December Spotlight – Children’s Books

This month we bring you our choice of children’s books, ideal as stocking fillers. Have a look through the list and find your child’s new favourite read!

The Little Bat That Could – Written & Illustrated by Gemma Paul

The Little Bat yearns to explore the world he reads about in his books, but there is one small thing holding him back. Delve into this tale and see if he can make his dreams come true. Buy here.

Bill, The Worm Who Ran Away – Written & Illustrated by Pamela Morris

Bill’s brothers and sisters are driving him crazy! They just won’t leave him alone. One night, Bill the Worm decides to run away. All too soon he discovers the world can be a dangerous place. Can Bill find a safe, new place to call home? Will he ever see his family again? Buy UK and US

Grace & Bobo: The Trip To The Future – Written by Peter Blakey-Novis, Illustrated by Leese Johnstone

When Grace’s teacher asks her to write about the future, it’s the perfect opportunity to build her own time machine! Join Grace and her pet monkey Bobo as they set off on a thrilling adventure to a strange land, and learn a valuable lesson from the creatures they meet. Buy here

The Twilight Princess – Written by Joe Duncombe, Illustrated by Cong Nguyen

The Twilight Princess is an enchanting tale of a little girl who cries at the sight of a flower bed, and the little boy who is determined to rescue her from her sorrow.

5 star critical review

I loved the air of mystery and sense of wonder shared by the narrator as he remembers this nightly occurrence from his childhood and can well imagine how young readers will likewise be swept into the mystery of the princess who wept every night. Cong Nguyen’s lovely and dramatic illustrations work so well to impart the magic and intrigue of the story and his sketches of the park where the Princess would play are elegant and compelling. The Twilight Princess is a grand selection for storytime, but it’s also written for new readers to try on their own. The Twilight Princess is highly recommended.

A beautifully illustrated, magical story with a unique style. The Twilight Princess is the second children’s book from author Joe Duncombe and illustrator Cong Nguyen.
Buy UK and US

The Mummy Walks At Midnight – Written & Illustrated by Gemma Paul

The Mummy walks at midnight, that’s what the stories say. Are you brave enough to follow him and see where he goes? Join him on his adventure in the first of the Kreepy Kids Collection. Buy here

The Pomdig – Written by R.J. Furness, Illustrated by Kathryn Short

Dive into the wilderness with this remarkable rhyming tale about the mysterious creature who plants weeds and wildflowers everywhere.

Perfect for children aged 3-6 to share with their families.

Have you ever wondered where weeds and wildflowers come from? They pop up all over the place. Gardens, driveways, pavements, roads and walls are often littered with them at different times of the year. But nobody plants them there. Weeds somehow appear wherever they like. Or do they? Maybe they have some help.

“But where do weeds come from?” you ask in distress.
“They show up everywhere, and they look a mess.”
The answer is a secret you just can’t share.
It’s the Pomdig who plants your weeds over there.

Buy UK and US

The Snowman’s Nose – Written by Adam D. Searle, Illustrated by Emily Searle

AH-CHOO! Oh dear, Snowman has lost his nose. What is he going to do? Buy UK and US

A Very Zombie Christmas – Written & Illustrated by Gemma Paul

This Christmas there is another one coming, one who won’t wear red. He has an army of zombies who are on the hunt for bodies. Spooky Christmas reading for ages 4-8. Buy here

Dog Tails: The Swashbuckling Adventure – Written by Joe Duncombe & Illustrated by Cong Nguyen

Pirates, dogs and treasure islands!

Black Eyed Burt and Floppy Molly are searching for the legendary Golden Bone. Many failed expeditions lead them to learning that the real treasure they have, is that of their friendship.

The first book of the Dog Tails series written by Joe Duncombe, a script writer and author who lives with several dogs that may turn up throughout the series. Buy UK and US

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