Any Which Way but South Wales by David Owain Hughes

Red Cape Publishing are pleased to announce the release of Any Which Way but South Wales by David Owain Hughes on February 11th 2022.

Samson Valentine is back walking the mean streets of Cardiff, only this time he’s clean. Kicking the booze and getting into shape has meant Valentine is ready to face what comes his way and now he’s about to be dragged back into the murky world of thugs and gangsters once again. Only this time, with the presence of a brutal serial killer thrown into the mix, the odds are stacked against the fedora-wearing private eye. When it seems the whole of Cardiff’s underbelly wants him dead, and those closest to him are hard to trust, will Valentine’s new lifestyle be enough to keep him alive?

Any Which Way but South Wales is the thrilling sequel to South by Southwest Wales, Book Two in the hard-boiled detective series.

Available for Kindle (included in Kindle Unlimited) and paperback from Amazon at  

Grab Book One for FREE on Kindle, now until Monday 7th! Https://

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