The Curse Awakens!

Today sees the release of The Curse Awakens, the superb sequel to the chilling Madman Across the Water by Caroline Angel. You can buy the book for Kindle and in paperback here.

Madman2 Promo


Praise for Madman Across the Water –

A suspenseful and chilling tale. – Goodreads Review

Wow! What an amazing experience this book was to read! I could envisage everything that was happening!
Every scene was described so well!Goodreads Review

Angel has done a fantastic job of teasing out the details throughout the book, making you want to keep on reading. The story has an addictive quality that made me want to keep going even when I should have been sleeping/getting ready to go to work.Lou Yardley, author of The Deal Maker and Hellhound

Regarding the creature, I like how it wasn’t a one-trick pony. It had a lot of grizzly, creepy things that it could do to hurt you and seemed equally fond of both physical and psychological torment, which was a nice touch. Really gave it some depth. Swords & Spectres Reviews

You can grab the first book for just £1.99 for the next few days, available here.


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