Price Drop 1 Week Only!

To celebrate the release of the final part of David Owain Hughes’ awesome detective trilogy on Friday, we have drastically reduced the Kindle prices of books one and two! This offer must end on December 13th.

Book One – South by Southwest Wales – Currently FREE!! Get a copy here

“Samson Valentine. Once the best gumshoe in the city, but now little more than a washed-up has-been. The question is, though; which city? And when?
With a touch as deft and as quick as an assassin’s knife, Owain-Hughes presents us with a classic flawed hero. An inherently good man in a world gone bad. This is a fabulous story that weaves its way seamlessly from 1940s Chicago to modern day Cardiff, thanks to the broken mind of its main character. A man you can trust with your life, but whom you cross at your peril.
This is one hell of a read. I can’t think of a better evening than to sit in the pool of light from a shaded chintz lamp, sip a single malt, and get lost in South by Southwest Wales. Pure magic.” – Richard Ayre

Samson Valentine is the best private eye ever to wear a fedora–or at least he was, before he became a washed-up booze hound. There simply isn’t a demand for a whiskey-swilling Welsh gumshoe who insists he’s living in 1940s Chicago, but everything changes when a huge diamond falls into his lap. Before he knows what’s going on, Samson finds himself swept up in the biggest case of his life. The mob will do anything to get its gemstone back, and they prove it when Sam’s friend turns up dead. Now it’s personal, and Sam sets out on a one-man mission to take down the Welsh crime syndicate. Armed with little more than his wits and his fists, the odds don’t look good. Too much time at the bottom of a whiskey bottle has given him trembling hands and an addled brain. If he’s to have any chance of bringing the mob to justice, he’ll first need to come to grips with his worst enemy–himself.

Book Two – Any Which Way but South Wales – Currently 99p/c!! Buy it here

Samson Valentine is back walking the mean streets of Cardiff, only this time he’s clean. Kicking the booze and getting into shape has meant Valentine is ready to face what comes his way and now he’s about to be dragged back into the murky world of thugs and gangsters once again. Only this time, with the presence of a brutal serial killer thrown into the mix, the odds are stacked against the fedora-wearing private eye. When it seems the whole of Cardiff’s underbelly wants him dead, and those closest to him are hard to trust, will Valentine’s new lifestyle be enough to keep him alive?
Any Which Way but South Wales is the thrilling sequel to South by Southwest Wales, Book Two in the hard-boiled detective series.

Book Three – All Roads Lead to South Wales – Coming Friday December 9th!! Pre-order here

Samson Valentine, P.I., returns to the crime-ridden streets of Wales in the third instalment of the gritty crime series.
ot on the heels of the mysterious XRay, Valentine is on a mission to rescue the women he cares about. However, events begin to spiral when a new serial killer emerges to take the place of The Widower Maker and Samson finds himself returning to his old, whiskey-drinking ways. Where is Xray hiding out? Who is the new killer, calling themselves The Phoenix? And is the sniper Samson keeps crossing paths with a friend or foe? Nothing is as it seems, nobody is to be trusted, but Valentine soon learns that All Roads Lead to South Wales.

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