October Terror Contest, and a Halloween freebie!

If you enjoy short horror stories then you will definitely want to check out the October Terror short story contest going on over at The Bold Mom. There are 76 short stories to read, all for free, from some of the best writers on the Indie horror scene. Voting is open until October 30th, so have a read, choose your favourite, and make your vote.

My own story, Riddles and Rewards, is story #12 and you can read that one here.

As you are probably aware, my three collections of short horror stories have been discounted to just 99p for the past few months, and my intention is to keep that at that price until November 5th, so grab a copy of each before they return to £1.99. I am running freebies on each of my books on the run-up to Halloween, so keep an eye out for that as they will be very limited offers.

You can check out all my books here.

Happy Halloween!

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