Fortnightly Update #3

This will be shorter post than previously as things have slowed down considerably since the schools closed. First though, some exciting news. P.J. Blakey-Novis was named the winner of the first Indipenned Short Story competition with his quirky tale, Passing Through. You can read the story on the Indipenned website here

Winner banner

Work on our anthologies has moved to the evenings, once the hatchlings are in bed, but we are still plodding through them rather successfully.

Regarding the A-Z of Horror, we now have books two and three available to pre-order, both at just 99p each. Book One, in case you missed it, was released last month. Click the titles below to head over to Amazon;

A is for Aliens


B is for Beasts


C is for Cannibals

CannibalsFBpromo (1)

We received a record number of submissions for D is for Demons and have spent the last few days reading through these. It’s going to be a tough decision getting them down to the required quantity!

April sees our monthly spotlight promotion focussing on novellas so check out the full list here and find yourself a new read.


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