Jody is helped on her quest by the Bag Man, a mysterious friend who seems to be able to pull almost anything out of his carrier bags!

This beautifully written children’s tale of good versus evil will delight people of all ages, and is the perfect addition to any adventure-loving reader’s bookshelf. Buy UK and US

On Brighton Streets by Nisse Visser

obsAmy Wheatley is proud to be from Brighton, but doesn’t know what to make of the growing number of homeless people in the city centre. Why don’t these people have a place to live? Where are they from? Why do so many people ignore them entirely, as if they were invisible?

Even though Amy is still overwhelmed by her transfer to secondary school, she sets out to make sense of the changing world around her, a quest which will open her eyes as to what is happening on the streets of Brighton.

Written on behalf of Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove by Nisse Visser, author of local bestseller Will’s War in Brighton, and Cair Going, former secondary school teacher and founding member of Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove.

Suitable for ages eleven-and-a-half to one hundred and a bit. Buy UK and US

The Big and The Little Monster Go On A Picnic by Adam D. Searle

Adam searleYou can find Adam’s new release, alongside his other delightful children’s books, here




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November Spotlight – Fantasy Books

November sees us move the spotlight to fantasy books. Dive into tales of magical realms, mythical creatures, and otherworldly adventures here.

A Rose By Any Other Name by Joanne Van Leerdam

roseSinister hands snatch a newborn child and carry her to a tower where she lives in loneliness.
Enmity between feuding families results in an elopement that ends in ways that nobody could foresee.

You think you know these stories… but do you really?

The destinies of these star-crossed teenagers entwine in this tale that reveals the story that Shakespeare and the Brothers Grimm never told. Buy here

The Westwood Witches by Sarah Northwood

WestwoodAero trembled as she held the box sealed inside black paper. The dilemma was a difficult one – her mum had told her the box contained secrets she might not be ready for. Once she opened it, there would be no going back…
Aero has always felt like a misfit and an outsider. Thankfully, having a best friend like Lilly, along with a grandma like Joanna, makes life worth living. But a terrible event tears her world apart, and Aero Westwood is about to discover that her family has more secrets than most. Buy here

Heirs of Jior by Wendy L. Anderson

Heirs of JiorPerilous adventures await Lorn and Lily’s children in the third installment of the Kingdom of Jior series.

This set of adventures starts out with Princess Lyra Song, young and beautiful, stepping into maturity. She and her family attend the funeral of a dear friend. During this sad time, she pursues her hopes and dreams endeavoring to explore a betrothal with the Heir of Krickgold. However, when she is mistaken for a witch by a Lord from a neighboring country, her dreams are dangerously interrupted. Waylaid, taken prisoner and thrown into an iron cage, the delicate Princess of Jior is charged with a crime she didn’t commit and she must do whatever it takes to escape or be wrongfully executed.

Prince Vannier of Jior, known to the Ny-Failen as Little Wing, has been devastated by what happened to his sister Lyra Song, but life must go on and he goes forward with his plan to marry his childhood love. The day of the wedding ceremony he finds his betrothed with another man and now he must face devastating reality and some difficult choices. When his younger brother Dark Star goes missing, Vannier must set aside his own problems to go into the Violent Mountains and find who has taken his little brother. Amidst the turmoil of the hunt, Vannier must face danger, loss, and possible heart break.

Dark Star, the youngest Prince of Jior, has been changed forever by the events of his capture and he remains troubled and unable to find peace. A mysterious compelling draws him away from the safety of his home and family. He sets off on his own to investigate and finds a black castle and a beautiful sorceress in dire need of his help. Dark Star must face a demon from the Hells to free them both.

After two other heart wrenching, adventure packed books “Heirs of Jior” promises another enrapturing escape into the Kingdom of Jior. Buy UK and US

Something Wicked by S. K. Gregory

SamSomething Wicked this way comes…

Venture into the dark world of witches with this spellbinding collection of stories.

A witch with the gift of second sight, finds himself in a predicament he may not be able to escape from.

What would you do for $5 million? When a demon offers one witch the chance to fix all her problems, it comes at a price. She must give him a child.

Three teenage girls are lured to the dark side by a mysterious boy. What secrets is he hiding? And what does he have planned for them?

Men flock to Circe, but she knows exactly how to deal with them. When a woman comes to her, seeking revenge against her lover, Circe finds herself in deep trouble.

You’ve heard of Morgana, now meet her mother. Darkness runs through her veins.

Featuring an exclusive short story from Kat Gracey, An Ill Wind.

A mysterious woman shows up on Daniel’s doorstep, but is she all that she seems?

One click today and stay for a spell. Buy UK and US

The Thibela by Millicent Segwane

millicentMarian is a goddess that cannot stand humans but in order to save the life of her grandmother she is sent to earth to look for the Thibela, a special rock that will save her grandmother.

All hell breaks loose when she gets to earth only to find that her mother a former goddess has turned into a human and she has gotten married to another man and they have children. Marian soon forgets her mission as she plots to end the human race to avenge her sister’s death caused by her mother’s love for a human. Buy here

High Summons by Eli Celata

High Summons _ Eli Celata _ CoverWhat price would you pay for magic?

Born with magic, Jon never asked the cost. His dad vanished. Monsters lurked in the dark, waiting for him to notice, but as long as he kept his eyes forward, as long as he pretended to be a normal human, they forgot he was even there. Until they didn’t.

Ruthless rogue wizards and hordes of demons flood the city. Put in the cross-hairs of a demon hunter, Jon jumps at the chance to apprentice, but the demon hunter, Jordan, didn’t show up by chance. He’s got his own agenda in Rochester, and dealing with a group of rogues desperate enough to set the city ablaze is just the beginning. Wild nights drag Jon deeper into the world where his father vanished. Maybe he’s becoming an addict.

Maybe magic just comes with a price. Either way, he’s hooked. Buy UK and US

Summer’s End by Kristy Brown

screenshot_2019-06-21-11-53-27.pngShe wakes up in the hospital, badly burned with no identity.

He’s been trained to kill her before she burns the world to ashes.

When they finally meet, will he be able to take her life now that he’s started to feel for her?

His fate is already written.

The prophecy is already set.

Love between them is forbidden. Buy UK and US

The Palatinii Cycle by G’vonni Avner

41n-CLwjLOL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Katie was a normal girl living a normal life – graduating high school, dating and working. But unbeknownst to her, she wasn’t even born on Earth. After learning of her past, along with some unfortunate circumstances, Katie is sent back to her home world, where she sets out on a race to save her father, and the world itself, from a wicked Queen who plans to unleash evil upon it. Throughout her journey, Katie will have to learn to fully control her powers while encountering magical beasts, malevolent spirits and a fabled ship of vile pirates, along with new threats she never even imagined. But no one could stop the Queen before, so what makes Katie so different? Buy UK and US

Where I Belong by Willow Woods

Where_I_Belong_eBook.pngWhen Alexandra’s betrothal to the King of Saphyre is announced she is less than overjoyed. Desperate to escape her marriage to the tyrannical king, she flees. But, after a spell goes awry, Alexandra finds herself lost in a strange world with no memory of who she is. Alexandra begins to adapt to a life she knows isn’t hers. When the mysterious Carlyle arrives, claiming to be her jilted fiancé, she begins to doubt whether her reality is what she truly wants. After Carlyle refuses to take no for an answer, Alexandra finds herself transported to a realm of magic and corruption. Unable to escape her destiny of becoming queen, Alexandra is determined to end Carlyle’s tyrannical reign over Saphyre. Thrust into the heart of a five-hundred-year-old rebellion, led by Caleb, who claims to be Saphyre’s rightful King, Alexandra is faced with a difficult choice – who is Saphyre’s true ruler? Buy UK and US

The Shadow Courtesan by Willow Woods

shadowA century after seeing her home destroyed and family slaughtered, Reina is forced to return to the very place she swore never to go back to: Tenebrae, a place of eternal darkness where vampires thrive and humans are forced to live as slaves.

Although Reina is now a vampire, the very creature she loathes, the vampires of Tenebrae do not recognise her as one of their own.

Determined to end slavery and destroy Tenebrae, Reina catches the attention of Master Vrykólakas, the man responsible for the deaths of her family and village, who gives her an impossible ultimatum: become his favourite courtesan or condemn the man who is both her Creator and lover to death. Buy UK and US

The Combat of Magic and Miracles by Samuel Dharmendar

The Combat of Magic and Miracles_cover2_Rev_2.inddSince long before the first stories were whispered to the young of Bethel, war between the mighty birds and the venomous reptiles raged. However, it was not until the queen of serpents, Diana, was challenged by the younger Deborah, that the combat of magic and miracles began in earnest. Deborah’s father Francis, taken captive by Diana, was just the latest addition to Diana’s evil caves, the home of so many captured souls. Diana needed their corrupted blood to increase the power of her magic and moans of their tortured spirits pleasured her. In desperation, Deborah discovers the ‘Book of Redemption’ from which she learns secrets she needs to burn the caves of Diana and rescue the captives. Her heart full and mind sharply focused, Deborah, sets out on her expedition but soon loses her way when she meets the man of her dreams. The mighty King Melchizedek comes to Deborah’s aid when he reveals to her that she is more than an ordinary human. Will Deborah be able to conquer Diana? The Combat of Magic and Miracles is an enthralling journey of Deborah, filled with fantasy romance, mystical adventure, and jaw-dropping twists that will keep you glued to this epic until the very last minute. Buy UK and US

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