Become Janine’s Patron And DIE!

Janine has recently relaunched her Patreon page, offering a personalised 500 word (approximately) story where she will kill you using a monster of your choice!

So far, she has had the cthulhu, kraken, werewolf and even an evil twin!

Quote: “They have all been a lot of fun to write and the Patrons have been very happy with their demise. All of this for pledging just $1 dollar a month. It’s a bargain really.”

patreonHello and welcome to Janine’s Ghost Stories Patreon page. I am a writer, blogger and reviewer. I have several shorts, flash and drabbles being released this year. I also love to support my fellow authors in the Horror Community by interviewing them and promoting their books. Sharing is caring! All of this is great fun but largely unpaid. By becoming a Patreon, you will be helping me continue on this journey. AS A THANK YOU, I WILL WRITE YOU A FLASH (500 WORD) STORY. It will be a fun, dark and possibly amusing tale in which I will kill you. All for a dollar!!! Thank you so very much and arooooooooooooooo!!!

If you would like to ask Janine a question or you would prefer a one-off story instead, you can reach her on Twitter. 

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