Fortnightly Update #1 – Free Books!

This will be the first in what in we hope will be fortnightly updates as we have so many things going on (the best way to keep up to date is still to subscribe to our mailing list at

Last Friday saw the release of the first anthology in a series of 26: The A-Z of Horror. A is for Aliens has been receiving great reviews already and is available at


We are currently open for submissions for short horror stories for books C-E in the series, with details at

March also saw us relaunch the superb horror novel Madman Across the Water by Caroline Angel on the 17th. This is a fantastic book and you can grab a copy at


If you’d like to find out more about our books, our author services (including free promotion opportunities), or send us any submissions, everything can be found on the website.

For today only (March 18th) you can grab all four of the Elements of Horror anthologies for free!! Book One: Earth, Book Two: Air, Book Three: Fire, and Book Four: Water

All 4

Lastly, if you’re an Audible customer we can offer free codes in exchange for an honest review on any of the books by P.J. Blakey-Novis. There are a limited number available but we do have some for both UK and US for Tunnels, The Artist, Karma, Short Horror Stories, Four, and The Broken Doll. UK only codes left for Embrace the Darkness. Elements of Horror Books One & Two are coming to audio within the next few weeks.

PJ 5book FBcover


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