The Vegas Rift – A Delightful Slice of Cosmic Horror

First reviews for David F. Gray’s The Vegas Rift have been superb. This is a book of epic proportions and can be read on Kindle Unlimited, bought for Kindle, or available in paperback from Amazon. Special edition hardbacks are available from Barnes & Noble.

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Amazon Reviews:

Parallel universe, The Vegas Rift will take you on a journey through, what I believe to be several. A last summer trip for two brothers, turns into an adventure and fight for his life for Sam Carr. With the turn of each page, I was amazed and horrified by a ‘Vegas’ that is parallel to our world. David Grays storytelling and the descriptiveness will make you imagine in living color all the characters and locations. A new author, David F Gray is as good a read as Stephen King!


This is my kind of book. Weird, interesting, and good story building. I don’t want to explain the book but I highly recommend it.


The Vegas Rift goes to places you wouldn’t expect, but every choice and twist feels earned. There’s a logic behind the surreal trappings which grounds the story, even when it surprises you.

Inventive and unique, The Vegas Rift is a book that leaves you wanting more in the best possible way. When you reach the satisfying conclusion, you have a sense that there’s more stories Gray can tell from this world.

More, please.

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