Fortnightly Update #12

Just a quick update but there has been a lot going on this past fortnight.

Yesterday the pre order went live for the sequel to Madman Across The Water and you can get your copy of The Curse Awakens for Kindle here. The book is released on the 26th and there will be an online launch via our Facebook page. This week only, you can get the first book for just £1.99 here.

Madman2 Promo

Reviews have been coming in for The Vegas Rift by David F Gray and you can read them on our previous blog post. The Vegas Rift is ‘A delightful slice of cosmic horror’, a book of truly epic proportions. Available for Kindle and paperback on Amazon, and special hardback versions are exclusively available through Barnes & Noble.

TVR Promo

If you’re in the mood for a quick, brutal read, then why not give The Ivory Tower by Antoinette Corvo a go? Just 99p on Kindle, this post-apocalyptic tale includes zombies, cannibals, and some exclusive artwork. Available here.


We have now made our final selections for the stories to include in F is for Fear, not an easy task with more than 80 submissions! Work now begins on the edits and formatting, with a release date planned for October 28th. You can find out about current open calls here.

A-Z of Horror_F

Our first flash-fiction writing competition is now open for submissions and you’ll have the chance to win a month’s book promotion. Details can be found here.

September Shocks



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