2023 Teaser!

We will be sharing a round-up of this year tomorrow but for now, here’s a taster of what we have coming in 2023. Our releases are now set through to next Christmas with a huge variety coming your way!

From Red Cape Publishing… next year’s horror!

More issues of Cauldron of Chaos

Two collections of short horror stories from Mark Cassell

Two new novellas from Mark Anthony Smith

A-Z of Horror Series (Poltergeist, Quantum, Revenge) Letters S, T, and U with themes to be confirmed.

A new collection of short horror stories from JC Michael

An epic vampire novel from James Twyman

The debut novelette from William Perry

A new anthology from the creators of Castle Heights and Unceremonious

A new collaboration from P.J. Blakey-Novis and David Paul Harris

A collection of short horror stories from Caroline Angel

196 Days Later by Chisto Healy

A new series from Craig Crawford

Our first non-fiction horror work with Jay Michaels

And a new, supernatural novel from P.J. Blakey-Novis.

There are several more to be announced once details are finalised.

From Little Red’s Publishing

Smelly Bus by Tony Sands

The Witch & the Dinosaur by Joe Duncombe

Niko’s Nightmare Book Three by Nat Whiston

Jack Devlin & the Roman Curse by John Clewarth

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