Fortnightly Update #5

Firstly, we’re rather impressed with ourselves for keeping these fortnightly posts on time! These last couple of weeks have all been focused on the A-Z of Horror series and building up momentum ahead of the release of B is for Beasts, which came out today!


We’ve received some great reviews for this book already on both Goodreads and Kendall Reviews.

“The second release in Red Cape Publishing’s “A-Z of Horror” anthology series is all about Beasts. And these aren’t your run of the mill horror beasts you might expect. Each of the thirteen shorts in this collection present unique creatures which are sure to get under your skin.

In these pages, you’ll find snake-people, giant moths, hungry creatures of the woods, a deal on a cottage which is too good to be true, and even a kaiju monster! I’ve always loved monster stories – whether the beasts are legends or supersized versions of creatures we see every day – so I had high expectations for this book and am happy to say I did not leave disappointed. The variety of beasts presented kept this anthology fresh from start to finish, and there wasn’t even one story where I felt the creature of terror was a done to death idea.”

We will be hosting an online launch this evening via Facebook and you can join in the competitions and giveaways here

In other news, we have added new interviews and reviews to this website as well as a Press Room for press releases (ours and those of other authors). It’s worth keeping an eye on that page for news of upcoming releases, and if you have a book coming soon that you’d like included in the Press Room just drop us an email at


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