Fortnightly Update #8

Today’s update coincides with a book launch and quite a bit of news!

Firstly, today sees the release of the third book in the A-Z of Horror Series: C is for Cannibals. You can grab a copy for your Kindle, read in Kindle Unlimited, or get the paperback on Amazon. There will be an online launch party at 9.30pm today (UK time), filled with competitions and book chatter, over on Facebook.


We have been working on the website over the last couple of weeks so you may notice a few changes. The book reviews and book shop pages have been tidied up and sorted by author. E-books are now available through the book shop page as well, at lower prices than on Amazon. We have also added some merchandise – mugs are available now and we will be adding T-shirts and some other bits over the next few weeks.

Last week saw the Audible releases of the first two books in the Elements of Horror Series (Earth & Air) so we have a few review copies to give away for those. Get in touch via the Contact page to request a free code.  We currently have a few other titles in production on Audible (A is for Aliens, Elements of Horror: Fire, and Madman Across the Water by Caroline Angel) so keep an eye out for news on those.

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