The last release of ’22

December 23rd sees our final release of 2022! We will be posting a round-up of the year on Friday, as well as a teaser of what we have coming in 2023.

Niko’s Nightmare: Invasion of the Portal Pets is the second book in the Niko’s Nightmare trilogy from Nat Whiston, aimed at readers aged 8-12. Available from Amazon.

The adventure continues for Niko and his friends as they face the invasion of the portal pets! With the gateway open and Bob’s army rushing through, Niko must be ready for battle. Teaming up with his new friend Rhiannon, the pair must rescue their parents, and save the world from these strange, tentacled creatures. Will they have what it takes to defeat the invaders? Find out in Niko’s Nightmare: Invasion of the Portal Pets, Book Two in the Niko’s Nightmare series.

Book One – Niko’s Nightmare Portal Pet is available for Kindle, in paperback and audio now! Find it on Amazon.

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