Genies Release Day & A Special Interview

Today sees the launch of book seven in the A-Z of Horror Series – G is for Genies. You can find the book on Amazon here, in both Kindle and paperback formats. We’ll be celebrating the occasion with an online launch at 9.30pm UK time via our Facebook page. More info here. Including stories by Joshua Boliard, Astrid Addams, C. Marry Hultman, David Green, Mark Anthony Smith, Lee Franklin, Craig Crawford, Lynette S. Hoag, Armand Rosamilia, Dale Parnell, Monster Smith, Chisto Healy, and Daniel R. Robichaud.

We have some special guests joining us for today’s blog post. Lee Franklin and D.J. Doyle talk to Leanne about their upcoming extreme horror collaboration Xtreme Xmas.

Hello ladies! And thank you both for taking the time to answer a few questions about your NEW book Xtreme Xmas.


Now… I’ve been lucky enough to read some of your work and have had the pleasure of working with you both on a couple of projects now, but can you tell our readers more about yourselves?

Lee: I am a West Aussie who has been living in North Yorkshire for the past, almost four years. I found D.J Doyle in an FB horror group almost three years ago now, after she posted a review complaining about how sick her novella Red was. Naturally I had to go see for myself and Doyle didn’t disappoint. I refer to Doyle as my Writer Wifey. She has been a cheerleader, beta reader, and whip cracker for me from my first short story publication right through to reading bazillions of short story drafts and my novel Berserker – Green Hell published through Hellbound Books. She also nudged me to self-publish my novelette Nang Tani.  

D.J.: Born and raised in Dublin, now living in Kildare for 16 years. Lover, well, maybe fanatic, of all things horror. Lee commented on a post, read my book, and she has stalked me ever since. She oozes talent and I’m privileged to be her writer wifey, being critique partners has developed my skills for description. I write a mix of subgenres and have two novels, a novella, three novelettes and multiple short stories – the comedy horrors with Father Jack being my favourite character to write about. 


The question I have next for you both is – Who came up with the idea of Xtreme Xmas?

Lee: Doyle did. It was all her idea. I am sweet and innocent. I wanted to write warm fuzzy hallmark Christmas stories. No, seriously, we have talked about working on a project together for years now. We had the idea to do this last Christmas, but life being life it never happened. We got to October and tossed around a few ideas and by the time we got to November it was do or die.

D.J.: I’m not letting that one take the credit. I wanted to join forces to write some extreme together… Lee obliged, as a wifey should, and we aimed for Dec with Xmas Xtreme.

BOTH: We wanted to challenge each other, but most importantly have fun. The original concept was the 12 Days of Christmas song. But then we realised, that time of year is pretty boring and we needed a connection between the stories; the tree farm seemed the right way to go. So, we decided on a countdown to Christmas. 


I also noticed you were killing off other indie authors in your stories (as I was also asked to be killed, ha). Which authors will we see dying within your dark and twisted words?

Lee: I read Roo by Alan Baxter and it was soo much fun seeing other writers and those in the horror industry being characters in the story. We were able to formally invite 90% of the characters. The remaining 10% are big name trad published, so we made sure to stick to first names only.  Most horror people are a bit weird and were enthusiastic about being slaughtered in our stories. Some even specifically requested the most brutal deaths we could muster. Others, disappointed that they only played a cameo role.. this year.

DJ.: There Lee goes again, taking the credit. We had a habit of writing each other into our stories as a dedicated friend would, so I suggested we added our other friends and try to set the village as our community of horror writers. 

BOTH: For Xtreme Xmas we have killed, maimed, and tortured nearly fifty of our fellow horror writers. A few big names appear throughout, but we really wanted to celebrate our fellow indie writers and horror aficionados.

Jennifer Sullivan and Paul Flewitt face off against some Xmas Gremlins.

Matt Shaw suffers a rat infestation.

Mark Cassell has some problems on the school bus run.

Natasha …. Gets to try out her new toys.

Eric Butler signs up for a milking job, just to discover the lengths Myk Pilgrim will go to, to save Xmas..

Eleanor  Merry’s Xmas party gets a bit heated with some uninvited guests.

Joe X Young and a star-studded cast, including the veritable Blakey-Novis’ have an unforgettable family dinner.

Wade H is Shawville’s resident drug dealer who is about to change somebody’s Xmas

Adam Nevill and Jasper Bark run into some problems whilst breaking into Laymon’s Lot

Kyle Scott gets to play mad scientists with Justin Boote and friends.

Duncan Ralston discovers that life is a gift.

And the infamous Mr Campbell brings home the wrong Xmas tree.   


Did you have stories and characters in mind before the title or the other way around?

Lee: I had the story and then went shopping for characters. I thought about who would enjoy playing that role. I ran it by my cast so nobody was in for any rude surprises.

D.J.: That would mean I’m a planner. I laugh in the face of planners, hahahaha!. Me: panster. Lee had some ideas written out and then we discussed our countdown and the topics, the stories originated from there. Some changed, but most we agreed to before we started writing.


This is an EXTREME HORROR book. What are we to expect (apart from horny snowmen)?

BOTH: Blood, oh so much blood. Lots of body parts, torture and death. As I mentioned, we have almost fifty characters, and the evisceration are just as varied. Most don’t survive, and those that do will probably wish they hadn’t. I believe we have hit the right mix of monsters; both human and supernatural. We don’t think you will ever look at Xmas the same after this. I definitely can’t look at a snowman the same way again.


Do you have a release date in mind for Xtreme Xmas? And where can our readers purchase it from?

Both: We are aiming for a Sunday the 13th December release and will be available from the  Amazon / Kindle store.

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