The End is Nigh!

The world faces catastrophe in our next two release, in a variety of imaginative ways.

Out today for Kindle and in paperback… O is for Outbreak is the 15th book in the epic A-Z of Horror series, featuring 13 varied pandemic themed stories. Available from Amazon and other retailers.

O is for Outbreak is the fifteenth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. In this book you will find a selection of thirteen unsettling tales from some of the most talented independent horror authors writing today. From government conspiracies to historic plagues, otherworldly viruses to deadly insects, O is for Outbreak brings a wide selection of pandemic-inspired horror tales that will have you hiding away, face mask in place.

Coming Friday 25th November, Caroline Angel brings us an apocalyptic novel unlike anything you’ve read before. Exist is available to pre-order from Amazon and other stores now.

From Caroline Angel, author of Less and the Origin of Evil series, comes a new apocalyptic tale…
Something sinister is happening, something terrifying. Seemingly normal men begin removing their clothes and gorging on their own flesh. Women throw themselves towards Death. The animals and insects disappear…
Bizarre events begin on one fateful night, throwing a motley band of uninfected people together in search of survival and answers. United they must face new terrors at every turn as they desperately seek a safe haven… a place to Exist.
This story contains gruesome scenes and sexual violence which some readers may find distressing.

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