New releases & free books!

Today sees the release of The Cat That Caught The Canary by Antoinette Corvo, a dark drama set in the world of New York theatre. This is the third book of Antoinette’s we have published, following Dirges in the Dark and The Ivory Tower. Available for Kindle and in paperback from Amazon here.

Last Wednesday also saw the third release from Caroline Angel with the dystopian horror novel Less. Available for Kindle and in paperback from Amazon here. Caroline’s previous books, Madman Across the Water and The Curse Awakens can now be purchased as a two-book set here.

From Caroline Angel, author of Madman Across The Water and Origin of Evil, comes the dystopian horror novel Less. When Sam and the staff of the Blue Dawn Diner arrive at work one morning, it only takes a moment to see that something is very wrong. The streets of the usually-bustling town are eerily quiet – even the birds are silent. Sam and his friends soon discover that the world has changed beyond all comprehension, throwing them into a battle for survival as they try to create a new life and a new community. Coming up against other survivors and horrifying creatures, the group are forced to adapt quickly. Will the group survive long enough to find answers? Will they do what is needed to protect their community? Will humanity thrive again, even when there are Less?

Our next release will be the seventh book in the A-Z of Horror Series – G is for Genies. Now available to pre order ahead of launch of December 9th here. To mark the occasion, A is for Aliens will be free from tomorrow to Saturday (26th to 28th). There is now a handy link to purchase the full series on Amazon with one click – UK and US.

We’ve had a few updates on Audible and are able to offer FREE audio books in exchange for an honest review. Last week saw the release of Dirges in the Dark in audio format and we can provide review codes for this book and Madman Across the Water. Just email to request a free code.

Currently in production are The Cat That Caught The Canary, The Curse Awakens, and Less. Already recorded and pending approval by Audible are The Vegas Rift, A is for Aliens, The Ivory Tower, and Keep It Inside & Other Weird Tales.

We’d like to finish with an update about the charity anthology, It Came From The Darkness. The book has sold really well since its launch on October 30th and has raised more than £250 for the Max the Brave Fund already. If you haven’t already got a copy, you can find it here.

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