2022 Round-Up & 6 Freebies!

This year saw the release of 29 books from Red Cape and Little Red’s, comprising of a mix of anthologies, single-author collections, children’s books, novellas, novels, plus a whole stack of audiobooks!

Find out more at the links below…


L is for Lycans

M is for Medical

N is for Nautical

O is for Outbreak

The Nookienomicon


Hot Off the Press

Short Story Collections

Barriers by David F. Gray

Love & Other Dead Things by Astrid Addams

Bone Carver by Gemma Paul

Six Days of Violence by P.J. Blakey-Novis & David Paul Harris

Shadows of Death by Dee Caples & David Paul Harris

A Symphony of Horror by Gemma Paul


Any Which Way but South Wales by David Owain Hughes

All Roads Lead to South Wales by David Owain Hughes

Exist by Caroline Angel

The Eternal by Timothy Friesenhahn


Scavengers of the Sun by Adrian Meredith

Go It Alone by Monster Smith

Play Now, Cry Later by Antoinette Caswell-Corvo (3 novellas in 1 book)

Short Stories

Blurred & Fractured Memories by P.J. Blakey-Novis

Sister Mary by P.J. Blakey-Novis

Monsters A-Z written and illustrated by Gemma Paul

The Monster Club Book One by Gemma Paul

The Boy from Saturn written by P.J. Blakey-Novis and illustrated by Leanne Blakey-Novis

Aya & Friends written by Cortney Palm and illustrated by Leanne Blakey-Novis

The Smile that Saved the World written by Keith Price and illustrated by Leanne Blakey-Novis

Niko’s Nightmare Portal Pet by Nat Whiston

Niko’s Nightmare: Invasion of the Portal Pets by Nat Whiston

And finally, as a thank you to all our readers, P.J. is offering all six of his collections for FREE over the Christmas period. That’s a total of 38 short horror stories across Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels, The Artist, Karma, The Place Between Worlds, and Home.

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